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Have only receive only 1 mag of playboy acc#02168****

like to know why I have not got what I order

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Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Full refund

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Sleep good tonight America

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Well let me start by saying that the world can sleep better now that Sam Younger is in jail for some major stuff. He was using the old customers credit card numbers that him and his former partner had and getting hotel rooms, drugs, food, and shopping.

Well it finally caught up to him. He is sick people not just drug sick, crazy sick. Why would he care about you and your money he spends when he don't care for his wife and 2 kidsa. Sorry let me correct that his drug *** girl friend ( pregnant) sad right?

Doesn't want this one either. In fact beware his drug girl friend was made a partner in his company, so beware she has your information also. Oh yeah I also forgot he sold his customer list to 2 different company's and he tried to partner with a guy name Will Clark of Publishers USA subscription Division and Will stole the Data from him and went on his merry way. There are good magazine company's out there I promise.

Once all this information gets out like it is now, we will get rid of all the *** head, sripper, crazy in the head no moral people and they get put away. Then we can start trusting people that actually are honest and do there job like normal moral people

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Reason of review:
In jail

I find it ironic that the people who write this stuff will never post their names or even hint at their own identity. I would also like to add the fact that my horrible company name Publishers Preferred Subscription Division is still being used by Jeremy Wilson my former partner and best friend.

You would think that a horrible company name would be easily discarded when a DBA only cost $17 in Texas. The fact that my company only has three complaints on BBB with millions and millions of dollars in sales would speak for itself. Everytime my name is discredited the value of others who stole my customer list goes up so these post do not surprise me although they do bother me I will admit.

I'm sorry again for my poor choices and my naive trust in others, hope you all have a great day. samuel.g.younger@***.com if anybody needs it.


I would love to know who this is?

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Preferred Subscription Division Euless TX PHONE SALES PROFESSIONALS

Publisher Professional Subscription Division in Conroe

to Prostar Preferred Subscription Division in Euless

Publishers Preferred Subscription Division in Yellow Pages.

All methods how this guy hides himself.

I started my career in this business. I trained 60+ tp do this witn a 90% retention rate. I took a one man office (me) and lazy owner to a 18 person organization within 6 months.

These jokers' ABUSIVE floor manager was on my *** from the get go; the FIRST DAY. Totally unreasonable. So it was curtains for me..will not work with PERSONALITY DISORDERS.

So I call Sam Younger, the owner. Now Sam had a wonderfully prepared spreadsheet for me, showing that a 'team leader' made $2200 the week before.

Then TEAM LEADER walks in on day one, recites from a Joel Osteen book about 'how dry and tough it is, but have faith'


So I call him for my check. He hangs up on me.

I texted him a few days later, letting him know of the consequences...I mean, we're talking $80.!! Without abuser there, wringing me over some lady trying to brush me off the phone (He was just being a bully..or has serious problems) I would have stayed a week, so I have put $500 as my loss. More like $800 until I fond work.

That's the point. He went ballistic, I noticed some odd , fidgety behavior in the interview. With his NOW TRIPLE dose of unreasonability, I said forget it. I'd rather carry out Plan B.

SEEMS LIKE SAM HAS A LONG HISTORY OF MESSING PEOPLE AROUND. This doesn't even include The RIP OFF REPORT about a Houston office, 15 mins from Conroe.



Publishers Preferred Subscription Division Inc

416 N Main St, Euless, TX 76039

(817) 283-**** /469.464.6664


Prostar Preferred Subscription Division is a Marketing Firm looking to expand it's sales force with individuals that can not only close sales, but that can also inspire a team to a goal. However, merely interviewing well does not GUARANTEE a promotion. etc etc

BBB® ------F Rating--------

On a scale of A+ to F


BBB® "F Rating"

BBB file opened: August 25, 2008 Business started: 08/23/2004 in TX Business started locally: 08/23/2004

Business Management

Mr. Sam Younger, Owner

Contact Information

Principal: Mr. Sam Younger, Owner

Business Category


Industry Tips

Magazine Subscriptions

This Business is not BBB accredited

Publisher Professional Subscription Division

Additional Locations

Phone: (866) 534-****

922 West Dallas Street, Conroe, TX 77301


BBB® ------F Rating--------

On a scale of A+ to F

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Honestly both Sam and his former partner Jeremy are kind of shady, but having worked for them both if anyone was going to commit fraud, I think it would be Jeremy.

Even though they were supposed to be "equal partners" Jeremy kind of ran the show while I worked there.

But Sam never tried to cheat me out of a paycheck and even wrote a personal check to me for my pay when my check was "misplaced" by office staff. (The check did clear)

I personally would work for either of them ever again but trust me when I say Sam is the lesser of two evils.

Please please please please go through the magazine itself or a reputable clearing house..... it will stop all of this nonsense!

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"If anyone was going to commit fraud, I think it would be Jeremy".....Interesting, because I only found that one of them has been arrested for drugs, forgery, evading arrest, etc.....it's Sam Younger...

