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Theives, locked me out and refused an official gov doc

Same as the other dude, they wanted me to upgrade to withdraw my funds asked me for I’d i supplied 7 different ids they said weren’t good enough to send a notarized doc I did and still nothing , my kids and I ended up kicked out of our home because I trusted this company with my money, I’m suing. They are a UK based company and the same laws apply as in Canada , so what could have been a simple transaction that made them a bit of money will now cost them a whole lot more.. I am the most persistent person anyone has ever encountered.. they shoulda thought twice
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Reason of review
Poor customer service
Preferred solution
Full refund

How PSI-Pay Stole $100,000 From Me & Thousands From Others... I have been trying to pursue action against Psi- Pay Ltd ( to no avail. I want to be re-imbursed the $99,379 that has been illegally withheld from me since 2011. Under the name Quicktender (other names associated are Ecocard and Chargestream), they were seized and shutdown by the DOJ. However, they kept my balance and this money was not taken by the DOJ. A couple months after being shutdown, they sent this amount in the form of a bank wire, but this money was reversed and taken back. For the next few months I tried to provide them with different bank details, but getting in contact with them deemed impossible. In early December 2011, I was told I would not be seeing this money. Still, this company Psi-Pay Ltd is still doing business in the United Kingdom and includes companies such as Ecopayz. I am also not the only one affected by this fraud, as there a few other individuals with much smaller balances. I have been told by John Daw that I'm never going to see my money again. I have attached numerous documents and information that give full details on this unfortunate situation. I will do anything to try and to get my money back. Please contact me if you can help!
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Staten Island, New York
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Beware! they are a SCAM. You will lose your money and no response from help.

I wanted a virtual credit card to spend 20 $ so I signed up for EcoPayZ. Little did I know I was in for a horrible experience. I checked their terms and conditions, and it was said I will get a virtual credit card as soon as I get a silver account, and it will be faster if I fund the account initially with my credit card. I did it. I got the "welcome to silver account" message and that I am now eligible for virtual credit card. I logged in. Could not see the option. Read all their terms and conditions and could not find anything about it. Mailed them and after a few days got a reply that my country is not eligible for a virtual credit card and "we apologize". WTF??!?! That was the only reason I signed up to their *** site. Then I sent them an email to reverse the credit card payment which they refused to do. They said "we have put forward the matter to the concerned department" and I never heard from them. They are thieves! They won't hesitate for a second when taking your money. For withdrawals, they charge a fee of 10 Euros, which leaves me $1 left. What a SCAM. BEWARE OF THIS SITE. DO NOT SEND THEM ANY MONEY. They will find an excuse to steal your hard earned money. The only sites that accept Ecopayz are shady gambling sites where you have an even less chance of seeing your money again. The government should shut them down and put the operators in jail.
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Mumbai, Maharashtra
Reason of review
Poor customer service

EcoPayz-The NEW SCAM ARTISTS read below for details

Below I will be adding numerous emails between me and this EcoPayz I warn you now some of the emails are a bit expletive on my part as I have been getting very angry because I do not have access to withdraw my money from their fraud committing site: Dear Customer(took my name out), Please be informed that your account is not restricted and you can use the funds with our online merchants. You do not need to upgrade account for that purpose. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance. Dear Customer(took my name out), Thank you for contacting the ecoPayz Team! We are writing this email to confirm that we have received your documents. However, we are unable to accept the copies of your passport and address verification document as they are cropped. (SERIOUSLY?!?!)<~~~~~~~~~vvvvvv Could you please resend the full page copies of the documents, ensuring that all the details are visible? All the borders of the documents should be visible (passport - both opened pages). We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Please feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance. Best regards, The ecoPayz Team customersupport@***.com And now for my emails to them I sent you what you asked for I am not sending you the page with the signature on it because then you will be able to use it for fraudulent purposes and therefore I want my money now or I am reporting you to the fbi, bertter business bureau and posting these messages on all forum sites I can find regarding your company ^One message^ v Second Message v does that inclujde the withdraw feature to take the money I have in my account and place it back in my bank account no I dont think it does, if you used your head at all and not be a complete bunch of imbeciles you would know the operations of your own site and what I want is the upgraded account to send the money in my account at this moment so I can deposit it back into my bank account from which it came and I dont know why I am jumping through hoops to try to get back what legally belongs to me, if you want I can take this matter to the courts and see what they say about something legally belonging to someone and a company and their site and service are refusing to allow me to access my said money so I can place it back to the bank account from whence it came. If I am reading correctly you are completely dodging my problem and trying to divert around just spending it and that is not what I want to do I want to have my money refunded to me into the bank account for the visa card that is on my account and you are blatantly refusing to me through such a disrespectful way where I have submitted with my phone number and had ordered, and asked you to phone me yet you have not I am now at the point where I will be copying all the emails and all the information from your site and uploading it to the general public to warn them to stay away from your site and refuse to deal with you as a customer I hope you are happy because your services are about to take a dive into the negetive because of this matter and if you would pull your head out of your *** please forward this over to your manager/supervisor because I want to get into contact with him, I want him to phone me or I want you to give me a phone number in which he can be reached. and they have yet to respond to my language or my attempts to scare/NON-violently threaten them and it is still going on with me fighting to get my money back to no avail as I now posting on every forum site I can find regarding their service, company name or anywhere else I can Anonymously post a review of their site, service, and company, if I could find a phone number I would definitely be phoning them and if I lived in England I would definitely be paying them a visit in person but if anyone is in England and uses this company here is their address (supposedly): Afon Building, Worthing Road, Horsham, RH12 1TL, England
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Это сообщение разослал всем мои клиентом и также на форуме!!! Могу вас заверить то что у меня больше 2000 клиентской базы под гамблинг покер и другие!

