Took $200 extra to fasten a subfloor and never did the work. Then said "i was doing you a favor with that price" then only offered to pay back half, and said "final offer"

User's recommendation: Stay away.

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Farmingdale, New York


Description of Complaint: At the recommendation of, a marketing consultant company, on November 14, 2020, I contracted Mr. Bradley Freiss of Re-Insulate America to install 7 Wincore 7700 Series triple-pane glass double strength soundproof windows in my house for the amount of $5,290, providing an upfront deposit of $3.090 (Citibank check No. 993), the job to be completed within 4 to 5 weeks. Its been 2 months now, and the job has not been started, nor has Mr. Freiss telephoned me to begin installation, and during this time he has never once initiated a telephone call, updating me on the progress of the delivery and service. It was only when I initiated a telephone call that he would return it, providing a reason for the delay (i.e., weather, covid, time constraints), as well as a promise to call back with an updatewhich he would never do. My wife and I researched Mr. Freiss, learning from the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs that his license had expired years past and that the business address written on the contract is phony as well, all but one telephone number (888-473-****). Attempting to visit Mr. Freiss personally, we traced his business office to: 51 Park Cir S., Farmingdale, NY, assuming it was an office location, with the help of a woman who works at a billiards store, the exact location of the business address that Freiss advertises on the Internet. It is in fact Mr. Freiss home address. Mr. Freiss acted extremely irate and unprofessionally, threatening to call the police if my wife and I didnt leave his property (the sidewalk) and knock [me] out, threatening us with his attorney. I believe Mr. Freiss of Re-Insulate America is a scam artist, and I am suing him in Suffolk County Small Claims Court next month for a full refund of my $3,090 deposit.

User's recommendation: If you want a crook, I highly recommend him.

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Queens, New York

CROOKS! Avoid this company

I would avoid this company at all costs. I have never written a negative review, and I feel compelled to warn people of these scammers. Brad Freiss and his son, Brandon, are complete crooks. They will take your money, lie, threaten you, and not complete the job. I wish I had listened to all the negative reviews and their 3 Better Business Bureau complaints. Worst, their "workers" (all uncertified and unqualified) will, after repeated cancellations, show up, drill some holes that you then have to repair and not put in any insulation. You are left with a wall full of holes (not 16" apart because they have no idea what they're doing so they simply guess and are often wrong. "Whoops!" was a common word out of their mouths during the time I was on site. Wish I stayed the whole time) and then you have to pay money to repair everything. Trust me, I had several subsequent companies come and assess work - a joke! Get ready to hear Brad lie about how he personally does the work and for him to lie that he's "sick" and can't show up.
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New York, New York
Reason of review
Poor customer service
New Reviewer

Brad Freiss the owner of Re-Insulate America took money and did not do the job

Avoid this company at any cost. I had three contracts with Mr. Freiss and his company because he advertised himself as a licensed home improvement guy. He supposed to install mini-split A/C system, install slimduct covers for it outside the house and repair basement after Sandy storm damaged my basement. Non has been completed. He took $ 32,500. After numerous excuses and lies he disappeared without completing anything. I had to pay other company to correct his deficient work on A/C contract ($7700), to cover tubing and correct electric wiring outside cost another $4000, covers were never delivered and installed by him, and the basement was partially gutted and abandoned. I still live in a house with ruined basement. I got hit by Sandy super-storm but I got hit worse by Brad Freiss and Reinsulate America. The most dishonest and disgusting company.
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Staten Island, New York

Insulation never got into my walls - total scam!

They came in Aug 2009, hooked up their equipment and it looked like insulation was being installed. after 2 winters we saw no improvement in energy use. Gave Mr. Freiss at least 20 opportunities to make it right. He was not interested. Ended up hiring a real insulation contractor to do the work I had paid RIA to do. I had to sue him in court to get his attention. I sued him for the insulation job - $4200 - and excess energy costs due to his nonperformance. Well he has a record of not making his appointments and endless excuses. Bottom line, I won by default - the 4200, plus 800 for energy costs, and another 1200 for fees and interest. It has been over 5 months since the court rendered its decision, and no response from Mr. Freiss. So now I've had to assign this to a collection agency. If you, for whatever reason, select this contractor for any work, you do so at your own risk - be forewarned - his warranty is completely worthless - I never got him to come back to fix my problem, and now I have to chase him down for my refund.
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Yonkers, New York

Stay away from Re-Insulate (RIA) America & Service Magic

Re-Insulate America (RIA,, in Farmingdale, NY, is the most unprofessionally run company, pretending and appearing to be professional, I've ever encountered. (And this is my first internet complaint about anyone.) They cancelled their first longstanding appointment with me at the very last moment (same day), with some excuse about sudden sickness preventing any of their numerous personnel from showing up. They then called after no-showing the second appointment with the downright laughable excuse of roadwork being done in my Brooklyn neighborhood (in NYC there's always roadwork being done somewhere...) and the apparent need for me to guarantee a convenient parking spot on city streets before scheduling a third appointment. (This though they list Brooklyn as an area they cover.) Ultimately another laughable, obviously inadequately screened Service Magic recommendation. And I'd take the customer reviews on their website with a huge grain of salt, since you will note there's no way to add a review so they obviously pick and choose them...
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Re-Insulate America is a ripoff. They came, supposedly installed insulation in my walls.

Subsequent construction projects, particularly one where I had the stucco walls and water-damaged sheathing removed and replaced, revealed that only a tiny fraction of insulation was ever installed on the west, south and east exposures of my home. When confronted with this, Mr. Freiss, the owner, accused me of removing the insulation to make him look bad and to try and get my money back. He told me the only way I would get my money back would be to sue him.

Well, I did. I won a judgment in July 2013, which as of the end of November he has yet to satisfy. I would strongly recommend avoiding this contractor at all costs.

There are other reputable companies that will do the right job. Do not listen to Angie's List or Home Advisor when they recommend this contractor.


This company is awful to the max!!!!!!


John send me an email gene51@***.net - I won in court, but he's not paying. I am tired of chasing this character around - its time to get serious and get law enforcement involved -but it needs to be more than one person with an issue.


I too was mortified with this company and their LACK of professionalism!


Good Afternoon,

My name is Chelsey Richey with ServiceMagic. I would like the opportunity to personally work with you on this issue. First I would like to apologize for the experience you have had using our service.

I would certainly be able to assist you in submitting a rating and review. The ratings and reviews on a service professional’s profile are generated from customers who have been matched through ServiceMagic and have used their services. We do this to try and eliminate people from posting ratings either good or bad without having ever done business with the professional.

The intent of our screening process is to provide you a qualified professional. This includes checking for licensing and insurance when it is required for the job being performed per state requirements. We also do a background check for criminal judgments, legal judgments, bankruptcies, liens, identity verification and we verify their state business filings.

I look forward to hearing from you; you can reach me directly at crichey@***.com or at 303.963.8145

Best regards,

Chelsey Richey


Dear Chelsey. I also had a very bad experience with Re-Insulate America and Brad Freiss.

You wrote that you do ground check I found out that this company has at least three outstanding legal judgements against them in DCA so I do not think that you did a good job.

Respectfully. Lillian Elmirs.