Joseph E Wnx

This school is not what it seems tobe.

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I attended this school in hopes to get a solid trade and training under my belt but as you can see from the reviews its not what frank makes it out to be..I would not refer anyone to this school.Before i started the school i personaly called frank up at spoke to him and told him its been a while scence ive been in school and specificaly asked him if i had trouble with any parts of this school would he take the time out to help me..He jokingly said No..But little did i know that was the truth.I was the only one failing in his class and having a hard time with the work so it wasnt like there was a lot of us to help..Only me..He would continously try to get the other students in the class to do his job for him.I was really upset that i took his word and thought he was going to stick to it because he comes across as a stand up guy..But its not what it seems.I took the time to write this review so others dont make the same mistake i did..You would be much better off going to one of the other schools in the city..Trust me on that one..Even tho the teacher does know his stuff he will not take the time out to help others and he will let you know it too..Just thought id help some of you guys out that were trying to decide what to do..
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Poor customer service
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He told you know no. You took it as a joke.Then you say he knows his stuff.

Then you said you were the only one failing his class. Blame yourself for failing. All the fingers point too you. The work wasn’t cut out for you.

So in other word this review is useless and it just a rant that you failed.

By the way this review come from someone in the trade the has not even gone to this school. Just looking into it for others.

Marie M Hxj

All these reviews are lies

I happened to be a black women with a black husband that attended this school. From the time my husband entered the school, the Founder and his wife has been a blessing to our family. The statements in the review are completely untrue. I hope people will go there and see it for themselves. I really don't have time to tell the whole story. But bottom line is the founder helped my husband get his school paid for, gave a scholarship for the second part of the program, then got him a really good job when school was over. My children and I have all visited the school and were treated with respect, dignity and kindness, from the founder, his wife and the staff. You get what you pay for. You will only get out of it what you put into it. I hope this helps someone. Don't be robbed of a blessing by some unhappy customers.
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Good quality

The owner wrote this he is a liar and will do and say anything.Why didnt her husband the student write the review.My goal is to get them to treat people of color better so it is a win win.If they treat people equal good.They needed to learn that lesson.racist people are everywhere but when you pay your money you should be treated equally as the white stop being a racist and help everyone equally.You racist ***

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My husband didn't write it because I'm the one that came across the comments and decided to respond. Thats not even a logical question.

I know them and have experience with them, so I can speak to their character and behavior towards black people. There's five people complaining on here when thousands have gone to the school. You do the math. You sound ignorant and bitter.

I think people try to take advantage of Frank, and when he doesn't pass you because you didn't do the work, you want to get on here and whine like a baby. He's always helping and extending himself. Some people get upset when they can't get their way.

Coming late to school, not showing up for class or coming to school after a couple of drinks and still wanting to pass the classes. How is that their fault?

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It's good I'm happy for your husband.Most likely he re reaped the benefits of these bad reviews.keep extending yourself Frank especially to people of color because you weren'tin the past.Im glad my message got across.And I am doing very very well and am an operating engineer at 40 bucks an hour no help from the refrigeration institute .This is why were we never get anywhere people can always be bought even though the the owner wrote this.Let the racist keep helping or don't and keep getting bad reviews .Also I know a lot of students including myself that didnt come to school late high or drunk.But keep helping the black students to Frank you racist bastard.Or dont and suffer the consequences.People her review is fake but I got my point across.Because if the school was all good.Why even respond not even her husband the student responded.People use common sense.But at the end of the day people are going to make their own decisions hopefully the refrigeration institute has changed for the better.I have nothing to gain or lose just trying to help the next person like I wish someone would have helped me.And again am doing very well.People think twice before going to this school.Either way the decision is yours.I believe they may have gotten the message if not not go there and get robbed that's all listen to this person's fake review.Does'nt hurt me either way but when you say dumb stuff I am going to keep responding with the truth.So you should quit while your ahead.It hurts them more than me the truth will always prevail over a lie.So keep talking and digging the whole deeper.

