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Lemon Buy Back Vehicle

I bought a used 4x4 from Ray Price Ford in 2014 and was initially pleased with the service they provided. After having my jeep less than a week, the engine light came on and it stopped in the middle of the highway on my way to work. I had my jeep towed back to them and they kept it for 2 weeks fixing the transmission. After I got my car back, I noticed the acceleration was very choppy, the front and back air conditioning was not working properly and the passenger side window was not able to roll down. Unfortunately, these repairs were not covered under my warranty. After having another problem with the transmission and getting it replaced within the first year of having my jeep, I decided to trade it in for another vehicle. The dealership I went to provided me with a 4-page Carfax report on all the problems and accidents with my jeep and informed me it was a "Lemon Buy Back". I then called Ray Price and spoke with Shelley the office manager and she informed that she knew nothing about this. I was referred to this dealership on the basis that they were a honest dealership. The salesman David that helped me tried his best to push this vehicle on me and never told me about the jeep's history. If you take the risk and buy from this dealership, please get a Carfax report and save yourself money and misery.
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  • Knowingly sold me a branded title lemon vehicle
Reason of review:
Sold a Lemon Buy Back

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

Lorna Scw
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RAY PRICE RIPPED ME OFF!!!!!!On 10/15/2012, I purchased a 2008 subaru impreza Wrx from ray price ford for $18, had a lot of aftermarket parts on it and one of the salesman told me he knew the 1st owner of the car that put all of the work into the car and told me he put all the best parts on it and had it professionally tuned everytime he added another performance part. I spoke to the man that traded this vehicle in at ray price and he told me tgey gave him $16,000 for it. The next day the check engine light came on so I took it to a local auto parts store to have it checked since the dealership is an hour away from me. They said it was a bad rear o2 sensor and reset the code. I called ray price that day and they said to let them know if the check engine light comes back on. On 10/20/2012 (5 days after I purchased it) as I was driving it, I noticed smoke coming out of the hood. I pulled over and opened the hood and there was oil all over the engine and under the car. This was on a Saturday so I waited until Monday morning to call the dealership. They had the vehicle towed to their dealership to be fixed. I received a call from them the next day saying that a hose going to the turbo was not sealed properly and it was fixed and ready to be picked up. So I drove an hour to pick up the vehicle. i picked up the car and I got about a mile away from the dealership and I noticed the clutch slipping very bad and it smelled like something was burning. So I turned around and brought the car back to the dealership and they said there are no mechanics working now so leave the car and they will look at it in the morning. So that was a waste of a little over 3 hours. The next day I received a call saying it needed a clutch and flywheel and its going to take a couple days to fix. I believe it was Tuesday 10/30/2012 when I got a call saying that the car was ready to be picked up. Everything went fine on the hour ride home. On Thursday 11/29/2012 the check engine light came on again so I called and spoke to the sales manager and he said he will look into it and call me back in 15 min. I told him this car has been a problem for me since the day I bought it and they sold it to me that way and they should be responsible for it. I never received any receipts for any of the work they did to the car ( which I asked for when I picked it up and they said the repair order was not finished and they will mail it to me) so I really have no idea what they did to the car. While I was waiting for him to call me back, which he never did, I took it to autozone to get the check engine light checked and the code that came up was p0171(system running too lean, too much air and not enough fuel). I finally called the sales manager back 3 hours later because he never called me back like he said he would and he said I owned the car for more than 30 days so its my problem now and there's nothing he can do for me and they would be out of business if the warranties their cars forever( he was very rude on the phone). I explained to him that it's been a problem since the day I bought the car and that I bought this car because I need reliable transportation for work and that I thought they were a reputable dealer. I also asked him if he can just take the car back and give me back what I paid and I will buy a different car from them. He refused and said I can trade it it and they will give me $13000 for the car (when they just sold it to me for $18000 less than 5 weeks ago). That made me very angry that if I did trade it in I would have lost $5000 for driving a car for 5 weeks of nothing but headaches which they had in their shop for 10 days out of those 5 weeks. I thought about trying to fix it myself for a couple days but I'm not a mechanic and I don't even know what's wrong with it and I don't think I should have to worry about it after 5 weeks of owning it. On Monday 12/3/2012 I finally had enough with it and decided to trade it in. I have a friend that is a used car manger at Toyota scion of Scranton so I went there to see if he could help me out. He called the sales manager at ray price to ask him if he would buy the car back for $16000 since they knew the car and did work on it and he said he will give him $13,000 for it. When he asked why he would offer such a low price after just selling it to me for $18,000 he said "that's what we do here, make money". He was very rude to him on the phone. I found a car that I liked and my friend gave my $16,000 for my trade in ( which he really should have because of the way it was running and he's probably going to lose money on the deal now). So I lost $2000 on the car plus my friend is stuck with it for $16,000 in bad running condition, plus all the aggrivation I've been goin through for the last month with this car. I feel like they robbed me and this is a terrible way to do business. When I got home that night with my new car, I went on ray price fords website and noticed a comment section to they'll them about you experience with they dealership. So I wrote a comment thrilling them about all the problems I had. The next day, Tuesday 12/4/12, I received a call from Walter price, who I believe is the owner of the dealership, following up about the comment I left on their website. I told him the whole story and told him I am very upset with my experience at the dealership and I feel like they took advantage of me and basically robbed me. I told him that I think I deserve the $2,000 that I lost on the deal back from them and that they should buy the car back from Toyota scion for $16000. I believe that is the right thing to do for a reputable dealer who wants to keep a good reputation for new customers. They sold me a bad car and they should take responsibility for it. The owner was very defensive on the phone with me and pretty much told me that I don't own the car anymore so there's nothing he can do for me. So I told him I would have to go a different route to try to get my money back and try to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else in the future.
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lucky that you only lost 2 grand, lucky you had a friend in the car business. the first dealer who sold it to u for 2 grand more than they owned it for probablly broke even on the car after reconditioning it and paying the salesperson/overhead.

you cant hold them accountable for a modified car, theres a reason the manufactorer will not honor the factory warranty after mods are added. u r lucky


You bought a used car with all kinds of hop up aftermarket stuff on it and you deserved what you got. That is a tuner car and needs work all the time.

A lot of after

market things do not work properly with a stock computer, You bought a pseudo race car and deserve what you got. You were a fool and had buyers remorse!!!!!!!!!

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