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Purity Products review: Wrong product shipped due to out of stock

I ordered perfect multi super essentials and was shipped perfect multi because they are out of stock, most companies put you on back order I had wanted the product due to the eye benefits,and I'm not willing to have the wrong product shipped to me on automatic ship every month!!!
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Purity Products Shipping Service
Reason of review
Order processing issue

Purity Products review: Positive Experience

I ordered and received the Artro and B-12 Berry Melt. We like them and they are working as claimed for us.
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Purity Products B-12 Energy Berrymelt Supplement
Reason of review
Good quality

Purity Products review: Charged for refused shipment

I have been on a 3 month auto ship for a nutrition product for the last 2 years from Purity Products. I had recently gone away for extended vacation and forgot to bring the current supply of product with me, thus when I returned home I had an adequate supply of the product, thus I did not need the next scheduled shipment. I contacted Purity Products two days before the scheduled shipment of the product and kindly requested that they please delay the next shipment until December 1st. They refused my request and sent the product. When the package arrived I contacted Purity Products again and notified them that I would be refusing the product and will return it and that I expected a full refund. A week and a half later I saw a refund on my CC that was $4.95 less than what I paid. They had not refunded the shipping cost. Under federal law when if an individual refuses a package they can not be charged for shipping for a package they do not accept. This is the law. Had I opened the package that would have been an acceptance of the package, thus I would have been responsible for the shipping cost had I then returned it. However, I brought the unopened package and returned it to the post office and refused the package. I have contacted Purity Products on three separate occasions since to express my dissatisfaction but I have been completely ignored. I am a nutritionist and highly recommend products that I myself use. This company has high quality products and have strongly considered expanding into other products they sell. However, how can I recommend products for a company that violates the law in an effort to cash in on an extra $5. That is theft. I have spent a lot of money on their products over the last several years, but I am not going to sit back and allow a company to steal from me, regardless of how much is stolen. If I am not refunded the $5 that was stolen from me, I will no longer do business with this company and will no longer recommend their products.
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Dear Breed 12, We are very sorry to hear, that after 2 years, you have had such an unsatisfactory experience with Purity Products. In general, customers can modify/delay their super savers, with a customer care agent or by logging into their account or using the automated system after hours or in times of high call volume.

We would appreciate the opportunity to review this issue to see what went wrong. To accomplish this, we would need more information than provided to locate your account. Please call 844 713 7181 or email ppresponse@purityproducts.com with last name, billing zip code or phone number.

We look forward to speaking with you. Regards, Purity Products.

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Purity Products Customer Care
Reason of review
Charged for shipping on canceled order.

Purity Products review in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Bait and Switch Company

I truly believe Purity Products is nothing more than a Bait and Switch, false advertising company. They offer you a product that they claim is great and guaranteed to work. Then they offer you free trial of this product (which by the way is usually only half of the actual amount is in a normal bottle or canister). The product they send you does in fact work, however that's only to bait you into signing on for an auto shipment. Then here comes the switch. When you receive your auto shipment product now all of a sudden the product doesn't work anymore. When I called to complain about this, I was told that my body might have became immune, which is *** because it was about two weeks after I was done the trial product before I received and started taking the auto ship product, so whatever was in my system that I "Supposedly became immune to" was probably out of my system by the time I started taking the newly shipped order. Besides if your body is going to become immune to their products after two weeks of taking it, what good is it if it stops working in that short amount of time. I believe once they bait you with the real stuff, then they switch to the garbage hoping that because the trial worked so well, now you brainwashed into thinking the garbage is working. Well guess what, I'm not that naive, ***, gullible easily fooled. I'm wondering if I have this product analyzed, will it contain the ingredients that it's advertised to contain.
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Boy, I sure wished I had read these reviews before I ordered. They are very rude when you try to cancel and will stop at nothing to shove their product down your throat.

Charge even new cards where you didn't provide card number. Many of the reviews are my exact story.

Purity- I want my refund!

Saundra Johnson


I signed up for the "trial offer" of one product. The offer said for an additional $4.95 I could get another product as well, that I was not interested in, but my card information was in there and rather than exiting (which I had to entirely get out of the offer), I proceeded.

I had a tear in my colon and decided I did not want to take either of the two products sent. If you read the terms, you have to contact them within 14 days, and get a special number to return the product. I never took the trial offer and was just going to throw it away, unopened. The trial offer was shipped 7-15-16.

I received another package with the same two products 9-1-16 and called and got the special numbers to return and got a cancellation number, yet got another shipment with two days. So, this is two additional packages after cancellation. The "free trial" offer ended up costing me right at $200.00, which I never took and returned to them in Los Angeles, CA. I never opened any bottle and returned it all (3 packages).

If you read the terms, it is very intimidating and threatening that if you reveal even the truth that they will come after you for "fraud".

People don't usually read pages and pages of "terms", and if you call -- be prepared to be bullied.


No, there has not been a resolution or response to my first post. I don't know what resolution could be provided in this case.

I have yet to be contacted by this company and for them to do so, with a resolution would be admitting their guilt, which I'm sure they are not going to do. I can either have the product analyzed with documentation proving my accusations or choose not to purchase said product and encourage future consumers not to purchase their products as well.

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  • Auto ship convenience
  • Prices and quality of product
Reason of review
Pricing and product not as described issue.
Preferred solution
Stop with the bait and switch tatic

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