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Paid for reg cure. Nothing. Happened how. Can. I. Get. My. Money. Refunded

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It shows up on my computer every day. I have to go through several steps to stop their scan of my computer. I never asked for it, never subscribed to it. And at every opportunity, I put it in my trash bin and dispose of it. The next day, I find it there again with all my other programs - every time I log on to my computer, it is there again. Then I must repeat the entire procedure. The only other protection that I need is for the ability to get... Read more

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installed regpro last year which damaged my lap top quite badly. I tried to get refund but after trying for refund several times I never recieved my payment and I just gave up.I finally had to have product removed and computer completely cleaned which cost me money. I have now been charged through paypal a sum of £22.80 on 23/01/2015 from safecart. would you Please resolve this problem and refund my payments with thanks geraldine cheesman. (... Read more

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I also almost had my computer destroyed by this program if it pops up do whatever you can to get rid of it. If it installs anyway run malware and anything else you can. These are hackers of the worst kind. Read more

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Because I could not get the program to run after paying for it and rebooting, I called the 24/7 assistance. This technician claimed I had 27,000 errors slowing my computer down and if I did not fix it I could loose my computer. With my permission he connected to my computer and then showed me my passwords and Soc Sec #, etc saying my malware (McAfee or Norton) was not giving me the protection I needed to protect my private information, etc,... Read more

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I downloaded Reg Pro PC Cleaner, supposedly free software, to discover that it said I had over 15,000 problems with my computer. Yes, my computer was a bit slow, but everything worked properly. Next thing I knew upon installation and running the "free" software, I had to pay $29.95 to use Reg Pro to clean my computer. That was when the real trouble began. First these jokers called me on the telephone, wanting me to pay them over $250 to... Read more

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I clicked on the FREE disc scan offer and Reg Pro Cleaner immediately found 237 (later 240) errors. It offered to correct the errors but it would cost $29.95 per year (hidden info that this was automatically renewed). I exited without renewing and then found the icon a fixture on the main screen and it started to interfere with accessing the browser. I had a service which I'd bought with this computer go in, clean it out and remove the icon.... Read more

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