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Beware. RAY BYERS lived in LA from 1985? to 2000?. OWNED THIS GYM. WHAT I HEARD IS THE INVESTORS GOT SOAKED....THATS A RUMOR. Ray Byers was involved business/ living wise with TED RILEY DIXON.... a male *** and pimp [ who presumably provided him with male prostitues] dixon was author of tabloid article...'I was lyle alzados boyfriend'!!!!! the lady who ran the gym said ted told her he gave lyle HIV/Aids. ray i recall as a liar/ scammer. the guy who worked on the building before it opened said he was ' nuts'. byers is a common name..this guy id be about 50 to 60 years old. supposedly he took his money and bought a rural property in pennsylvania. he is from colorado i believe..he is a liar and trouble ted riley dixon was arrested several times..including for making terrorist threats agianst councilwoman ruth gallanter. [ this is from newspaper review when gym was open: looking at the best and worst in health clubs, from parking to juice bars to group exercise classes. And Jim isn't just any rat. He's been teaching for four years at various clubs in the area and is certified through the Aerobics and Fitness Assn. of America (AFAA). Nestled in an industrial-type area of Marina del Rey (if you can believe that) is one of the] ray byers..liar...ray byers...trouble....
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This sorry tale was told to me by [Amir?]. He was a big Middle Eastern guy who trained at Golds Venice.

His roommate was Patrick, a French Bodybuilder who was broke and desperate.

I do not know if the story is true but I consider the story believable.

Patrick told his buddy about being very mistreated by this gym owner [1996?].


Patrick was from France and broke. Desperate. Ray Byers [allegedly] offered him a ‘Full Sponsorship’ in exchange for sex. Patrick did Ray once and was promptly dumped.

No sponsorship.

No nothing. Also ‘Amir’ said ‘Ray had him do yard work at the gym but didn’t give him gloves, just a rake and Patrick got blisters on his fingers’.


Dana -‘Ray was found in a sex act at Golds Gym Venice’.

Marty – ‘The men’s toilet stall at Rays gym looks funny. It’s a private room, maybe for sex at the gym’.

K - ‘Ray and Ted were low on money. Then Ted Dixon was arrested. Then all this money was needed and they were able to get the money. Must be drug money’

Fitness Model – ‘I have a bone to pick w Ray.

He was saying that he and I are dating. That is BS’.

Jim – ‘Ted and Ray sold hormones. I would get GH from em’. Joe – ‘Ray went around slandering me and it got back to me’.

Ray was at Golds Venice talking to a young guy. A man walked by and quipped ‘Don’t believe a word of it’ [don’t believe Rays Bs].


He presently lives in Towanda, Pa. The stories I heard were rumors but 'reliable' rumors.

Maybe sometime I will share them. IF they are true he is a ***


re, Mind yr Business, 'slander and gossip'. Or honesty and a warning to people ?

Dixon was arrested at least 2x.

here my dear,****

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A warning to who? he is dead!

Who are you warning? Ghosts? Arrest records are public, thanks for pointing out the obvious.

I think you people are sociopaths, normal people are not fascinated by a person who was not a celebrity, who died 9 years ago.

Get a life! And again let him rest in peace. All you know about him are some rumors and arrest records.

There is more to a man's life than that. You are sociopaths if you can't let a family miss their loved ones in peace.


Here in So Cal I spoke to someone who said 'In the 1990s I would buy Growth Hormone from Ray Byers. He got it from ted who [presumably] got it cheap or free thru a government program AND THEN WOULD RESELL IT.

Tax dollars at work?

and ' Ted Dixon was my uncle.

Can we not talk about him maliciously?' The truth hurts.

Remember the article in the tabloid? 'I was Lyle Alzados boyfriend' by unkie teddy?

Seems like he wanted '15 seconds of infamy' in exchange for some money.

One guy said he hated Ray so much he was 'going to fire bomb Rays gym'.

Then theres the rumors [strong] of sex acts AT THE GYM. Ray being the instigator.

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I'm not disagreeing with the truth, there may be some grey areas and exaggerations here, what I don't understand is why anyone would be online nine years after his death talking about stuff that happened in the 1980s/90s. I just don't see why there should be a fascination with a man who is long dead. Also why people can't stop and think about how what they are


You know when you talk slander and gossip about people online you should think about who is seeing this. Ted Dixon was my uncle.

Can we let him rest in peace and not talk about him maliciously? He was not a celebrity, not in the public eye, he was a human being and someone's family.

He is none of your business. How would you like it if I talked *** about your loved ones?

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whats yr name?

jim Fav

Do you have anymore info about Ray Byers? How do you know of him? Did you know him personally?

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