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Hollywood location has unhinged management

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Updated by user Mar 30, 2021

So far it's been two weeks and radio silence.

Original review Mar 30, 2021
The saying all good things must come to an end has never been more true when describing Raos. Previously one of our favorite authentic Italian restaurants, the good times, love, laughter, comradely and amazing food that the late Frank Pellegrino worked so hard to create came to a screeching halt after the wonder twin destructive management duo Tracy and Patrick seemingly made a pack to run the LA branch of the restaurant into the ground by verbally assaulting us not one, not two, not three but SIX times over the course of our meal (keep reading for further details and other ridiculousness they pulled). With the O.G. crew consisting of Roastbeef and others trying to keep the ship floating while Tracy finds joy in verbally assaulting regulars and then relying on Patrick for pathetic backup as her wing man. Excited to be going to dinner on a Friday night and to one of our favorite restaurants (even better) we arrive happy and hungry. Greeted with big smiles and open arms by the usual valet team and Roastbeef, we step out of the car to walk into the restaurant on what feels like a red carpet rolled out just for us and then we wait to be seated. After going through the ridiculous, stupid, idiotic temperature check the hostess, who is lovely, always happy and talkative was different this visit. For some reason she tries to shoot that stupid temperature gun at my head (which I told her very politely many many visits ago that its rude &;;;;;;;;;;;;;; mannerless to do that, that its terrible for your body and inappropriate to point anything resembling a gun at someones head.) that shes more than welcome to take the reading from my wrist and we had made the switch ages ago until this particular visit. Upon conclusion of this review, I think we can all agree that her aiming it at my head on this night in particular was on purpose and at the direction of incompetent Tracy (to kick the clown show evening off) nevertheless, we walk to the back patio to be seated. We ate at Raos frequently enough to have a table so we sat down and went through all the usual steps. 1. Put the mesh screen down just so it stops at the top of the back of the booth bench to help break the wind from hitting us in the face (its a mesh screen so it by no means completely stops the wind, just breaks it a bitsimilar to a wind screen on a convertible), order our usual, chit chat with our usual wonderful server who always takes such good care of us and then simply wait for the food and drinks to start flowing to the table, let the beautiful evening begin! Our last visit (now final visit) was different. This time we get attempted shot with the temp gun until I throw my wrist in front of my face to block it and pleasantly remind her with a joke that what she did is rude. This time, as were being seated Tracy the imbecile is in the back area of the patio rummaging around in a cabinet and freaks out when we put the mesh blind down about 24 inches and she sites the China V protocol as the reason. We immediately explain that weve done this a million times and ask why its a problem now. We also ask what the solution is because its 48 degrees outside and windy and thats way too cold to have wind blowing on you and to eat dinner. She tells us that protocol says that it MUST be up for airflow and she doesnt have anywhere to move us. I explain that its unacceptable for her to treat us this way and we get our fabulous server to help us and we move back one table while we wait for the table behind the one we moved back to (it was unset) open up. Once we have beverages (another fiasco because they gave my husband a half pour instead of a full pour on his drink but still charged us full price) and move to our final table we are still freezing but because of all the stupid plexiglass (I cant believe the environmentalists havent flipped over all the plexiglass use, look up how its made and youll see even clearer how fake this entire scamdemic is) the wind isnt as bad so we settle in for our meal. Just when we think the chaos is over, Tracy seemingly cant get enough of us because she comes over with our water, an attitude and with all her negative energy in tow and tries to provoke us. We tell her that were not happy but making do, all we really want at this point is for her to go away. Then because she seemingly cant help herself, she comes back to the table (interaction 3 if youve lost count) and we tell her that shes being rude and that wed like to be left alone. We make this request politely to her multiple times because like any determined house fly, she just wont buzz off. She then begins arguing with us regarding us telling her that shes rude and decides in her most brilliant move yet that were the rude ones. After a bit of back and forth and her repeatedly telling us how rude WE are she wobbles off but stays nearby and we hope that the third time is a charm and shes crawled back under the rock she emerged from. Luckily were saved by Roastbeef coming to the table and we talk to him, tell him the story and he apologizes for her which is lovely but doesnt fix the fact that shes been completely inappropriate and disrespectful. This is when it starts to get really interesting so while talking to Roastbeef she decides (since shes nearby) to chime in that shes following protocol and we know this isnt true, shes already proved to be a