Breached contract, deceptive business practices

Through an ongoing campaign of manipulative tactics, harassment and undisclosed billing, Reputation Management Consultants (RMC) appears to be attempting to extract fees for services not requested or authorized. By the continued use of my name they are attempting to profit without basis and without regard for protecting my privacy. Apparently, RMC has continued the use of my name without permission or approvals for content. Billing practices are highly questionable as they ask for payment on unauthorized work in arrears when they admit to not performing the work nor did they provide any invoice(s) to question. Additionally, they breached the terms of their contract in numerous ways including confidentiality. An audit of their work shows they did not perform even when paid as evident in this link they managed: Linked placed by RMC: I do not know where and why they used this link. When questioned about billing they refused to answer. Calls to the Director of Guest Experience at RMC who was the billing contact has been unreachable by phone and did not return calls. Some 2 months later they sent an email with no billing itemization which was 6 months after services ceased.

User's recommendation: Please stay away. I paid them very well when I had so little of money coming in. They were paid for several months and now they are trying to extract more money in these COVID-19 times for work they never performed. From my research this appears to be a scheme they practice.

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Naples, Florida


I contacted this company after a psycho ex tried to frame me for domestic abuse. All charges were dropped after the 20+ minutes of video I produced for the DA but it didn't keep my name out of the paper. When I contacted RMC, Google search results had it #6 on the first page. They quoted me $10,000 to $12,000 for the service over the first year, which I told them was way more than I could afford. Within days, the search results went from #6 to #2, second only to LinkedIn. NOW, a few months later, it is #1. I believe that they are manipulating the search results using the same methods they claim to use to push it down the listing, in order to make it more painful, more prominent and to use it as leverage to get my money. I still get follow up calls from them, trying to sell me the service, but it is my firm belief that they are using a bot or other method to ping the search results and generate a higher page listing. I believe that this firm knowingly manipulates the search results of anyone who contacts them, in order to further motivate them to cough up the dough. I recently came into a pile of money and have hired another firm to forensically analyze the the situation. If I can prove they are doing what I think they are, there's going to be a class action lawsuit filed in California and I will take a full page ad in the LA Times and New York Times, with a Facebook link to find others affected but these crooked, manipulative people.
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What were your findings/outcome?


I want in on the class action. Im very pissed and feel foolish. Richard Trice 251-776=0648


Please post if you find a reputable company that actually helped you. I need this service, but don't want to fall victim to scammers or make the situation worse. Thank you!




Unfortunately this sounds like an accusation based on speculation and rooted in a lack of understanding Google's algorithm.

It doesn't sound like you ever worked with this company, and despite that, you've decided to accuse them of severe ethical and legal violations based on zero evidence beyond the purely anecdotal.

In short, this is nonsense and shouldn't even be featured on this site.


"If I can prove they are doing"

And if it's just one of those Google things will you be back here to apologize?

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Bad quality

Reputation Management Rip Off

I hired Reputation Management Consultants to fix negative press from a work incident. They charged a monthly fee. I provided them a lot of information including all the great articles on line about my company. I paid via credit card that they automatically charged monthly. The first issue was they did not do ANYTHING for the first 2 1/2 months. They apologized because people were on vacation, new hires, etc. When they finally started working on trying to move the negative article down in SEO searches, they did not do half the things they said they would do and were barely able to make progress on fixing the issue. When I told them I no longer need their services because it was not working, they continued to bill me. They are not reputable!! Call another company!
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Street, England
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Not as described/ advertised

Positive Experience Review

They literally saved my business. Period point blank. After two-two and a half months my cosmetic surgery practice was on PAGE 1 of Google!!! Reputation is everything I still retain the service if Reputation management consultants to keep the new referrals and walk ins coming.
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Phoenix, Arizona

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