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Highly recommended

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Exceptional customer service! The staff go over and beyond there duty as an oil company to help the customer!

The lady was so helpful and guided us in the right direction to help with replacement of an oil tank!

I have been a loyal customer for a better part of 10 years, and this company is aces! The quality of customer service and product has always been above standard!

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Reason of review:
Good customer service

Queen Bees Oil Customer Care Review

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They left me in the cold and it's 20 degrees outside gave me a runaround saying oh I need further authorization

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
map-marker Waterford, Connecticut

Extremely Rude Customer Service

The woman who answers the phone is extremely rude and acts as if she is doing you a favor. I ran out of oil and was told they were too busy helping people who had prepared ahead.

Things happen in people's lives which can cause them to overlook the more mundane of life's details and her comment was completely unnecessary, insensitive and condescending. It was not the first time of having this woman be rude to me, but it is the last. I will take my money elsewhere and never use Queen Bee Oil again.

To management - you might want to invest in some training for the staff who answer the phone. There are ways to say things to people that don't involve a superiority complex.

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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Heating your home in February is a "mundane" detail of life, for you?

I see...


If you were one of those people who ordered before they ran out and somebody called in and tried to get special treatment because they ran out of oil, you might feel differently.

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The whole point was there was no reason to be rude. A simple, "I'm sorry, we can not get to you today" would have been fine.

Quanasia Fbj
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You really think the OP was not rude herself. She is not going to admit her own rudeness.

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map-marker Wallingford, Connecticut

Needs to get their act together!!

I have been a long time customer of Queen Bees Oil,One of their first, Having served on the same town committee with the owner,and even run for office during the same municipal election. I like to support local businesses..Especially Ones that look out for the little guy.

I ran out of Oil,and called for delivery. I was told that they could deliver that day,but that they would not take my check. ???? They have always taken checks in the past..The woman answering the phone continued on to give me a long story about how the owner was sitting on a bunch of bad checks and was even burned by his very close friend,so now he will no longer accept personal checks.

Now first of all Queen Bee...I am sitting in front of a space heater with a four year old child,Freezing.

I really don't need to hear your story about how poorly run your business is,or about the owners personal drama.Second of all,As a customer who has never cheated you..nor have I ever written a bad check in my life,I find it grossly unfair that I am being punished for someone elses mistake. Lastly, We live in a technological age..Ever heard of check systems? E check ?

It's just bad business to arbitrarily change your policies regarding method of payment without notifying your customers.

That being said, you are not the only game in town.My money is green everywhere,and my business is being taken elsewhere.Seeing all the negative reviews on the internet..I'm apparently not the only one. By the way,your girls answering the phone are rude..and they talk too much.

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Lol. I agree.

A check is the old way of postponing paying in till you have money. I was in front of a space heater... yes me too many times. With kids.

My bad. Never checked the oil tank. Not on the oil company.

That was on me. Get the picture??


Who pays with checks any more? I know!

People who don't have money and hope they make a deposit prior to the check being presented at the ban . I do agree that the receptionist should of been more professional and not divulge all that unnecessary information.

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sharonmarie E
map-marker Norwich, Connecticut

Queen Bees Oil Inc., Norwich, CT.

Sharon Eisenberger


Channel 3 is "On Your Side", I called YOUR STATION yesterday AND left a message via website and no one returned my call...

My fiance bought oil @ QUEEN BEES OIL INC., "Where our buzz won't sting your wallet"...of Norwich ...B.S. they put even a bigger sting in our wallet because we have a bigger light bill from running our stove for heat 24/3 so far. Our family is starting to get sick now because of no heat, drafty windows and cold temps at night!

On Tuesday or Wednesday they were supposed to be delivering Oil on Friday, Nov. 23, 2012...No one showed up or called to this day and time. We left numerous messages still no call back to explain. I have a 3 yr. old and a 15 yr. old sons with us, no oil, living on a one person income so funds are very limited and we spent our last of it to have an oil delivery that never was delivered! This is NOT the first time it happened, thought I would give them another chance...shame on me PLEASE, PLEASE CAN YOU HELP US?????

