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Resolved: Consumer protection

Updated by user Jul 26, 2023

Company fixed the issue and I have been provided with product replacement. Not only did they refund, but they immediately changed their website to better serve customers.

Glitch - current order is not listed as a current order. It is listed as a "previous order".

Simply, all orders not ordered, processed, or shipped - Current orders. All orders ordered, processed shipped, and delivered - previous orders.

Updated by user Jul 25, 2023

I want to correct my last update. Steve's Raw Pet food did refund all 4 orders. I did not see all the emails in the thread from Steve's sent today telling me those 4 charges were reimbursed to me.

Updated by user Jul 25, 2023

I received an email from the marketing staff member at the executive level. They apologized and refunded me for three of the 4 orders.

They left me for paying for the original order at $145 which started the entire fiasco. I have no idea if that order ended up at my...

Updated by user Jul 24, 2023

The final message I received today from, was "Steve's raw pet food". NOTE: WHO IS JULIE?



Original review Jul 24, 2023
The Dog food is great - 20lb box of raw food. The online service fails to comply with its own online company service policy. I originally ordered 4 - 5lb bags of Steves frozen dog food at $145. It was the first time I had accessed this online service ( and mistakenly made the same order. I thought I had canceled those two orders when I found a 20% discount for the same product. a 20% discounted order at $116. Believing I had canceled those two first orders, and ordered the bags at the 20% discount, I noticed that the site had the raw food in a 20lb box, which is what I originally wanted. The way their online site looks to a new customer is that they only have the 5lb bags of raw food (small pieces). So... then I clicked on the tab labeled, "SWAP". The way I read the directions, was to click on swap and then you could change that product for another. Needless to say, the online site does not allow a person to cancel orders, or manage anything. In fact, the only management I saw was "SWAP". BUT, their system does not allow any swap, despite what it states if you click swap. What their system did was add a 4th order, but that order was for the 20lb box of raw dog food patties for $140. I have a 10 lb dog! I do not need close to $500 worth of dog food. I thought that I had canceled those orders by at least clicking "skip" until I could sort it out on Monday. I received an email Friday at 6:48 PM. Below is that message. " help@***.com via Jul 21, 2023, 6:48PM (3 days ago) Good news! We are prepping your Raw Pet Food order and getting it ready to ship. To manage your order, please login to manage your account. Manage Subscription If you need to make changes to your order, please contact us at help@***.com and we will do our best to update your order before it ships. Thank you! The Raw Pet Food Team" I immediately replied at 6:58PM as the message explained. I already found out that their online site did not allow for canceling, changing, canceling, swapping, or skipping. My reply is copied below - Fri, Jul 21, 6:58PM (3 days ago) to Hello, I hope I did not mess this up, but I am looking at the account and this is what I see. I just corrected what I wanted to send to my son. That is #18236. I hope they can get that as soon as possible. As for the others, I obviously made mistakes. The only one that I started was the #18138 order for $116.68. However, I hope that discount can apply to my correct order as I did a swap. I do not want those first three orders. I only need the $18236 on July 21st, 2023 $140.20 That is the subscription I want for my son's dogs. If you could just let me know you corrected this in your system. I hope I was not charged for those lower three charges. I only needed the $140.40. Thank you so very much. Below are the orders, which I sent in my response to their "message". OrderPaymentFulfillmentTotalTracking # #182** - ** Jul, 2023PaidUnfulfilled$140.40 #181** - ** Jul, 2023PaidUnfulfilled$145.84 #181** - ** Jul, 2023PaidUnfulfilled$145.84 #181** - ** Jul, 2023PaidUnfulfilled$116.68 The last three orders were made on the 19th, back to back, and were obviously a mistake, because their online site offers swap and skip, so you believe the issues will be messaged so that a customer can make corrections. - The $116.68 was made only after I found that they had a 20% discount, that did not show on same orders of $145 - The $140.40 order was when I noticed a "SWAP" blue tab to switch out an order, that did not show up on the order site on the other orders. - I believed a SWAP was how a customer would change that order for another product. I clicked $116.68 order to be "swapped" out for the $140.40 order. I even asked for the same 20% discount. - Their online site was created by the most inexperienced person of a free online site, I have ever dealt with. - Online services have been around long enough for Steve's raw pet food online service would provide an online access service that did not pull this nonsense on customers. There is no easy access, no useful or productive two-way communication via their "", and they fail to make sure the order is correct before shipping it, considering it is raw food. The statement in the email above states that emails telling you that the product shipped somehow has anything to do with management of orders, or an ability to change, or cancel. Telling customers to message them late on a Friday reminding them to manage their orders online, and email their "" email to change or cancel, and telling the customer they will do their best to cancel or change. Do their best? That again is a lie, misleading, and is a serious problem for any type of consumer protection. What does Do your best