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I have come across a few slanderous articles online including on this website as well that are aimed at John Cota and the RankHigh SEO Service he sells on eBay. I'd like to share the experience I had with this eBayer and set the record straight on him. He is not a scammer or a ripoff at all he gets REAL RESULTS!! Its pretty obvious that many of the defamatory articles posted about John Cota and the RankHigh SEO Service are from those trying to clone his eBay business and down play his success in this area. I've been building websites for over 5 years and for the last 2 years I've used RankHigh exclusively for my SEO service. I wouldn't be enjoying the comfortable online incomes I'm receiving today without the help of his guaranteed SEO service. Most of these scam report websites are for these Fly-By-Night operations that usually operate under the guise of some domain name and catchy one page ad. John Cota's RankHigh SEO service has been around on eBay for years now it has been the best one available that I have found and you can see for yourself all the positive feedback he has received. How can RankHigh SEO be a scam if it operates over PayPal and has a money back guarantee? Don't believe these false reports!! If your ready to get your website to the top and looking for the best SEO service, give RankHigh a try! If you are considering using John Cota's RankHigh SEO Service, rest assured that John offers a complete money-back guarantee. If he cannot get your website a page-one ranking on Google within six months after following a few simple recommendations to optimize your website content or metatags, you get a full refund. No questions asked. John has done SEO for 12 of my websites, and is currently working on three more. I trust him with all of my SEO work because he gets results!
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i googled his name but found he is most likely a scammer -- no offense


Джон cota - жульничество

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Washington, District Of Columbia
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Ebay Seller RankHigh Scam

I was ripped off by john cota. Do not buy anything from RankHigh on ebay. He sells search engine optimization services on ebay but its mainly just a scam. Out of all the packages that he has sold he has only 255 feedback seems rather low for a guy who sells 50+ seo packages per month he's been selling on ebay under that name for years. He works for ebay so that is why he has no negative feedback. If you buy a package from him be sure that you let him know that you will be watch him closely.
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#452795 is another one... Beware!!!!


yea the sites he uses to market your website are all spammy


This is a TOTAL LIE about me. This person is trying to compete with me on eBay and they are SLANDERING ME without cause. I have hundreds of testimonials from clients who are 100% satisfied with my work. You are only trying to ruin my business, and you have never purchased anything from me. You are the owner of, and you wanted to clone my ad on eBay and you got caught. Now you are mad about it and are slandering me on the Internet.


Don't believe a word this person says.


Джон cota - жульничество


Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!



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Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!

Atlantic Sea Farms Complaint by Va Reef

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Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!

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You were reading a complaint about Atlantic Sea Farms.

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Page 1 of 2These guys are nothing but a scam". They post ridiculous things on the internet trying to promote themselves but it is all a lie;. They have on multiple occasion’s posed as other people when they are getting truthful reviews trying to make themselves look better'. The owner is extremely shady and will lie to you at every turn|. Sometimes you get what you pay for and with Atlantic Sea Farms it is cheap for a reason'. They have multiple issues with their coral, fish, inverts and packaging|. They are moving to a new location and they are trying to revamp the business but they are also trying to sell their livestock out of a industrial location to the local public which is illegal, but that is for another conversation with the local authorities". They are not legitimate on any level, do not believe anything they say and look out for posts that only say good things posted by the people that are associated with them,. It is easy to spot because it is used over and over again. 104a1ec 0 3 0 Like this Dislike this Report spam var imName='/lib/pc-1px-gif.php?jos_article_id=229092'; document.write('');


