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We are very sorry to hear that you experienced a side effect when using our fish oil. Fish oil is not a ‘food’ but rather it is a dietary supplement that contains concentrated, purified fish oil. Fish oil is one of the most widely consumed dietary supplements. Fish oil is non-toxic and generally regarded as safe. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), more than 160 foods are known to cause allergic reactions in the sensitive population. The FDA identifies the eight most common allergenic foods, which account for 90 percent of all allergic reactions. These 8 include: Fish, Shellfish, Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat and Soy. These eight foods and any ingredient that contains protein derived from one or more of them are designated as “major food allergens” by the Food Allergen Labeling Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA) and as such, dietary supplements must indicate on the label when any of these allergens are present in the product. We hope this explanation is satisfactory. If not please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873.
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I received the free radio offer for Omega 3 oils the Advanced D. After taking for about a week I noticed my feet and hands swelling and I mean I could hardly get my shoes on and could not remove the rings on my fingers. I stopped taking the products and the swelling went away. I started taking them again and the swelling came back the next day.

IMO opinion these products were poisoning my system. I phoned PURITY Products, cancelled any further shipments and reported my issues with the products.

This is 'fractured' food and is NOT as represented.

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Purity Products (Health supplements)

We are sorry you had this experience. We want to make sure this issue was resolved, but unfortunately we don't have your contact information. If this issue is still unresolved, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He will make sure this matter is taken care of to your full satisfaction.
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Never order from this company- Purity Products. Even if they say they will send you a free order sample. They continue to send product.

It is impossible to cancel. Other poster complained they are hounded by Purity Product solicitation calls.

That must be why I spent 2 weeks trying to get them on the phone to cancel my order. I have never been able to reach them. I tried contact through their web site. Surprise! Nothing gets through.

In desperation I called their order line. It's a call center, but operator told me she gets irate calls all the timer trying to cancel with Purity Products. She gave me suggestions but none have worked.

I am calling my bank and my credit card company and the radio station where my husband heard their ad. I may call my state attorney general.

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Purity Products does not like you to cancel orders you never wanted to begin with

We believe this issue has been resolved. We’ve attempted to reach you by e-mail to confirm. We haven’t received a confirmation from you. If you feel this issue is still pending, please call our Customer Care Manager, Joel Joseph, at 1-888-769-7873. He is willing and able to resolve this to your full satisfaction.
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I would caution anyone against doing service with Purity Products. I called to get our "free sample" (which I actually paid HIGH shipping costs for) and they told me I was going to start being sent regular shipments of the product unless I called to cancel.

My husband called to cancel, sat on hold for 15 minutes, and then they refused our cancellation because "we don't like to cancel until you've tried the whole bottle. Call us back when your sample is gone." So I called back to cancel after the whole bottle was gone, sat on hold for 15 minutes, and then they wouldn't speak with me because my credit card has my husband's name on it. You would have thought I was calling to withdraw money from someone else's bank account or to make important changes to someone's mortgage information rather than to simply cancel this product I never wanted shipments of in the first place. This company does NOT like people to cancel it's products as you can tell from my experience...they make their money by sending products to people they never wanted in the first place.

Unless you want a complicated process and a lot of hassle, don't even bother trying their free product in the first place. They will answer the phone instantly when you are placing a free product order, but they won't cooperate and keep you on hold for a long time to cancel.

I have tried contacting Purity Products customer service twice since my bad experience with them, but they don't bother to respond to concerns even though their website says they respond to customer complaints/concerns within 48 hours.

And HI, this company isn't honest. They don't do what you ask them to do.

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