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Despite the fact that this was done in December with numerous holiday weekends, we managed to get the house appraised and the loan close in 3 weeks. The appraiser even came in $20,000 more than we thought our house was assessed for which meant we can take out that extra amount as Cash Out. I was very pleased with the customer service and the fact that I didn't need to sign numerous papers over and over again which is what I've had to do in the...
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Quicken_Loans Thanks for the kind words. We're glad to hear about your awesome experience with us!

I recommend looking else where for a loan. I was doing what I thought a simple refinance, turned into an appraiser inspecting my property. I've never had this with any other appraisal in my life. From his appraisal , QL stated I must replace my electric panel, put a handrail up (which they were told it was off while replacing drywall and doors) was told no problem but was. Called them and said appraiser never opened electric panel and he would...
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Anonymous Sorry for your bad experience, But, it is a federal HUD law that all mortgages and refinancing must have appraisals no older than 6 months old. A refinance appraisal looks f...

We refinanced our home through Quicken Loan the process took about a month and a half, which wasn't bad. The customer service was pretty good, even thought they made a few mistakes. The biggest problem we had was before our first payment was due we received a notice in the mail that Quicken Loans has sold our mortgage to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. If i wanted a Govertment Loan I would of applied for one. Very disappointing! !!.
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Quicken Loans Loan Refinance Review

Was given the closing cost in writing, as we went to closing it went up over four hundred dollars. They did not keep their word.
I am a Veteran with a current VA home loan looking to refinance in order to lower my interest rate. Went to Quickens loan for a VA IRRRL loan estimate. Agent did everything he could to sell me a traditional non VA loan even lied to me telling me that I could not do a VA loan because my current was not a VA loan which was a lie. I suspect that they do not like VA loan because they cannot charge you as much as a traditional. Refinanced with...
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