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The volume of this movie was very painful and I had to watch the movie with my fingers in my ears.My friend was doing the same. It was painful for both of us. There is no purpose to play a musical at that same thunderous volume used for coming attractions and war movies. I will never attend your theater again unless you can assure me that those high volumes will be moderated. I intend to write to the Register Guard commentaries page if I do not...
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Anonymous "Loudness" is subjective as some people have better hearing than others. That being said, the volume is preset to a certain level for all movies. It can be adjusted, but som...

I didn't like
  • Your long procedure and loud volumne
Yesterday Sept.11 we went to the Regal theater in Port Richey Fl. The first thing that happened is when I went to the water fountain, it had green slime growing everywhere and looked like it has not been cleaned for a very long time. I then went to buy something to drink and their smallest coke is huge and you pay $5.00 for it. Outrageous! When I went in the theater to sit down with my husband there was no sound. At that time it was previews,...
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Sitting in a regal Norman Oklahoma theater my complaint is i was sold a ticket to a theater that doesn't have air condition.Really you sell tickets to a theater that doesn't have air but you have fans sitting at the doors. Spoke to manager on duty, nothing she looked at me as if I was crazy? REALLY Think you need to take care of customer service. Sorry but we won't be back!!This is differently a complaint Corp are you listening
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Regal Cinemas Movie Theater Facility Review

The theater in Eugene Oregon doesn't provide Spanish subtitles!!