complete liar and imbecile so we ask to see the protocol (a lot of words were exchanged and it was wildly inappropriate on HER end. Yet, we remained calm and poised while she began to loose it). I want to make something VERY clear, despite our personal knowledge that all of the protocols are pointless, stupid and idiotic, we NEVER asked her to break them, we only ask that she follow them AS WRITTEN and to not make up additional restrictions while on her pathetic power trip. Again she wobbles off in anger and then comes back (visit number 4) to toss a document on our table with a *** eating grin coming through her eyes as I couldnt see her face due to her gigantic and ridiculous face diaper. Seeing as you cant fix stupid, she had absolutely no idea what a trap she just walked into seeing as my husband is an attorney. He reads the protocol she dumped on the table and said see, right hereshes completely wrong The protocol allows for mesh curtains, the point is to allow airflow. There was also something about allotting at least 3 ft of air flow space below (Im paraphrasing and going by memory) well, given that a standard table is 30 inches and 3ft. is 36 inches and the back of the booth was way more than 6 inches above the table and given the screen is made of semi tightly woven mesh (but still MESH with air holes allowing air to freely flow through it) she was not only NOT following protocol and making up her own fake rules, she was participating in the unauthorized practice of law by arguing with a lawyer over the interpretation of what the document said! Non lawyers are not permitted to challenge a lawyer on the interpretation of a legal document. UNBELIEVABLE and illegal. She should have thanked us since she clearly cannot read and interpret such a document on her own and since shes been going over board and making guests miserable, uncomfortable and likely sick from the cold unnecessarily. In essence, we helped her business but she hates us too much to see the help. I just want to repeat that we cast aside our personal beliefs and simply asked that she follow the actual protocol she produced to us in writing, this is NOT unreasonable. So then she waddled off again in a huff similar to that of a two year old who just finished a temper tantrum. Then while Roastbeef was still talking with us at our table, she comes back over and pretends to do something on the computer behind him and interjects herself into our conversation for round 5. (Yes, hard to believeI know. Sad, but true.) Round 5 goes a little differently tho because she throws herself into such a rage that she decides she wants to attempt to embarrass us and she wants to have us thrown out of the restaurant. Understand somethingwe were sitting quietly at our table the entire time. We never raised our voices but we were stern and held our ground for the TRUTH. The worst word used (2x) was *** The rest of it was us being honest while trying to resolve the issue and HER telling us that were wrong. Someone who didnt go to law school and couldnt get into law school even if they tried was attempting to fight with a 25 year seasoned and extremely successful lawyer regarding something legal in nature. Let that sink in. So she send 4ft. tall Patrick over to our table whos 120 lbs soaking wet to do her dirty work and kick us out. Cute! So when he said this isnt working out multiple times and we said we agree and then he starts the set up so WE ask HIM to call the police so that we can file a report against both him and her. Weve been harassed, weve been battered, weve been verbally assaulted and in that moment he realizes whats happened and what theyve done. He looks horrified and terrified and while shaking actually apologizes then scurries away. Next, our lovely server brings the rest of our food (our dessert) only for us to have her tell the kitchen to cheat us out of two cannoli. You never, ever, ever cheat an Italian out of their cannoli, she should be fired for that alone. Then the almost final *** the bill. She actually had the audacity to give us a bill for the entire meal that she completely ruined and we were charged FULL PRICE for the 1/2 order of cannoli and the 1/2 pour on the cocktail. You think thats the end right? oh, no no no she had the cannolis (I guess thats where our missing two went) to stand right next to the exit and try to talk to us on the way out! (number 6). Why is she so obsessed with us? Why cant she quit us? Needless to say unless and until Tracy and Patrick are released from their duties we will NEVER return to this clown show. The poor people they seated at the table we originally left were wearing skull caps to stay warm and whats so sad is that its all completely unnecessary. All of the protocol is fake and unnecessary, there is no virus but even if you want to pretend, why isnt she actually following the protocol? Why does she go beyond whats required as to seemingly want her customers to suffer and be uncomfortable at a $200+ dollar dinner? We did not ask her to break protocol, I want to make that clear, again, we only asked her to FOLLOW the ACTUAL protocol. For some reason this woman appears to be trying to put the restaurant out of business. We were clearly targeted by her for some unknown reason. Jealousy? Just plain evil? Was she hired by someone to harass us? Looks like a hit jobNo idea but if youd like to be treated with dignity and respect, Raos is NOT the place for you. I know its no longer the place for us...
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  • Harasses customers
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