А также я думал с вами работать открыть сервис по обмену денег!! Пару раз поменял но как видно и за этого только пострадал я!! Буду писать всем и на локалебиткойн и на покерстратеги!!! Это не нормально!

They blocked my account without any explanation!!! I have waited 8 days for my withdrowal and they blocked my account, without any explanation!! They don’t have a phone number and on emails they answer very long time! I need my money urgently but don’t have any assistance from their part.

I am very dissapointed with them! I am going to require help from the Ombudsman UK. If anyone has the same problem pm me and we will make a petition in order to stop this SCAM service! 1 star is too much for you!

================= Что можно сказать про них! Накопил я деньги под вывод всех клиентов просил пользоваться только этой конторы думал они серьезные!! Через месяц поставил деньги на вывод! У них пишут что вывод обычно 72ч но вот уже прошло 8 дней и все молчат!!

Пишу им на мыло каждый день толку из этого ноль! Они даже не отвечают на мои сообщение! Сегодня заметил то что они лимитнули мои счет без обьяснение причин!!! Думаю подать петицию в Англиское правительство также ищу адвоката из Англии кто хочет взяться я это дело!

Те кто он них пострадали прощу вас писать мне в ЛЧ для сбора информации и подаче их в суд!

Также прощу всем кто хочет с ними работать подумать 100 раз они не отвечают на сообщение у них нету телефона также они просто вас обманут! -- Bogdan

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Peterborough, Ontario
  • How easy it was to add money
  • No live people
  • No refunds
  • Hard it is to get ur money back
Reason of review
Fruad, Theft, Poor customer service, Problem with payment, Not as described
Preferred solution
Full refund

I Was Scammed $100,000 by Psi-Pay!

Guys please check out this website I made to expose the scam and fraud that Psi-Pay has committed... and so far, has gotten away with. Please help me expose these crooks, and get back what has been stolen from me, and many others! The main goal is that as soon as you type Psi-Pay into Google, the first thing that pops up is this page. Any input, or if you were also affected, let me know!
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Princeton, New Jersey

Identity Theft

After opening an account with them, I was asked to provide identity documents for ID and address verification purposes. I was very hesitant to do so but eventually did so. I found out later that someone committed identity theft with the same documents I sent them. This is the only place I had sent these documents and never have done so before. It has taken me several months to close those accounts and clean up the mess. Any calls or emails sent to this company were never responded. Stay away. They are a scam or have very dishonest employees working for them. I have also reported them to the police but they are on a offshore jurisdiction so nothing is likely to happen.
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Be careful doing business with these crooks! They scammed me out of $100,000!

#477533 Review #477533 is a subjective opinion of poster.


I found this site and they promise you can get an instant virtual prepaid credit card. I followed all procedures only to find you have to upgrade to silver before you get your virtual card, this takes time and scanning and uploading certain documents. This is all after they have your money that you uploaded in faith that you can you spend it online instantly. Then you find you have missed out on a sale offer because you have to wait days. They have your money but you cannot do what you wanted to do in first place so why bother with the virtual card. Then you have to wait to get your money back in your own current account but it only seconds for them to get your money in to their account and fee. This site is very misleading and I was not impressed by it at all. I wanted my money back but have to wait and wait. So angry. Do not use them you will regret it is not instant. this company are ???? for satisfaction. a very unhappy customer
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Did you end up getting your money back from them though ?


Total scam. I had same problems with them.

I have sent them all the documents they want, but they do not accept them. It feels like it is impossible to get my money back from them PLEASE AVOID!


max vishnevsky ecopayz ecocard instant secure simple payment solutions payment experts gaming max jonathan dima payment card. ecopayz is a terrible company.

stay away. they made promises to us, so we implemented their system. they broke all the promises. next, thing we know, locked out of the account.

no processing, no money transfers, nothing. sent them over 15 emails in 30 days - no reply. called them; no reply - finally a couple generic form letter replies. ecopayz is a completely fraud, scam company that forces other honest companies to devote man-hours and programming hours and spend tens of thousands of dollars and ecopayz does nothing in return.

ecopay will scam you. ecopayz will lock you out of your account. ecopays will not provide you with service. ecopays will hurt your business reputation.

ecopayz staff is non-attentive; ecopayz will ignore you. ecopayz will shut you down. ecopayz will not communicate with you; no processing. no support.

no cards! avocat andrei Taru de la București România este o înșelătorie artist, fraudă, infractor


How Psi-Pay Stole $100,000 From Me (Ecopayz)

Psipay Ecopay

Psi-pay Ecopayz


Do not do business with these crooks, I was scammed $100,000 by them!

Guys please check out this website I made to expose the scam and fraud that Psi-Pay has committed... and so far, has gotten away with.

Please help me expose these crooks, and get back what has been stolen from me, and many others! This $100,000 means the world to a college student like my self.


Be careful doing business with these crooks! They scammed me out of $100,000!


Complete *** ecopayz...

I have had money transfered from a casino site.

only to find i had to upgrade to withdraw from my account..

I followed all request utility bill, drivers licence, Passort etc only to keep getting back the same responce that my documents could not be accepted due to it not being clear... the pic was taken with a HD camera. i have since sent my passport my drivers licence my medicare card and my worksafe card (which is also photo ID) only to continue to get the same responce..

this is bull *** and a delay tactic so they can hold my money for longer..

as soon as i withdraw this money i am closing my account

i cant stress enough to people not to use this site.. it is total ***

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London, England

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