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Purity Products - Quack doctor misrepresents creating swindles the elderly

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As a senior health and exercise physiology major I will never use these products especially "everstrong". It is sad that they use fake scientific claims to trick old people into believing they can actually build muscle, and improve memory or fly or whatever else. Creatine is used in the phosphagen system, and is only used for the first 2-3 seconds of an exercise bout. Your body then switches over to more efficient energy systems such as glycolysis, no matter the amount of extra creatine supplementation. It has no effect on building muscle, and only gives like an extra millimeter of power in those first seconds (hence why olympic athletes use it because that difference matters). Any substance that is as ergogenic (assisting in energy use) as this company claims would be illegal. They don't provide any of the "hundreds of studies" of peer reviewed research either. So buy this product if you are fine with peeing most of it out with no benefits. the ONLY way to make a muscle more fit/stronger is to to weight bearing exercises.
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Werent you Rhodes Scholars saying the same thing about fish oil at one time? Now doctors are writing scripts since there is money to be made.


We’re sorry you feel this way. We pride ourselves on product integrity and innovation.

There are many well respected and publicized studies that support the claims we make. We allow customers the opportunity to try our products for free.

We also have a friendly 60-day money back guarantee on purchases.

Here is a link to a research study on creatine:

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