Work Pieter did on our truck

Pieter was great! We came down to Connecticut from Vermont and he worked all day on a project for us. Not only did he do an excellent job - he went beyond the initial mission and fixed the starter for our truck, and welded a rusted out hole on the side too - all at no extra price! Secondly, because we drove a few hours from Vermont to have Pieter do the work for us, he offered a room in his house, if we wanted to not make the drive home! I have never worked with a mechanic who would offer this option for us! We will recommend Pieter in the future for our friends and family.
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Northfield, Vermont
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PTG Construction-Awesome!!

I am writing to detail an awesome experience using PTG Construction. I am a designer in the construction Industry for over 15 years. I have seen it all, and experienced it all. I recently did a complex drainage project at my home and Hired PTG Construction. Pieter was unbelievable, working through the rain, and mud, on weekends. He completed my project on time, and did everything possible to keep my costs where I needed them to be. He was extremely considerate of my financial limitations on this, and I will continue to work with him on all my home projects. I noted that I am Pleased, because I AM.
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Fairfield, Connecticut
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Pieter Efthimiatos, PTG Construction cheats clients

Pieter Efthimiatos owner of PTG Construction refused to finished a driveway job that I paid for in September 2009. After I had already paid him in full per our contract, he came back several months later and told me he would only finish the job if I gave him $2000 more. I sued him and won a judgement in court. The judge awarded me 1500.00 and for the last year he has refused to pay. In court and under oath, He said he would simply file bankruptcy and change the name of his company if I tried to go after his assets. Do not hire this crook.
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I see there is a lot of PERSONAL negativity shown to Mr, Efthimiatos. I have used this lad on several occasions, both for firewood, plowing and for construction work.

So What if theres a little mud on the logs, Geeezzze..Come On!

Of course in my estimate, I was priced "x" price. As the work was getting finished,extra work was done. OF COURSE, that work was added to the price. ( whether orally or written)Does anyone take extra work into consideration???? Dont do the work if you dont have the money...! I have several friends that try to get it for free because " its not in the estimate". WRONG! CARMA GUYS!

Consumers, take into consideration the word " construction" I'd like to see some of you doing this for a living. No weekly paycheck, slow seasons, Hard work, dirtyness,ESTIMATION,and the list goes on...

I highly recommend Mr. Efthimiatos.

Whether its bankruptcy, children,or family..Please leave personal comments out. Others personal issues have nothing to do with the job. LOOK AT YOUR OWN PROBLEMS!!! GOSSIPERS!


I too was ripped off but buying firewood from the company. alot of it was covered in mud, I let that go , and I was shorted, they agreed, told me that would make good on the short, then they told me they could not get down to my house and would send a check to cover the difference.

Never heard from them again. All documented with emails and photos. I would have to agree with orginal poster.

Seemed like a nice guy, but we know how that goes.

What comes around goes around.


I appreciate Mr. Efthimiatos' response.

I'm sure he has many happy clients that have deep pockets. Unfortunately, I don't, and therefore shopped around and interviewed many contractors. Mr. Efthimiatos was chosen because he was represented by Service Magic, a well known referral service.

In the end, when Mr. Efthimiatos failed to finish the driveway job, Service Magic did an investigation and found him at fault. In addition, the Connecticut Courts found him liable and filed a judgement in my favor for $1500.

He has not paid. Good luck in your future endeavors.


You know the old saying "where's there's smoke there's fire". Well, ignore all this smoke at your own risk.

It seems this guy has a story or excuse for everything. I'm only reading this because we searched this guy's name on the internet TOO LATE, and now we have PAID FOR WORK WHICH HE NEVER CAME BACK TO COMPLETE.


This site was brought to my attention by a customer that I just did work for.

Now you will get the correct information straight from me.... Did I complete a project in Southbury in 2009. Yes. This job was for a millings for driveway from road to corner of house, which was completed and paid in full for. Soon after that job an addition was built to which I also had also bid on but did not get because the customer wanted me to pay out of pocket for most of the materials and it just doesnt work that way.

Yes. She did take me to court (small claims) stating I did not complete the driveway job, all this because she did not want to pay the additonal cost to extend her driveway.

In court I produced signed contract with both of our signatures stating the job was for only road to corner of house, attached emails or correspondence between her and I, the unpaid bill for extras in the amount of $800 which included topsoil, seed and hay and letter from the department of consumer affairs that I was not at fault for her claim.

Needless to say the court found in favor of this customer with her clearly altered contract (change of fonts and description of work) with no signatures not even her own.

Really, who pays for a job if it wasnt completed???

My contracts clearly state when payments are broken down "final payment is upon completion plus any extras accrued". She paid me for the project and never responded to any of the bills sent for extras.

The court let this go on and since I had not been thru anything like this before I had no idea I could not even legally represent myself in court as she was suing the LLC.

All this says alot about our court system doesnt it.

For anyone who is a potential future customer and has come across this, I am sorry you are even reading this.

Please know I have put many years into building strong relationships and good business practices with my company. This is NOT how I do business and in no such way will I tolerate such negativity.

I can and will provide references of my work and reputaion, photos of projects and welcome you to any current job or projects I am working on.

This original posted customer has made it clear to me and verbally said she will do whatever it takes to personally see my name ruined and would not be surprised if any of the additonal negative postings are associated with hers.

Finally I would like to say thank you to those to whom have commented positively about myself and my company. Your time taken to do so is greatly appreciated.


I also have to agree with Marsha, It is really sad when people act like children and attack someone online . Not only is it cowardly and unfair Their are always 2 sides to a story.


I have to agree with Marsha on this one. I have been a customer of PTG's and know Pieter Efthimiatos very well, for many years and I would recommend him to anybody.

He is a very hard worker and what business does anybody have talking about his personal life which they have know idea of.

Keep business business and personal personal. This upsets me to read such horrible thing's about a good character.


PIETER EFTHIMIATOS. Has done work for me after a major storm not only did he do horriable work and it was like pulling teeth to get him to show up.

He way over charged and didnt even pay his own guys. WTF ? They would come to me to get paid because he would lie to themand say i didnt pay him. So i would show them the check and go to my online banking to show them that he ran to the bank and cashed the check the same day.

Peter has disappointed me so often. If he put his energy into being a honest contractor instead of a criminal he could make a living. As i read the other posts i see pieter is really a joke of a human being what an example he is setting to his child. And if their is 1% truth that he has burned his own blood then he is really truly a dirt bag.

I would suggest to anyone who is doing a back ground check before hiring pete to just not waste their time and just find another contractor he is just not a honest person and you will be foolish to even give him your money. My pennys worth Cole


Pieter is a true to the bone dirt bag . This guy has burned so many people from close friends and family members to the casual customer.

Anyone stepping up to defend him is either in cahoots with him or pieter himself trying to save his reputation. This guy is a smooth talker and will rip you off. Pieter has burned his own blood for tens of thousands of dollars and then goes around town bad mouthing them. Dont think your going to be treated any better.

I am a former friend and thank god everyday this leach is far out of my life.

What a lame duck. peace ED


I have to agree with 6befb1! Pieter Efthimiatos has said the same thing to me and others about filing bankruptcy.

He says he has no assets and that everything is in his baby son's name.

What sort of person would say such things and do such things. I unfortunately found out about him too late and the financial loss has been devastating!

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Southbury, Connecticut

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