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Emily Capella aka Mary Perkins Rancocas Valley New Jersey School Superintendent Sexual *** Adultery Jeffrey Spector Lenape Regional

Superintendent Emily Capella (by the way she changed her name-her real name is Mary)... was delighted a few years ago when gym teacher Jeffrey Spector was hired as Principal of Seneca High School in the Lenape School District located in Tabernacle New Jersey.Not only could Emily Capella be an "educational mentor" to the novice married Principal, Emily could also "mentor" Jeff in other ways as well. And Jeff was a remarkably eager "student". In the school setting-Jeff was Emily's "lap dog"--doing everything he was commanded to do by Emily over and beyond what was necessary. In the bedroom-Emily made Jeff her "slave" boy. She shared her sadistic love of punishing others with her married novice Jeff Spector. There were times that Emily Capella would visit Seneca High School dressed in a provocative manner with allot of cleavage showing all day to get Jeff all worked up for their trysts. Emily's sordid behavior patterns with Jeff were a well-established pattern. She was forced into early retirement by the Lenape School Board because of her multiple affairs with other Lenape District Staff.Emily exerted a powerful influence on the Lenape District Staff she had affairs with because she had the power to selectively persecute them. Now Emily has moved on to Superintendent of the Rancocas Valley School District in New Jersey. And the same pattern repeats itself.There is an undercurrent of Staff knowledge of the new married staff members she has chosen to "Mentor". This snaggle-toothed hag of a woman was criticized in local Medford and Marlton newspapers after she publicly humiliated Honors students at a school board meeting.Just "google" her name and click on the You Tube video showing what she does to a poor student named "Hannah".
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There's so much in this school besides the superintendent, ie: custodial supervisor and facilities manager showing favoritism towards new female employees, whereas they have their own radios, parking spots, the simplest sections and 2 hr break in the the supervisors office before leaving. While the rest of us have to work until completion.

Wow talk about booty blind. Something needs to happen to rid of this type of discrimination.


Emily was run out of the Lenape District and replaced by Dr. Birnbaum.Be sure to view Ms Capella on the youtube video where she is disrespectful to a student.Her daughters have a reputation not to be proud of.

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Emily Capella should be fired