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I have been a Ray Ban user for decades and for the most part have been happy with my purchases. I recently had a pair of sunglasses stolen so I purchased new sunglasses ... exact same ones ... a few months ago. Over the holidays one of the lenses just fell out while I was walking. They weren't dropped, hit, stored improperly or anything else that could have caused the lens to loosen. They were poorly made and they broke. Literally. When I...
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I didn't like
  • Warranty and customer service
I got a pair of ray ban aviators, and less than two months later a lens fell out and broke due to defective manufacture. I reached out to their owners, luxottica, expecting a quick and easy replacement. They jerked me around for weeks, and then finally told me to go *** myself. I'll never buy raybans again. luxottica, some italian company, bought them and now those dickbags just churn out ***. They used to be quality, now you're better off...
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Anonymous I have trying for over a week to get through on 1-800-343-5594, however this number is no longer in service!! only need a $28 lense...I guess after reading these reviews, the ...

I just received my Ray-Ban Aviators that I customized from their website. They came perfectly packaged, brand new and everything I wanted was there. I was supposed to recieve my glasses in a week but they came 10 days before expected even though they are made in Italy and shipped to the United States! I would recommend getting glasses off of their website because they are the best at making their own product..
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Ray Ban Aviators Sunglasses Review

Mine are peeling 2! Had it for less than a year!!!!!! Very upset!!!! They where expensive. And after hearing a lot of complaints about the same thing I am fuming! Price for quality? What a joke!