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map-marker Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Queen Bee's Oil - Unparalleled Excellent Service

My experience with Queen Bee's has been exceptional! The office people are courteous and helpful. The owner's are compassionate and service oriented. The driver's go above and beyond the call of duty to insure good service. Their prices can't be beat.

With a nightmarish driveway to clear, and all of the snowstorms we have had, Queen Bee's Oil has made sure we received our deliveries. One time, they came at 10:30 in the evening, running behind because of the storm. They couldn't get the truck close enough, so the owners sent a pick up with four wheel drive and a plow to deliver 100 gallons of fuel the next day at 8:00 at night. Even that hose didn't reach, so the drivers carried it to my tank in 5 gallon containers! No one else would have gone to such lengths to make sure we were not left in the cold.

Queen Bee's have my loyalty and I will never stop singing their praises! Thank you to Anthony, Cheryl and the whole hive at Queen Bee's Oil!

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Beth M Cyx
map-marker Trumbull, Connecticut

Queen Bee Oil Charged me for oil that was never delivered.

Queen Bee Oil, Inc. Delivered oil to the wrong fill tank on November 15, 2010.

I ran out of oil 5 days later. They tried to accuse my neighbor of stealing oil. I paid for more oil and asked them not to cash check until the 23rd. They cashed the check the next day.

My partner had a stroke and they didn't care. They won't repay me for the oil or the overdraft fee. Will never use this company again. I suggest to anyone who reads this not to use them.

They are taking your mony and not giving the oil.

Queen Bee Oil, Inc. Phone number:860-889-****

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If they delivered oil to the wrong place and then refused to refund you and then you were dumb enough to get oil from them AGAIN................you deserve to be ripped off .......fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.....words to live by.......just sayin

Tony H Ppk
map-marker Reston, Virginia

Queen Bee's Oil Will Sting You Watch Out!

Watch your wallet with the bait and switch tactics of the Queen Bee's Oil Company of Norwich. The Bee's Owner is a former employee of another Rip Off local oil company which will leave you with bunk low grade oil which will clog your furnace and make Queen Bee more honey for her hive with every gallon sold.

Queen Bee's unethical experience in the deceptive pricing of raising the price per gallon after hours to hide her service charges ranks the Bee next to the Bernie's Fuel Oil in the next big oil rip off newspaper headline. If you want the lowest price and the best oil from Hess then ask as I do everytime I call around.

I found that only Anytime Fuel Oil, they wrote the book on discount oil pricing was the only company that gives you the whole truth, no teaser specials or gimmicks. Anytime Fuel Oil will delivery as low as 25 gallons with no hidden charges and you'll never get stung as you are with Queen Bee's Oil.

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this company (driver) broke our gazing ball, but said a wild animan dit it. sad to say but he is a liar and you know what goes with a liar.


Queen Bee will promise you the world, then ***! I was quoted a very reasonable price for 75 gallons and same-day delivery, but received a phone call about an hour later telling me that they quoted me the wrong price, the minimum was now 100 gallons, and they wouldn't be able to deliver for 3 days.

When I told them I wanted what I was promised, the girl who took my order told me that I was remembering the conversation wrong, and when I asked if she was calling me a liar, she put me on the phone with the manager, who was rude, sarcastic, and hung up on me. This company is a joke.

Don't be sucked in by low prices and minimums! Queen Bee is without a doubt the most pathetic excuse for an oil company I have ever dealt with!


Hmm, had great service- until I called on Tuesday or a Friday delivery was told cant place order until Friday-Placed order on Thursday- or a riday 10am delivery in my area- called at 11:30am- have not seen anyone- called office- was told i would get a call back- now 12:30pm and no return call or Oil- hope I am not without a delivery-


If you don't know that Anytime is run by Jeff who ran Bernies. If you pay by credit card he used to charge a whooping fee. I have always had good service with Advanced heating oil out of Salem.