  Comments (19)1. Written by Big *** on May 29, 2011 You must either have a little *** or be really short but best guess is both. Grow up...Report2. Written by concerned customer on May 23, 2011 What I find interesting is that all the cheerleaders are coming to this site all the sudden. I think that the original post might be right partially. This is just another example of a company who can’t take criticism. If you are in business you have to take in the bad and the good. If these are actually real people they are local which means #1 they did not get the items shipped to them, #2 they are not a good example to recognize because it is not shipped, #3 they were probably told to put up the reviews because the truth hurts.Report3. Written by Thomas on May 20, 2011 +1 on Jimmy always being a great retailer. You will find those hornets grow well also, I started with 3 from him 6 weeks ago before his move and now I have 17. TomReport4. Written by The Real Todd on May 20, 2011 Yeah, Jimi's new place is starting to come together nicely. Was in there with Ian today - picked up some Purple Hornets (thanks for the hook up man!). Ian was a little bummed that Brody wasn't there, but he was happy since all of Jimi's fish are like dogs anyway Report5. Written by Lee on May 20, 2011 Swung by Atlantic Sea Farms and saw Jimmy, place looks great, picked up some Zoos and an awesome candy cane. Thank you Jimmy.   He has a great setup, if you haven't been there you should swing by and take a look.  LeeReport6. Written by ole salty on May 20, 2011 stopped by the new place to day. looking good in there picked up a few sps today and will most likely be there again before the week is out. Great prices as usual.Report7. Written by michael on May 5, 2011 all corals were in bad shape out of 14 corals 2 made it poor quality will not order again cant even get ahold of to resolve out my $$$$$$$Report8. Written by Mike on April 30, 2011 I went to the new shop this weekend wow! I was amazed at how much much corals he had. Dont believe this *** posted on here its not true. If your skeptical go there in person and check it out. The person on here posting all this negative stuff is just someone whos obviously mad because there losing business to atlantic sea farms.Report9. Written by Dillon on April 21, 2011 I am not sure about the new place, but I did not care for the greenhouse. It was not really for customers in my opinion like what has been said here. I would suffice to say that even the new location probably is lackluster as well. People are going to be nice and tell him to his face it is nice but when the leave they are saying wow what a dump. If I were to measure0 to 10 the level of professionalism it would be a 6 or 7, the coral is a 5 to 6, the physical store a 3 to 4, the fish 4 to 5, filtration, 2 to 3, the rock 4 to 5 and I did not see any of the equipment so I cannot rate it but it is the same thing that anyone else can get so I guess it would be as good as the equipment out of the box is.Report10. Written by SPSguy on March 31, 2011 I like ASF but I will agree with some of the comments. It is small and nothing above ordinary. It is a great place to look around but don’t expect to find much in the way of high end corals. I am not sure if they sell fish but there was some there, again nothing special. The pricing is in line with some of the online people and cheap for the Hampton Roads area. I would say that it may be worth the trip and it will be a better experience than going to Reef Chief.Report function x () { return; } function ac_smilie(thesmile) { document.akocommentform.comment.value += " "+thesmile+" "; document.akocommentform.comment.focus(); } function validate(){ if (document.akocommentform.comment.value==''){ alert("Please insert at least a comment related to the topic!"); } else if (document.akocommentform.acname.value==''){ alert("Validate name"); }else { document.akocommentform.action = 'index.php/comment'; document.akocommentform.submit(); } }Comments on Atlantic Sea Farms is a Scam!• Keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject.• Personal attacks will be deleted.• No Links or Scripts.Name:Comment: Code:* I wish to be contacted by email regarding additional commentsPrev - Next >>


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i prefer natural organics over seo services they are all rather shady... thats my opinion


John Cota's SEO service on eBay worked great for our business! I purchased the SEO 1st Page Google Ranking package on eBay back in June of this year and within just 2 weeks he had our site to the top of Google and #3 on Yahoo. He has nothing but positive feedback and it's highly unlikely that he works for eBay lol!


This is just another round of FALSE SLANDER from Michael who owns He asked me for an SEO evaluation but never purchased it.

Then he tried to pay bidders to clone my eBay ad on under the name TreyMaker19 and I got him shut down. Now he is slandering me wherever he can.


i hate corrupt ebayers :(


whats new ebay sux

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Madison, Wisconsin

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