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I ordered 3 bottles of your product for the expulsion of parasites. As I went through to check out to pay there were more products offered to which I replies NO THANKYOU. I realize today I have been charged for all these extra products which I did not order. My card has been billed for $356.51 the original amount was in the vicinity of $123.00. Also I have not received a receipt for my purchase through the email address provided. Only as I went onto your website did I realize there are so many bad reports from your company. I hope I don't have to get in touch with my bank and make a complaint to be reimbursed for the whole amount and putting your company down as fraudulant company. To prove me incorrect in my assessment if you can contact me through my email address and address my concerns and reimburse me for what I have not ordered then I will have faith in your product. lauraynsmeaton@***.com I can't even put in an order No for the product I ordered as you have not provided one.
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User's recommendation: I wouldn't recommend them as they were so disorganised. No receipt issued, no email sent to confirm the order. Not able to have what was ordered they added a heap of other products I didn't order and then charged me a heap if money. My bank intervened and I was refunded the money they debited my account with.

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Please cancel my service completely on my tablet with in 31 days from now thank 3