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The Racist referigeration institute

This school is one of the worse they lie to you with a smile especially in the beginning. They make you think that they care about your well being until you sign on that dotted line. they will only help you if you are white male definitely Irish in which they are very racist secondly if your Italian.If you are black forget about it, you will see them help the white students with union jobs long before they graduate and act like they are going to help any person of color but will not.When you go don't fall for it they will show their true color but God is charge all they want is your money they are the phoniest white racist people.And on top all of that the equipment they show you most of it doesn't work or is cheap.Zero investment in the students only themselves especially if you have color in your skin.The wife is the worst she hides here racist better though.but they definitely want your money,and will say anything to get it.unless you like paying other peoples mortgage and sending thier kids to college they brag about that alot also,to let you know how good you are NOT doing by going to thier school. Lol this school is a joke They robbed me but they don't have to get you choose wisely do your research.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
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Thanks bro!

The first thing that came out the owners mouth was, how his son is a great doctor......I was like.. SO!

just did not feel right

Wayne P Zoz

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My school did not teach me all I needed to know in order to get a job.

I went to the refrigeration institute for the last several months to learn how to be a hvac technician. Ever since I graduated I haven't been able to achieve employment in the field. And they have done very little work in finding me a job. One of the reasons is that many jobs I've reviewed and applied to require knowledge the school did not teach when I attended. I think I'm inti tiled to learn those aspects of the field in order to obtain work as a hvac technican. And not have to pay for the further training.
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*** school. They are taking my good friend Deek for a fool.

$10.000.00 for a training. Really? One can obtain a BA in college for less.

Think about it. So much money for a course that does not Guarantee employment.


so what was the outcome?


That "Irish" guy in the comments sounds a lot like Frank Taulty the president of the refrigeration institute who happens to be Irish. Ironic.


I went to college for 2 for hvac in a university.. they didnt prepare me for the hvac field either.

Not many schools will. And most of my fellow graduates with actual associates degrees never got into the field, i did because i knew someone. You will start as a helper /apprentice and be a runner for tools, carry bags, and drive. then you either go down these routes if you become a mechanic; maintenance- which is filters, strainers, belts, and coil cleaning- that can be learned on the job and can take maybe at most 1 month to learn.

You dont need school for this, you need someone to hire you, usually through a connection, they can make around 35-45k- troubleshooter/service are the guys that make a lot of money, they are the guys that actually repair, its experience from time that gets you to this point, and some of them started as maintenance above- school can help, they make 45k-80k. And then there is the installers, who actually put up a unit, they put in time in the above, are usually guys who have 10 years experience and up, and they make 60k to 90k. School is just there so you can beat the other guys trying to get a helper position to that spot- it makes you shine above them because they did nothing to get hired, but a guy with a connection in ac companies will always beat you, regardless of school, because to most companies, schools dont create good mechanics, experience does. And by the way, local 30 does all sorts of stuff, some never do ac/refrigeration.

I worked with local 30 guys and almost got into their union, we just replaced broke door handles, threw out trash, made tables, set up stages (they do a lot of theaters, malls and parks) light plumbing, did the lights, and we did no ac/refrigeration work.

No school can prepare you for any of that, they teach you when you get the position. You can actually apply to local 30 without school and get hired if your paperwork is picked from the pool of candidates for that year.


Wow!!! I cant believe the refrigeration institute will go so low and make false profile to abuse this poor student.

I have spoke to many students from that school and its true, they dont teach enough for real world employment in refrigeration..

How ever i advise the student to get in contact with the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS. The Refrigeration Institute fail to provide students with their rights as stipulated my BPSS on enrollment at the school.


what skills were you missing that they did not teach?


Well first of all not their fault you don't have the skills to get a job. They don't need to help you with your job search they are not mommy and daddy.

It is time you grow up and do things for yourself instead of having someone else do things for you. You want more training that what is offered you do have to pay.

You can't afford it find a lower paying job, save up and pay when you can. You get what you pay for.

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Good going take his money under false promises and leave him to burn. Know wonder the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) channel the laws on December 2012 to protect the rights of the students, is about time The Refrigeration Institute be investigated.

Instructors sometimes teaches while drunk others curse at the students and the Owners make false promises about getting prospective students into the unions and high profile jobs with is against the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) rules and guidelines. One of the famous lines used by the Owner the get the student to enroll is "I will personally hold your hands and walk you into union local 30".


Why not offer to give a BJ to the people hiring. It usually works.

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