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I am please with Qbics Career College, I Got my CNA Certification and My Phlebomoty Certification, teachers and and staff are profesionals. If there is a good College to go,QBICS CAREER COLLEGE IS THE ONE. I am happy I made the decision to go and get and education at this college now I am working full time, I am certified by the state,make good money. and what is more important I have a career. Education is relevant for a person to be successful. Education empowers a person to become a leader. Great opportunities are presented to professionals. The future of a Person can be unpredictable if she lacks education; an uneducated person does not have the knowledge of what the future has to offer for her. Education is an essential tool to make a pleasant and stable living out of a simple quotidian life. High Education contributes to the increase of the graduate in her social economic level. Education is the main Factor for one to become wealthy, Millionaire, or even Multimillionaire. Education offers the opportunity for a person to become the owner of a mansion. Education brings one the opportunity to please herself. Perhaps, getting to travel often to interesting countries/places, or to be the owner of the latest new brand sport car. Education enables one to reach success. Education makes one become influential. Education gives one the opportunity to be at the top with the highest wage. Education gives one self-fulfillment. A thief can take away money, a car, a property from a person. but is definitely impossible to take education away from someone. Education is worth $10,000 $50,000 $1000,000 0ne puts it value! Education is certainly the main Element to become successful and overall to reach one's goals and dreams. !THANK YOU QBICS CAREER COLLEGE!
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Bad experience with no structured classroom

i only went to the school for two weeks. and in my time there i discovered that the classroom was not structured at all example during class there were numerous interuptions by other people. and during classroom lecture other people in class would ask questions during the lecture which is ok. but the questions they were asking were not relveant to what the instructor was discussing. and what really made me angry was the instructor would respond to these questions by giving an answer that was 20 min. long which raise other people in class to ask questions not regarding the topic at hand in the first place. also when we were learing something it was all done on a computer which is fine but we only got to review what we were reading for 5 to 15 min. which not nearly enough time to really grasp it. also there was only 3 other people in my class which really leads me to belive that this school was not popular with other consumers hence i stopped going to this school after two weeks. i really feel that i would learn alot more and have a way better experience by going to a community college.
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I actually enjoyed the small class sizes and the Instructors really take the time to explain to you what you need to know. I give this school a 10 for helping me with my phlebotomy program.

After waiting to get my license for a little while I now work in the lab section of a doctors office in Santa Ana. Our class size was 5 but we all passed our exams and I got the opportunity to meet cool students like me, no drama thank God.

map-marker Buena Park, California

Qbics Career College is the best

Qbics career college helps people to get an education, $1,500 for the(CPT1) Phlebotomy certification,$3,500 for CNA Certification. Wooww!!!!.in 6 weeks I finish my CNA and got a job, and in only one month i got my CPT1 certification. Qbics Career College help me to achieve my goal.thank you QBICS CAREER COLLEGE. I call the school, I told them I didn't have money,they help me to make payments while I was working during the day,I was able to attend classes in the afternoon LOVE THIS COLLEGE,I HAVE NOTHING BUT LOVE FOR THE STAFF THAT WORK THERE..THEY ARE GOOD PEOPLE.
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Thank you QBICS for helping me get a job as a Phlebotomist with an insurance company. I am debt free too (wohoo)!

Thanks to all the staff. Jimy thank you for taking the time to help me getting a job.


I am very happy with QBICS. I think that people will always have something to complaint if it doesn't go there way.

I know they helped me with a scholarship and know I have a really good job, debt free!

I feel bad for my friend who has to pay a loan of $9,000 lol => but everyone has their choice!!! Thank you QBICS and staff...especially to the Director of the school

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map-marker Irvine, California

Do NOT go to Qbics Career College aka Universal Career College!

Do not go to Qbics Career College aka Universal Career College! They are nice and seem to care about you're well being until they get your money.. Then after that they do not care and won't return your calls. For the externship I got turned away from one clinic (after i paid for the program) because I didn't speak Spainsh. (Racist much?) Additionally the other clinic I went to also gave me attitude for not speaking Spanish. So, You pay the $1200 ($1500 now) tuition but they can't afford stamps or envelopes to send out the paperwork for your certifications? Not only that but they make me drive down there to pick up my certification and then don't tell me that they need to make copies of it to send off. Why didn't they just make the copies before hand since they knew they needed it? The guy's response to me was that it might not make sense to me how they do things but thats how it works. Like that makes any logical sense?!? So after I go there the 2nd time after getting stood up the first time to finish my paperwork..(which I don't know why I would need to finish it cause I have already completed all the necessary forms). They make me go home to get that cert. because they didn't think to copy it first, and I come back only for them to make me sit there and watch them put papers into envelopes. And then they give me the envelopes and stamps that I brought in myself and they tell me to mail it. I even asked if i could take the forms to do it myself and they said no. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to read forms and mail the required documents. They wasted my time and gas driving back and forth. I paid $1200 and they make me sit there (after driving back and forth, and after leaving several phone messages because they can't get there *** together)to watch them "put together my paperwork" to send to the state. And they can't even send it out for me! They are VERY unprofessional and racist! I can tolerate a lot. Even after the racist comments I endured at the externship and being turned away from the first clinic (La Familia Medica) I still was polite to the school and staff. But after they stood me up for my appointment, wouldn't return my calls, made me drive around back and forth for paperwork they neglected to make copies of, that was it. If i knew how they treated their "students" I would have never gone here.
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Well, after reading the reviews below, I'm a bit worried. For one, I don't speak Spanish!

And TWO, I'm already more educated than some of those posting reviews, meaning, you all finished the classes and became CNA's and phlebotomist *** yet you can't even SPELL or use proper grammar.

I'm doomed!! I honestly want to become a certified nurse, but at what cost?


Thank god for putting an amazing school in my path change my life completely my family tree forever thank u qbics staff for all the support and encouragement you guys have blessed me and family.




Woooww...QBICS is giving free shcolarships.

Gracia QBICS


I believe that we parents must encourage our children to become educated, this college has open the door for my daugther to get and education that we can afford. thank you qbics


On a small hill where it stands still.

The Morning mist covers this.

The cool breeze makes us freeze.

CIS you look so majestic.

A pleasant friendly person.

Always kind and soft spoken.

Neatly dressed and a mother to all.

If you be bad she’s sure to be mad.

Friendly smart teachers.

Greeting all who enters.

Teaching all good work.

Caring all day long.

Different nationalities and religions.

Always made it a union.

Fun to be among all.

This is how you should feel all.

Friendly helpers for the children.

Security is always assured.

Appreciate what all they do.

Their here because of you.

Balloons, ribbons, cakes and candles.

This is a very special year.

Celebrating the tenth year.

“Happy Birthday QBICS CAREER COLLEGE ” you are the best.

This is a day to be happy and ***.

Food, drink, games and tricks.

Parents, teachers and the kids.

All in one place smiling away.

“Thank you! Mom” and “Thank you! Dad.”

For sending me to the best school of all.

I’ll never trade my school to another.

Because it’s good for me forever.


Thank you qbics,thank you,thank you. I am a

Phlebotomys. thank you.


:zzz Thank you QBICS for all the help giving to me to acomplish all my goals. I am a CNA

now, Thank you.


This college give me a scholarship, thank you. thank you. thank you


I m happy...n feel proud that i have had my schooling from the best school of the planet... i love you QBICS.

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