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RENAE M. AMANNAMISNIAK, HERBALIFE DISTRIBUTOR, SCAMS DISABLED VETERAN After answering an advertisement for making income on the internet, my brother who is a handicapped & disabled veteran, decided to look into it on September 10, 2010. He went to: where he had to send in $10 shipping for a free kit to help him start making big bucks with his new home based business, according to the site. After receiving the kit, he had to read the materials and study the CD's that came with the kit before Renae was to call him with her "Coaching" lesson to get him started. He studied as much as he could to be ready for her call a few days later. The day came and Renae called as promised and on time. She went on & on to my brother about how much money he was going to make in the future by selling Herbalife products to his friends, family and everyone else he knew. My brother had never heard of Herbalife, so he asked Renae what they sold. Renae stated that Herbalife sells vitamins and other products for everyday living and sells them at very competitive prices and for that reason, it was one of the largest growing companies on the planet. Then came the clincher: "All you have to do is buy $2800 of their product and YOU will be a "Herbalife Distributor." "YOU will have "YOUR OWN" Herbalife web site that will be set up for you as a "˜Herbalife Distributor.' Would you like to place that on a Visa or Mastercard was the next question from Renae. My brother stated that he did not have $2800 to invest, but that he would work very hard to sell these products if given the chance. "Do you have anything you could sell of value to raise the money, possibly a car or some jewelry?" was her next question. My brother stated he could not sell his car because he would have no transportation. Renae then stated that he could not join the ranks of the Herbalife Family of Distributors until he raised the $2800. My brother was very upset to say the least after he had spent hours studying the course sent him by Renae. Within 2 days on September 30th, my brother's checking account had a $39.95 debit charge from "RENAE4HOMEBIZ 626-257-**** CA which was the same as his payment of $9.95 for shipping of the free kit. I contacted Renae for him by e-mail to question the $39.95 debit charge and her return e-mail stated that the $39.95 debit charge was the fee for the kit because my brother did not take advantage of this money making opportunity. I answered her e-mail and gave her 24 hours to return the $49.90 in debit charges to my brother or I would be bringing her scam public.
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i also got sucked in by OBS they got me ihope no one else has to go though it .They say alot of stuff to you but when it comes down to it they dont really want to help you thet just want your money.After i signed up my so called coach went on vacation & could not be reached.


Your brother lucked out actually. $50 is a very small loss compared to what he could've lost.

A similar thing happened to me. Sounds like it was ONLINE BUSINESS SYSTEMS. They send you a "decision package." According to their website the decision package is $10. However they charge you $40 dollars 2 weeks after you buy the decision package.

I personally decided to become a distributor. They told me it'd be $400 dollars and then I could get started. I signed up and was super excited. I told my Sponsor that I didn't believe all the "garbage" on the internet. What a fool I turned out to be.

I was then charged a fee to setup a merchant account with First Data of about $50 and the merchant account would be $45 a month. In addition in order to become an herbalife "Supervisor" you need to hit 4000 "Volume points." (A volume point is $1 in sales.) I was told I could get a discount if I bought in bulk so I did. I didn't have much money and was unemployed so I used my college fund that I'd spent 2 years saving up on top of donations from friends and family who wanted me to be successful. In addition, once you've done this they tell you to spend lots of money on advertising your business.

Before I was even done with the steps of getting my business setup I had to quit because I ran out of money.

What's really frustrating to me is that they charge you money for the "decision package" so you can know if you're making an informed decision to join their company, but the video doesn't talk about all the money they ask you to spend. I had literally no idea how much it would cost, I thought I would only spend maybe a few hundred dollars initially and then spend more money once I'd made some sales. You're told each time that you only have to spend XX amount. First I was told it's only 10 dollars for the decision package(it's actually called a Work from Home kit on the website, but it doesn't include anything to help you, just advertising for the bigger package). Then I was told it's just $400 dollars to become a distributor. But then I'm told it's only $2300 to become a supervisor who makes more money than distributors.(Distributors get 25% of sales while Supervisors get 50% of their own sales, and 25% of sales of anyone they recruit, YES, THAT DOES MEAN THAT A SUPERVISOR MAKES MORE MONEY PER SALE THAN THE PEOPLE HE RECRUITS) It goes on and on.

On the website they have a "plan" to hit 10,000 "volume points" or 10,000 dollars in sales each month. What surprised me was this: 500 dollars per month would come from SELLING products while 9000-**** dollars per month would come from RECRUITING NEW DISTRIBUTORS AND SUPERVISORS. Even if you're not a genius at math you can see that AT LEAST 90% of an Herbalife distributor's money comes from SCAMMING OTHER DISTRIBUTORS. If Herbalife isn't a pyramid scam I don't know what is. Their reasoning is that since they have a product it's not a pyramid, but if 90%-95% of your money comes from "recruiting," HOW IS THAT NOT A PYRAMID?

Stay away from Herbalife and especially Online Business Systems.

Previously I thought multi-level marketing was an impressive business model, but now I'm very careful around it. Too much money in multi-level marketing comes from recruiting and very little comes from product sales. The product is just a distraction from the real money-maker: scamming more distributors and supervisors.


Wow! What a scam!

Contact your brother's bank and dispute the charges. Chances are that they will reverse the charges: taking the funds out of her account (no matter what bank she uses) and return the funds to your brother's account. I would dispute both transactions and block her merchant account from any further charges!

Btw, if she gets too many of these chargebacks, they will close her merchant account and charge her a lot of fees! Good luck!

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