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Input after reading review "Puronics - Bad System, bad technicians, bad company, bad experience over all" Installed in 2014, the base model. We have same issue of brown ring in the toilet bowl, and due to that we have to spend extra time trying to remove every week to make minimize the color darkness. So we cannot remove at all.... Read more

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I've had my system for less than 6 months and I've been attempting to get help from ANY service technicians because all the lines from my new home are spitting out salty water. I called Puronics at 800-339-8780 and they refered me to 4 other numbers in the Houston area. First number, Aqua Vida: 713-469-3000, the number is disconnected. Second number, Aquafeel Solutions: 855-790-2782 said they can't help and they would send a technician over for... Read more

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I just had my water tested because my laundry was not getting clean, the HE machine is 2 years old and cleaned every month, my dishes were not coming clean, again the dishwasher is also 2 years old. The hot water heater also 2 years old and purged every season. My coffee was tasting awful, changed brands, coffee maker still no change. The water test had sediment, too much chlorine, not suitable for drinking! I am furious with the company and... Read more

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Purchased a puronics system from Willmington, NC. I love the way my water feels and tastes. Service was great and the price was much more reasonable than Culligan. The product was explained to me in a way that I understand. The technicians were curtious and quick with the installation. The system has a lifetime warranty which covers the entire system. I research every product I buy very aggresivley before making any decisions and aside from a... Read more

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Patents mean a lot. The support of NASA the EPA and WQA mean everything. As for reverse osmosis taking out crucial minerals calcium is found in milk in an organic state whereas in public water it is inorganic and our bodies cannot use it you are misunderstanding minerals. But don't ask me don't ask Berkeley, ask NASA the scientist that use this same system to provide healthy water for men and women in outer space which no other company can... Read more

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I chatted directly with Puronics representatives through their chat box asking for the price of Puronex Hydronex. Both representatives could not give me the price. They said, a dealer will contact me and they asked for my personal information ( I did not give my personal info ). The reason for my inquiries is that , I want to know the real price of the system because every dealer has different prices and the difference of the prices between... Read more

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  • Jul 03, 2015
  • by anonymous
  • #660480

I have very probles about one representant.please contact me 8329784360

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I am sorry that I purchased anything from this company. I have been trying for 3 years to get the company to change my filter. Every time I was able to get in contact with them to set up an appointment, they would not show up. There was a lady who claimed to work there for 17 years who would not let me speak to a manager . She was so rude and it is a shame she has not learned how to talk to people in all those years. Well I set another... Read more

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Purchased my IQ-1030-B in May of 2002. Was not happy about the annual service fee $100 fee for the hygiene service but figured that it needed to be done. Fee kept going up and now is $200 which is ridiculous. Real problems started when it stopped softening my water and a continuous flow of water from the unit. Called and the first time a serviceman came out he tested my water and said, yep your water is hard. He did not know why, nor could he... Read more

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  • Mar 16, 2015
  • by anonymous
  • #609165

My system is leaking and the co company ameritek wont look at unless i do a service for 150 dollars, this companies are scammers they have no lifetime warranty like they say! Ppl dont believe these ppl

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