"Pissed" is a curse word. How dare you calling your site and your business that?

We call our website PissedConsumer because we are, first and foremost, a free and open-to-all platform, where upset consumers can come at any time and express their feelings about businesses that wronged them.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, as well as a number of other respected resources and publications, “pissed” or “pissed off” is the synonym of exactly that - being upset, being annoyed, being irritated. Thus, a “pissed consumer” = an “angry, upset, unhappy consumer”.

And here is another strong argument in defense of the word “pissed”: We at PissedConsumer have been successfully working with such world reknown media organizations as The Washington Post, Forbes, etc. These organizations refer to our business and our website and quote us freely.

Obviously, Cambridge Dictionary does not consider “pissed” a curse word. Why should you?

Why are you using our company’s name/logo on your website, in your URLs, etc.? It is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, The Lanham (Trademark) Act, etc.

Please note that PissedConsumer's use of companies’ names and logos does not constitute either copyright or trademark infringement.

PissedConsumer's use of companies’ names and logos constitutes fair use and is protected under the First Amendment and the Fair Use Doctrine. The United States trademark law as stated in the Lanham Act allows a non-owner of a registered trademark to make "fair use" of it without permission. Fair use includes using a logo in editorial content, among other situations.

You make us pay $$$ for managing our reviews and responding to them on your site! Why should I buy your services if all I want is respond to reviews about my business?

Erroneous assumption on all counts! We do not and never have made companies/businesses pay us money to respond to reviews.

If a representative of any company wants to respond to a review about his/her company posted on our website, he/she can do so simply by using the “Comments” section located underneath a review.

You do not even have to register an account with us to do that, if you do not want to. You can respond to reviews via the “Comments” section anonymously if you choose to. When you are using one of our paid plans, you will also have an opportunity to contact consumers directly and/or privately, since you will have access to consumers’ contact information. We are here to establish a better communication between consumers and brands.

You only have negative content on your website!

It is incorrect. Despite the name of our website, we are a neutral platform. We have negative, positive and neutral content published.

We help consumers be heard and show companies/businesses the signals to improve their customer service and business development processes.

Our mission is to build communication bridges between consumers and companies/businesses to help them achieve successful results.

Yes, it is in human nature to act on negative experience. And yes, if a consumer is upset with a service or a product, such a consumer is much more likely to write a review of a negative nature.

Today's consumer wants to deliver a message to the company to improve its services. However, at the same time, due to bad practices of some companies, consumers do not trust brands to act on reviews posted on companies’ own websites. Therefore, consumers are much more likely to leave negative feedback or reviews on independent platforms like PissedConsumer to make such reviews public and to make companies act on them.

We have a problem with how you approach specifically gathering negative feedback from our customers.

We do not and never have specifically gathered negative feedback from anybody.

When someone has a negative experience, they’re a lot more likely to share it as opposed to the person who experienced something neutral or positive. It’s how human psychology works.

Feedback published on our site (whether it be reviews, comments or questions) is User-Generated Content. We do not encourage, make, solicit, instigate or do anything else of this nature.

We are avid supporters and followers of the First Amendment. People can and do come to our platform to write/post in whatever tone they prefer. It is totally up to them what feedback to describe - negative, positive or neutral. Our moderation team and moderation algorithms clean up curse words automatically. We aim to collect useful information for brands and consumers.

How come you have my company’s contact information on your website? I want it removed immediately!

Most of you have official corporate websites. Most corporate websites have a contact sub-page with contact information - i.e. mailing address, email addresses, telephone numbers, etc.

Obviously, this contact information located on your corporate websites is publicly visible and available to anyone who knows how to use the Internet.

And so, what we are displaying on our website is already public information. There is no reason for us to remove it or hide it. By providing companies’ contact information on our website, we want to give your customers a chance to contact you via email or phone.

However, if you want your company’s contact information edited/corrected in any way, we are always happy to assist you to make sure that consumers communicate with the right people on your team. You can always submit your request/inquiry to us directly.

What happens to my company’s profile if I decide to cancel my existing subscription with you? Will it disappear together with all the reviews?

Feedback published on our site (whether it be reviews, comments or questions) is User-Generated Content, as stated in Paragraph 5 above.

Regardless of whether you have a subscription with us or not, people can see your company profile, read reviews about your company, post reviews about your company, comment, ask questions, etc.

Reviews on your website are fake!

We are continually working to ensure there are appropriate actions taken against attempts to manipulate reviews on our site. We have even written an article specifically about this. Just check it out - “Can You Trust Pissed Consumer and Are PissedConsumer.com Reviews Reliable?”