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2022 CLS450 is non drivable

RBM of Alpharetta - 2022 CLS450 is non drivable
RBM of Alpharetta - 2022 CLS450 is non drivable
RBM of Alpharetta - 2022 CLS450 is non drivable
I experienced a challenging issue with my 2022 CLS450 Mercedes. The car shook and vibrated while driving, and the problem worsened as I increased my speed. I turned to RBM of Alpharetta in February of 2023to fix several issues through an insurance claim, including four bent rims, one tire, exhaust damage, a missing tire jack, and alignment issues, costing me approximately $8000.00 on March 9th, 2023. However, upon receiving the car back, I discovered that it still had the same issues despite numerous attempts to contact RBM for assistance. Unfortunately, they were unable to find the problem, and they refused to allow me to take it to another shop. Despite my continued efforts to resolve the issue, the problem persisted. I informed them that my tire felt like it was going to fall off, and the car vibrated even more, but RBM was uncooperative and dismissive. Finally, they agreed to have me drive with someone to duplicate the issue, but the person who drove with me claimed not to feel any vibrations. In addition, I informed them that my car had lost power and seemed to be overheating, but they dismissed my concerns, stating that they found many codes, confined the car was running hot but refused to fix anything. My frustration grew, and I threatened to take my car elsewhere. It was then that Jeff, my service advisor, informed me that all four rims were bent, and I questioned if they had given me new rims, as they had charged the insurance company. He also blamed the damage on Texas, despite months of emails and videos from me prior to that. When I requested proof of the work they claimed to have done, Jeff stopped responding, and his manager, Jay, advised me to take my car and blocked me from coming to their facilities. Progressive attempted to reach out to them but refused to provide them with the necessary information. Eventually, I received a cease and desist email and a follow-up letter from an attorney. Consequently, I now have a car with less than 14,000 miles that overheats, has four bent rims, and is undrivable. This is unacceptable, and I demand a resolution to this problem immediately. I paid 90,000.00 for a car a year ago that is non-drivable and their company refuses to refund me or make it right.
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Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Buyer Beware