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Original review Jul 04, 2023
I was truly expecting to chime in with yet another 5-star review of Razzis Radiator & AC shop in Glenside, but unfortunately, my visit turned out to be THE most horribly disturbing customer experience ever encountered in my 65 years. Ill apologize now for the length, but unless I provide an accurate and unembellished account of the events, it would be easy to discount this review.
For at least the past year I had been in contact with Razzis about diagnosing and repairing an original R-12 A/C system on a restored, classic vehicle.

As you might imagine, being a collector piece, the vehicle is pretty much a garage queen, which presented logistical concerns in getting it to the shop 30 miles away. I spoke mostly with Michael, and less frequently with John, the two Razzi brothers I presumed were the owners, since there was never any mention of any other family members in all conversations I had with the pair. Both Michael and John were always friendly and courteous, and a pleasure to speak with. After a long delay, I finally got the vehicle to the shop very recently, where I met with John, who was, as fully anticipated, a very pleasant fellow, and who performed a preliminary check.

Michael, who I was under the impression handled most of the A/C work per our discussions, was not present that day, much to my dismay. John, Im certain, is equally as knowledgeable, but perhaps simply chooses to focus on another area of service as his specialtynot sure...just an assumption on my part.
After Johns initial inspection, he then wanted me to take the vehicle around the corner to another building that is part of the shop, about a block away the air conditioning warehouse where he said his brother David would throw gauges on it for a more thorough check. It took me by surprise that there was a third brother that was never mentioned, but, heygreatall seemed to be moving along quite well. However, and much to my chagrin, this is where the experience abruptly changed without provocation from a normal auto service encounter to an unimaginably and completely unexpected, bizarre, aggressive attack.
Anyone who has invested a considerable amount of time, effort and money into restoring a classic vehicle to a show condition is always a bit apprehensive about bringing their vehicles to a shop for the first time for specialty work, without having any prior experience with the owners or technicians who will be charged with its care.

Myself being no exception, when I brought the vehicle to the AC Warehouse, brother David needed to bring it around to the back of the shop. I was happy to drive it around the building for him, but he insisted that he do it. OKmaybe its a liability thingso I went along, no problem. Wellthe guy could not get the thing started, so I had to nicely let him know what to do.

Im guessing that was the igniter to the psychotic explosion that was about to occur a few minutes later. Once in the shop, then he began fumbling around and struggling attempting to get the hood openso I stepped in again to simply help. The final thing I humbly asked David before I was about to go find a place to sit down and relax was if he could please use care around the paint. I did not think this was anything unusual, as it makes me feel better by just having said it to anyone about to do work on the vehicle.

I asked Michael during our conversations about the care of the vehicle, and he assured me they have worked on many such vehicles over the years with utmost consideration. Owners and techs at other local shops with which I have done business never had any unusual reaction whatsoever to this simple request, generally acknowledging my question with the reply absolutely.
Not this characterno sir. Apparently that was all it took to set off the most outrageous, bizarre, screaming, psychotic, turrets-like tirade I had ever witnessed in my 65 years on Earth. Please keep in mind that Im a customer here, about to hand over potentially thousands of dollars to have this A/C system repaired.

The guy is large and obese, and although I was in total disbelief at what I was an unforeseen party to, I was also actually worried that the maniac would have a massive MI right there in front of me eyes bulging out of his unkempt head, shouting an unending stream of obscenities at me to Get the F out of hereDont *** come back You *** think I dont *** know what Im doing Telling me how to do my *** job, and on and on and on so insanely loud, I think the entire neighborhood heard him.
Man-O-man-O-chevitzI had never been so despicably and egregiously disrespected and insulted in my entire life not only as a customer, but as a human being as I did from this lunatic.
By the time I got the vehicle back around the corner to the main shop, this psychopathic maniac had reached his brother John to, most likely, begin conveying delusional fairy tales about how I tormented and prodded him into a confrontation. Sure enoughwhen I met with John, he said that his brother David told him thats exactly what I had doneno surprises there. Ill tell you as certain as I am alivethe above confrontation launched by this lunatic made the worst confrontation on Cheaters look like childs play. In any event, John did the best he could to try to smooth over the situation, but there was no way I was going to have this maniac brother of his get near my vehicle again even if he offered to do so without charge.

Finally, after all of this, before departing, I asked John how much I owed him for what he had done, to which he graciously would not accept any fee.
Regrettably, had Michael been around, I believe I would be writing a very, very different, very positive review.
Fate, I suppose
One interesting thought I had after the fact, however, was that it is no wonder why this other, hidden brother David was never mentioned by either Michael or John in all of the conversations I had with them, and there is absolutely no question at all as to why they dont let this maniac near a telephone, and banished to another building a block away.

In my humble opinion, not only should he be confined to a separate building, but they really should seriously consider taking one additional step and lock this insane cretin up in a cage preferably in a dark basement somewherethen he would at least have a somewhat valid reason to be psychotically hostile. Based on my quite disturbing experience, thats precisely where this ignorant, arrogant degenerate belongs.
I suppose, then, the bottom line is this: take your vehicle to this shop at your own risk but be absolutely certain this third, never-mentioned brother does not get near your car or you.
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  • If you enjoy being attacked and abused ask for david

Preferred solution: Apology

User's recommendation: Use at your own risk - but deal ONLY with Michael or John.

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