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Hello, I have not received any reply yet, and if I need any reply soon. Thank you
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Coralie Rga
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Collections and bullies

Updated by user Jul 07, 2016

The full payment was made to the original source who told IQ Data International to back off. This does not resolve their actions. As soon as time permits I will report them to the appropriate government agency.

Original review Jun 01, 2016
This collection agency, IQ Data International, is the epitome of evil; breaking the dept collection act through intimidation and lies. This is standard for this industry. I am reporting them. Sadly, I had a lease debt reported to this collection agency which is located in Washington state. The fact is that they will say and do anything to get your money and even tack on illegal fees and interest. Why are they motivated? They get nothing is they collect nothing. The fact is you DO NOT have to deal with them. They lie to you and say you cannot do that. Do it! Any money they collect they get 50% or more of it. And the reality is they cannot do anything until they document their efforts for 90 days. So go back to your debt source and make a deal and stick with it. They will bully you. Take command of the conversation and tell them each time that they cannot call you and you will only accept correspondence in the mail. They broke the law and called me multiple times, at work, on my cell, to my HR department, to my wife, and even called my child. They broke the law and they scared my family with intimidation amounting to extortion. They had no intention of understanding the situation and blew off every excuse and refused to listen. Now that I when back to the source and paid the debt without fees and interest they hold nothing over me. Yet they continue to call which amounts to extortion. Their business ethics is repugnant and they should be punished.
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