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I have been told for four days now that i was approved for my loan and everyday they tell my money will be in my account and i have yet to recieve my loan i dont understand why they are not submitting my money every time i call they say it will be there in a hour then they say two hours then they say at midnight then i have to go thru it again the next day

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paid for appraisal $515.00 and $45.00 credit. I did warn the broker that if they change the GFE I will not sign the closing papers, from the beginning. The broker (Tom Lehman)from First National Financing lay along with Provident Funding that increased the settlement charges with $550.00 claiming that Provident Funding just wants to make sure that they have enough funds in escrow account. I had all papers done a week before rate lock expiration... Read more

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I have a mortgage with Provident Funding. I got a letter the other day from my insurance company stating my homeowners insurance had not been paid by my escrow account with Provident and that I needed to make a payment or my insurance would be cancelled. I paid the amount from my personal funds to ensure my insurance was not cancelled. Upon notifying Provident of their error, they informed me they had paid the wrong insurance account and then... Read more

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I've taken out a mortgage to finance a new home, and Provident's unprofessional conduct almost left me on the street. Even though I was way-above prime as a borrower, they tore apart my finances as if I was a convicted criminal. They conducted this very slowly, in a way that stretched things to the last possible minute (so until the very last day, I couldn't be sure I'd get approved). They also came up with ridiculous stuff, like deciding to... Read more

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Provident Funding has been my mortgage company since 2012. I have never, ever had a good interaction with this highly unprofessional and arrogant firm. Today was no exception. They completely bungled updating the home insurance information on our home and seem pathologically incapable of resolving it. They were faxed complete information for a new home insurance policy issued by Lloyds of London including the policy number, declarations, the... Read more

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When I called about the bad letter I received, they didn't even try to help. Even though I had a letter from them telling me it was ok they would work with me, this letter told me I was no longer eligible ? Even customer service was confused about the meaning of MODIFICATION. What the supervisor told me was....The letter didn't have anything to do with my situation, and that I had never applied for a short sale? Apparently the letters I have... Read more

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I`m a disable person who`s only income is through social security disability. Provident Funding discriminates against any disable applicant who all monthly income derives from any government assistance. Even though I never had a late payment in the 5 years since the loan , have a 830 credit score , $ 200,000 in home equity , plenty of cash in the bank , have a steady income through SS disability until retirement when turning 66 , I was not able... Read more

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We have had a mortgage through Provident for quite a while now- we have NEVER made a late payment. A few years ago my husband lost his job- we called they would not help us- we still never missed a payment. The HARP program came along I called they said they were not participating. Now that we have requested the payoff letter they are calling, and e-mailing trying to get us to stay. When we told them we were happy to be leaving and all their... Read more

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My husband and I both have great credit (750+) and had our mortgate through Provident for 7 years before deciding to refinance. We wanted to go from a 30 year to a 15 year loan at half the rate we were currently at. No problem they told us, got all the paper work to them, they gave us a GFE which looked ok. Come the day before closing they told us they could no longer offer us the 3.37% at 15 years. It had to be a 4.5% at 30 years! I have... Read more

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Their inability to send either a monthly reminder via mail or email is inexcusable. I have many bills, many properties with different companies and many personal items(3 kids) to deal with on a monthly basis. Their unbending tactic of denying any source of reminder is ridiculous. You can pay on your own memory or use their direct autopay. There is no way I'm letting this shady company near my personal bank account and nor should I have to do... Read more

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