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You opinion of Brooke the crook matters

bottom line is you have the right to post anything you desire as long as its within first amendment guidelines about anyone you use. Glad to see this realtor, Brooke Williamson with a $199K condo purchase just less than 2 years ago, acts like the bully she is. You should report her to the Tx Board of Realtors. If you have enough evidence indicating her as a lousy real estate agent that cost you time and money then they will fine her and possible remove her as a TX real estate agent. They hold high ethics and morals as an association. Brooke Williamson needs to treat everyone fair. Just because she sold 1 house over 1 million doesn't qualify her to act and treat you wrong and waste your time. You have the right as an American to post your thoughts, your experience whether its good or bad here or on Facebook. It's not harassment its called face the reality Brooke Williamson or Realty Austin should get the HINT to fire her ASAP.
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Brooke Williamson is a solidified loser. Watch out for her lying ways to deceive you while you are in a transaction with her.

Do not user her... PERIOD

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  • Brooke williamson has a nasty attitude with people
  • Brooke bad comments
  • Brooke williamson needs a life
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Poor customer service
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fire the agent, Brooke Williamson

Brooke Williamson should be FIRED!

Wow. Brooke Williamson the CROOK. yea that sums up our experience too. Totally unprofessional, completely rude and just a scammer and a fake. Do you know she lives in a $209K condo? Can you imagine The insights she’s going to give you if she can’t even have a minimum lifestyle? We’re looking at $1 million homes plus and she was totally totally unprofessional, incompetent and only talk to my husband! She would leave me out of the phone calls and emails and I found her to be completely obnoxious ignorant!! Report Brooke Williamson to the Texas Board of realtors and take her license away! She sucks.
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Thank you for posting this review! It's very validating to hear that she also used the "divide and conquer" approach with another couple.

It's amazing that with the condo she owns, she'd act like our 350k budget was beneath her. And we where motivated buyers with a tight timeline (we wanted to be in our new house in 3 months).

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Brooke The Crook