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Positives: the most adds/postings I've seen compared to other sites; lots of choices Negatives: Charges 6 bucks to view full size photos and read complete adds for most listings. Search features are non-existent; no keyword search. select a breed, filter by state. thats it. If your looking for a certain color or sub variety, u have to thumb thru potentially hundreds of adds Forgets your log-in; after you pay the six $ cause you can view the... Read more

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We purchased a Yorkie from MrClarence Hiward in Jasper Ga. In December 2016. The puppies are not healthy or in and healthy environment. He has been sick sense January 2017 . Buyers Beware these are not health puppies.

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I saw a puppy shih tzu I really like so I called knowing that it says Missouri comes to find out they than say its in Watertown Massachusettes they go on to tell me to send a moneygram from Cvs or Wal-Mart they said the name was Debra Pittman so I said you are asking me to send you a moneygram and you will than fly the puppy to me I go onto say will I need the name to send the moneygram to they paused for awhile I than asked again they tell me... Read more

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Tried to buy a puppy from Charlotte Gothard of Dayton, TN and was ripped off. She told me the process of getting a hold on a puppy. Which is to send her a cashiers check or money order. I did this and when i checked in with her to see if she had received it she responded that she was sending my money back and I couldn't have her puppy bc i took too long. No time constraints were given up front. Very shady and she treated me very poorly. Not to... Read more

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I inquired about a "Free" Cavalier, only to find that the owner, claiming to be a Pastor, and he claiming I had emailed him "just in time" would give the dog/puppy away to a good home, all that was required was to pay the shipping. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM. I did a google search on his name, and it came up deeming this guy a scammer, thus saving money and a bunch of heart ache and stress. Upon more research, there are so many scammers it made... Read more

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They have puppies on puppyfind but refused to provide evidence of ver checks or AKC papers any type of references nothing communication is scattered PayPal has many bad reviews on these people unless you can go get the puppy your self I would say don't do it

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Puppyfind is actually one of the very best. Most people realize that any site that advertises has both good and bad sellers (and buyers.) If you want to do well with buying a puppy through an ad posted in any site, here are some tips: 1. Make sure you have proof of life; see the puppy prior to placing a deposit. At least by video! And do not send a huge amount of money. 2. Does the seller care about the type of home you will provide to a puppy?... Read more

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Puppyfind Coton De Tulear Review
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I fell for this scam as well. I should have done more research cause this wasn't the first that I fell for. But I'm done. The only place I will adopt from is shelters. When the dog I adopted from the shelter didn't work out with my family they gave me back my money. Back to the scam. Puppyfind.Com posted for "a friend" who is a "Reverend this is the email I just recieved... You're lucky to have mailed at this time because the puppy has just been... Read more

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I sent a deposit to Olga Jones in MO for a French Bulldog puppy via PayPal the last I heard from her was she got the money it's been 3 days and no answer phone no answer email I'm starting to be concerned I wondered if she had any reviews I don't see any and sincr she became been an active member was there any other reports

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I attempted to leave a negative review after purchasing a puppy from what ended up being a puppy mill. I ignored small red flags until after the purchase and after a trip to the vet less than 12 hours after getting my puppy and fears of Parvo or worse, I did more research on the seller. Had this information been on their reviews I would have looked into it harder before communicating with this breeder who is operating outside of the law. My only... Read more

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