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Jeremy Wilson called me a week after our partnership split up and said the exact words to me "I don't think we should order anybody elses years that we owe them" and at the date of that conversation we still had $460,000 in recurring billing owed to us that we were definitely not planning on missing a single payment on. I guess Wells Fargo must have had the same hunch because a week or so later First Data Processing deauthorized Publishers Elite from processing credit cards at all and Publishers Elite (Intense Vision LLC) started to process credit cards in his wifes name and his new business partners names in order to get around the ban of the actual owner Jeremy Wilson's ability to legally process credit card payments under his own name.

So I heard Mr.

Younger did go to jail but all that means is that Mr. Wilson just was not convicted but Wells Fargo threw the book at them when they froze all their assets.

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Sam Younger was arrested for fraud, forgery, drugs, and resisting arrest. 2 or 3 times for possession of a controlled substance.

Simple google search will help you. Has this Jeremy guy ever been arrested for fraud and forgery, I couldnt find his last name?


Moved Again wanted to update my contact info - Sam



I have never told anybody that i bought out Publishers Elite, the owner of Publishers Elite is my former business partner and we both have a large customer base that we originally sold orders too under the company name Publishers Professional Subscription Division which operated from 2004 - ****, after our split in April of 2014 we went from have a shared customer file of around 10,000 customers to fighting and competing with each other for what we both considered our equal right to the customers continued business. If I said anything of the sorts it was that you were my long time customer and you did get your magazine from me which is true and if you contact me i can show you the receipt of the last time i personally paid the publishers for your specific magazine subscription.

I have never called any customer ever and asked them for their credit card information without first offering their renewal to which they agreed to and pick payments with me before ever asking for any billing information. Again I have sold tens of millions copies of magazines through millions of years of subscribed service to tens of thousands of customers for over a decade and all that can be found on me, and the integrity of my business are what looks like a small handful of customer and one former new hire who worked 4-6 hours then wanted me to deliver their paycheck across town to them. The old saying is so true that says you can have hundreds and hundreds of happy satisfied customers and nobody will ever talk about you but one mad one and the whole world hears it. I have had the same email address which i check everyday which is also registered with this site for over 10 years and have still have not had one single person send me an email at all.

I have moved from Houston to Dallas back to Houston then back to Dallas over the past 4 years and will change my personal cell phone at my own discretion. I have answered this blog numerous times and still have had nobody put in half the effort to contact me as they have put in to try and make me look bad. I would not be surprised if these post are all made by the same person or a competitor who is trying to give me a bad name in the business. Again i have made mistakes and I have fell short but i have never lied to any customer to directly "steal" their money nor do I owe any customer an explanation of my cell phone use or lack of.

Thank you again to all 10,000 of you who have helped me throughout the years and to you folks who have had problems my email address is as follows, samyounger19801@***.com please contact me with any problems and tell me what i need to do to fix it. Again I am sorry for any problems that have come from your renewal with my companies but I had every right to identify myself as your magazine provider and my stance is still the same that I have in no way lied to you trying to get an order. I was not the owner of the other mentioned company in this post I did work for these guys for a few weeks in Houston but have since decided to move back to the DFW area. The post from "fraud victim" is very troubling but you should know that there was a data breach within my company while it was still under the LLP of Publishers Preferred Subscription Division which was before April of 2013 and information that was trusted to our company was leaked from our office.

Since then there have been numerous arrest of the people in the Bedford, TX are using this data illegally so me and my former partner have both teamed up and we have also spent over $50,000 in building off site web hosted servers to encrypt our data and make this problem almost guaranteed to never happen again.

Again I apologize to anybody who has had to go through these unfortunate events and have done many things to protect our customers and employees from the unlawful acts of others. Thank you for your time, have a great summer.


Sam Younger has now changed his own name and his company name again. He called me going by the name of Garrett "Something" and told me he had bought out the company Publishers Elite and he needed my new credit card information.

Sam is a crafty talker, so I gave him my credit information, but something didnt sit right. I had spoken to the same woman at Publishers Elite in the past. So since he was taking over I asked "Garrett" to tell her good luck, and he said she didnt work there and hung up on me. So I call the number to Publishers Elite, and the young lady answered the phone, with whom I had spoken with in the past.

Not only is Publishers Elite not out of business, they have an A rating on the BBB, and always answer the phone. I immediately disputed the charges. Sam now calls his company Gulf State Subscriptions....but the charge on my card came up as Gulf State Mortgage. This, coupled with these serious allegations on this site, as well as 3 number changes, and 3 name changes.

I have not found any mention of this company name anywhere...Gulf State Subscriptions, but Gulf State Mortgage is listed in Houston, and I am scared to death to call this place, and am satisfied getting my money back. I have changed my phone number so this man cannot contact ever again contact me.

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Gulf State Publishers

5206 Cypress Creek Pkwy, Suite 210

Houston, TX 77069



Still taking advantage of other gullible seniors. There is no website, no BBB accreditation, and web search of address/phone pulls up a mortgage company.


my number has changed again 832-909-****, have not been called or contacted by email from any customers or former employees at all so as of right now no news is good news, sounds like we are running the type of organization that i can be proud of again, thanks team.

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Are you on drugs Sam? This number you left doesn't even accept incoming calls, but that correlates with everything said so far on here.....I feel bad for anybody who gives you money, you are a common criminal, nothing more.

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