bought Pur filters for my nice whirpool refrigerator, bought Pur filters for my jar that i have for 5 years now. I also have a huge Zero filter and another container jar from Zero filter too. I recently bought a Drop filter. All Zero filter comes with a TDS meter to measure contaminants in the Zero filters so you can know when to change the filter. We measure our Zero filters and they are 0 , then when they go up to 6, we change them. Just...
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I didn't like
  • Contaminants still in water up to 61
  • Horrible quality
Purchased first faucet mounted system several years ago and liked it very much...then they stopped making that model; I had to toss a good system because i could no longer get filters for it. So, I purchased the new faucet mounted unit which worked well for a couple of months...then it just fell off and would not stay on the faucet. Since I had remaining filters and liked the system, I bought a new unit. Was hoping that this was just a one...
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montesegrado The EXACT thing happened to me too. What a waste of money!


Pur Water Filter Review

Does't remove lead. Any that it does is hardly enough to counterbalance what goes inside our bodies. These filters are not worth the permanent damage that they do not prevent.

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