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Warning to potential buyers!

Do not buy a home or land here! They are ripping off customers with high, unexplained, uncontracted fees. They see you as an "open wallet" and nothing more. Their customer service is TERRIBLE! Punta Azul will play dumb when. You want a simple answer IF, and only IF, they answer your call or. All you back. If you are already a customer, like us, don't put up with it. We are filing a complaint with PROFECO and hiring an attorney to get us OUT as fast as possible. If you are an American, you will pay US prices and fees for some construction and the HOA fees. BTW. YOU GET PRETTY MUCH NOTHING FOE YOUR HOA FEES.
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Real Estate Expert Talks

What Do Property Management Companies Do @ Interview with Property Management Expert

Nov 27, 2020

Colby Hager, a a real estate investor and home remodeling expert, talks about property management companies, what they are, and how to choose the right property management company.

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Colby Hager
Colby Hager

Colby Hager is an experienced real estate investor with Capstone Homebuyers. He has years of experience in renovating houses, home remodeling, and property management.