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Scammed in RV Renovation

Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsRun Away as Fast as You Can! My husband and I met with Lou of Recreation Camper Sales to discuss renovations of our 5-year old Class A Bounder RV, which serves as our primary residence. Timing was of the essence, since we had a 3-month trip planned for mid-August to see Maine and the fall leaves in New England, We were given a quote of $7,140 on May 2 to remove vinyl flooring, carpet, sofa & dinette, and convert the bed from queen to king. We paid a deposit of $3,570, and the work was scheduled to begin June 2 and be finished in mid-July. On June 21 we complained that no progress was being, made, and Lou assured us there was sufficient time to finish the work before August. On July 3rd we expressed concern again on the lack of progress. On July 18 at his request, we had our new leather sofa delivered because he said he was ready for it. Throughout July we continued to express concern to Lou that no progress was being made, and he asked for our drop-dead date. We gave him the date of August 7, and he said he would meet it. On the last day of July, we visited the shop and saw that no work progress had been made in over two weeks, and our $4200 worth of materials (our personal property) was sitting on the warehouse floor. The only work done on the RV in two months time was the removal of the carpet, vinyl, sofa, and dinette. The floor was left sticky with glue that had not been removed. Our quote had included sealing the floor with enamel, and this could not be done without glue removal. This company touts its years of experience, but did not seem to know how to remove the glue remaining on the floor after the vinyl removal. After two months only two weeks work had been done. We were forced to cancel our entire vacation, get the RV back, pay for a mover to pick up our sofa, carpet, and vinyl tile and deliver to storage, and then arrange for another company to do the work. The new company told us that they have received other jobs pulled from ReCreation for the same reason. Notice his estimates say at the bottom that deposits are not refundable, and he will not be rushed to complete work, his way of getting around not completing a job in a reasonable time. Lou said he had not been able to work because of the heat, and his men wouldnt do anything if he was not there because they feared doing work in a manner Lou might now like. We believe he will say anything to get work in the shop so he always has some work to do to keep his crew busy. We feel scammed by this company. Promises made over and over and are not kept. Because of his business dealings, we will suffer additional cost of hundreds of dollars as well as the loss of use of our principal home for five months. Although we found some good reviews on some sites, which we relied upon, we later found terrible reviews on another, including one where he kept the RV a whole year. Im going to post this one on many sites so no one has to suffer and be stressed as we have.
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Poor customer service

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