mean? Ah, customers are supposed to take it as your "screwed". They only read my email to cancel, and change on Monday morning, knowing that whoever is giving orders to FEDX is not coordinating with their so-called customer service at, or, or "". Well, today, Monday, July 24, 2023, I get an email from a second address - "". ?? Madi Rick via 10:54AM (5 hours ago) to me Hi Shari, Thank you for reaching out and for being such a great pet parent. Unfortunately, Orders #18138, #18139, and #18141 have already been packed up and we are unable to cancel them for you. Your subscription is currently set as 1 20lb box of Beef patties, every 6 weeks. Your processing date for your next order is currently set as Sept. 1st. Let me know if you have any other questions, and have a wonderful rest of your day! Sincerely, Madi I was furious at this point and wrote that I was furious, and explained what I am now explaining to you, then I got this email - Madi Rick via 2:35PM (2 hours ago) to me "Hi Shari, There is not a way to cancel a placed order on the website yourself. You would have had to reach out to us to see if you could cancel them. You should have received a confirmation email for each order you placed. Any placed orders can be viewed in the "View previous orders" tab. The shipments (#18138, #18139, and #18141) are already shipped out, so I am not able to cancel them or refund them. I'm always happy to help make any edits to upcoming orders, but cannot edit orders that have already been placed. I am only able to cancel orders if I am able to catch them in time before the shipping facility gets them onto the truck. Unfortunately since those orders were placed on Wednesday, and you emailed after we had closed on Friday, I did not see your email until this morning, at which point it was already too late. I am sorry that the system caused some confusion. I can see if I can cancel order #18236 if you would like. At this point it doesn't look like it's been packed up yet, so I'm happy to reach out to the shipping facilty to see if we can cancel that one for you - just let me know. Sincerely, Madi" 1st - "there is not a way to cancel a placed order on the website by yourself". ?? 2nd - "You would have had to reach out to us to see if you could cancel them" ?? 3rd - "I'm always happy to help make any edits to upcoming orders, but can not edit orders that have already been placed. 4th - "since those orders were made on Wednesday, and you emailed after we had closed on Friday"?? 5th - She then offers to catch those orders at Fedx, and admits they have not been shipped, as I already checked on and replied for her to cancel those orders. I know customer service stinks, but as I read the nonsense in the messages, I wonder who they hire and who thinks their online system works? Reviews state the same sentiment. This is beyond customer service. This is consumer abuse, and possibly fraud on their part. The noted contradictions stated in the mail from "Madi", are ridiculous at best. Return to their message they sent first at 6:48PM on July 21st - manage online email their to change or cancel. If a customer follows those directions per their email than her excuses are lies. A customer can not cancel an order online. A customer can not change any order online. A customer can not do much of anything online. I would have had to reach out to them to cancel? I did, as their message stated, and 10 minutes after receiving those instructions. No phone number, but the What is even more ridiculous, they close at 5 pm central time, and she sends me a nasty email telling me I emailed her at 8 pm Friday. However, it shows she then emailed me 6:48 Pm or 7:48 PM first, and I replied at 6:58 PM or 7:58PM. What the heck is her point! How can any customer email to cancel or change when messaged after hours, and when they close at 5 PM central? Again, I followed the instructions in that message. They are always happy to make any edits to upcoming orders, but can not edit orders that are already placed? WT<<<<. If the customer can not edit online, there is no "manage". If the customer can not edit, and they can not edit placed orders, What are upcoming orders then? They are placed orders, not even shipped. Of course you can't edit shipped orders. Duh. This is downright lying, fraud, and misleading. Customers can't edit, cancel, change, or email them when they message first, and on a Friday. Then she offers to cancel those orders with the shipper - FEDX. She admits they have not shipped. I did check on that and emailed her that they were not shipped, only labeled. She had every opportunity to cancel that shipment and should be responsible for any cost of their lack of common sense customer service. The final audacity of the online service customer so-called service, for Steve's raw pet food, is the last email she sent me accusing me of lying about when I emailed her, I said July 20th and apologized that it was July 21st, and that I did respond as directed. I never heard a word back I am not paying as all four charges they made to my Bank account (B of A) were taken out before they even shipped. They caused my account to bounce by $548 plus dollars. The great part is I do not have an overdraft. The bank automatically refuses payment when overdrafted. What more could a customer do? If they wanted a customer to call, rather than use their stated, "" route, they should have included it in their messages. Steve's raw pet food is good. Their retailers are responsible, but Steves's raw pet food is ultimately responsible for their own online service. When you call their number it is clear - Steves... Who is or No one knows what they are doing, or what they do, and that is my serious issue.
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  • Great raw dog food
  • Online service rawpetfoodcom steves rpf must be shutdown

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