Jeff S Puw

Anytime Fuel Oil would like to apology for any dissatisfactions with our service to you. As for the CASH is King issue Anytime Fuel Oil is one of the newest oil businesses (1st started delivering oil September 2010) in the area. Anytime Fuel Oil does not make an extra $.50 (fifty cents) or more per gallon profit like many other longtime area oil companies have been for decades. I assure you these other oil companies will never beat Anytime Fuel Oil’s daily low cash price. Anytime Fuel Oil does accept credit cards and approved checks but the competing other area oil companies inflate the price you pay per gallon simply by offering credit card and check prices, budget plans, automatic & full service, gap, cap, pre-buy, and service programs, which always cost you more money.

Anytime Fuel Oil encourages every customer to save as much as possible on every gallon by paying cash. With cash payment then, the customer must be present and this insures they get every gallon they pay for which is not the case when you purchase from the competing other oil companies in the area, and you pay by budget plans, automatic & full service, gap, cap, pre-buy, and service programs were driver thief, short changing, incorrect pricing and fraud is possible. Why should any oil consumer take a chance of any level of fraud? Pay cash, get the lowest price, and buy fuel oil like you buy gasoline for the car is the only way to avoid getting ripped off. Buy from Anytime Fuel Oil – call 447-FUEL!

I will agree that our employees and the cash issue has created some new realms of employee problems concerning how to count money and the knowledge of how to use a calculator properly, or expressing the Anytime Fuel Oil program’s actual money saving differences to the customer. I ask you to be patient with Anytime Fuel Oil as we are continuing and committed to educating the former other area oil companies’ “drop and go” oil delivery driver who is use to never seeing you. To Anytime Fuel Oil’s program: to now meet you, answer your questions and to shake your hand and say thank you. If there are ever any questions, concerns, or suggestions please do not hesitate to call 860-447-**** anytime as ask for Lily.

Dear Groton Customer, of course Anytime Fuel Oil will assist anyone anytime when they are in need of heat. As with most oil companies, the deliveryman is only a truck driver, and may have safety concerns in restarting your furnace. It is Anytime Fuel Oil’s policy to have the deliveryman refer you to a Connecticut Licensed Furnace Repairman when there may be safety concerns. It is unfortunate to hear that other oil companies like Queen Bee do not share these common sense safety concerns in light of the possibilities of carbon monoxide poisoning or worst. If at anytime you or any customer ever has any problems with the staff of Anytime Fuel Oil. Then, please do not hesitate to call 860-447-FUEL immediately and ask for Lilly and she will always assist you. Safety is always our first concern at Anytime Fuel Oil and again we sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.



Some one from Anytime fuel def wrote this. I called both places and Queen Bee was cheaper and thier min was 75 gals.

When I called Anytime thier min was 125 and if I wanted any less it was 10 cents more per gal.

The woman was also pushy and when I gave her my quote from Queen Bee's she said she doesn't know how they could stay in bussiness for that price. My oil is gettin delivered tomorrow so I'll see how it gos but so far I'm satisfied and would call them again.


Never has a issue. However, the phone is not always manned.The service tech that cleaned my boiler was professional and courtious (Josh)


On Christmas Eve day about 1p after being told by NDO that I had to call back on Monday to place an order, I tried Queen Bee. They couldn't have been more helpful.

When the delivery was going to be delayed because of the storm, I was notified and the oil came when promised the next day!This time, I didn't even think of calling any other companies. Queen Bee has be great and I plan on continuing to use them!!

Thanks Queen Bee for the great service!!!


Obviously, anytime oil is scared and decided to write a negative review. The only problem I've ever had with Queen Bee is that the first time out, the driver couldn't find my house - but that's probably because we were scheduled late and my road isn't very well lit, so he couldn't see the number.

So, he called, and I went outside - problem solved. Good pricing, good service, and I haven't had any problems with the oil.


I had a great first-time experience today with Queen Bee's Oil. They were professional, speedy, polite, great customer service- both on the phone and in person.

And, the price was right.

I agree with an earlier review, that someone from a competing company must have written that negative 'sting you watch out' review. No complaints here either, only great impressions and much appreciation!!

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