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Legal Changes Needed

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Protech Construction - Legal Changes Needed
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Updated by user Nov 18, 2020

Another claim was filed with CSLB. Paglia leans on the fact that his work passed final inspection by Public Works, but Public Works has rescinded the Certificate of Occupancy he obtained prior to work being started at this site.

Paglia obtained demolition paperwork by stating he was the owner of my property. He then obtained the CO when there was no building standing. Paglia built over the foundation forms. The flooring seems to have inadequate support as everything jingles and shakes whenever the floors are walked over.

The bathroom flooring is being undermined by something and I expect it to cave in at any moment. How this project passed inspection continues to remain another unanswered question. Paglia has lied to Public Works and told them he was working with me to resolve the problems. CSLB is attempting to fail to see the irregularities with how this project has been handled.

It should be noted that I have not heard from Paglia since he called me last year to threaten or intimidate me by telling me that the on-site contractor was dead. He was supposed to be discussing paying me for damages assessed by CSLB in a previous claim. He told me I would never get the money that he was paid without my authorization. Paglia has over $250,000 in checks with my name on them, but without my signature because I never saw the checks during this fraud.

I have no receipts, no plans, no correction changes, nothing that would indicate he destroyed my home of over 60 years and replaced it with this unfinished junk. I think the objective is to stall until I die.

Updated by user May 05, 2020

Public Works visited this project site and informed me that Vince Paglia submitted a different set of plans in order to obtain a building permit for a new structure. Paglia then stalled on the project because time needed to elapse for the paperwork submitted to be discarded.

Permits and plans for domestic housing are discarded after six months. Commercial permits and plans are reserved. Public Works continues to list this project as incomplete. In addition to being poorly built, it is incomplete.

I informed the insurance adjuster that Paglia had abandoned the project and that he should not be paid, but the adjuster paid him anyway. This was when I knew, with certainty, that I was being robbed.

Updated by user Dec 10, 2019

Paglia has paid me the fine issued by CSLB. CSLB, however, dismissed all of the violations that they did not assess.

Another review of the poor workmanship and abandoned project was conducted by a specialist commissioned by Safeco Liberty Mutual. It was upon his review and assessment and report that the dismissed violations were based.Paglia has left me with an abandoned project, a rescinded Certificate of Occupancy, no warranties, no owner's or instruction manuals for the goods installed here, a mushy bathroom floor. This project is still listed as incomplete with Public Works, Building and Safety.Paglia also received over $80K for goods and materials listed in an inventory submitted (I guess) to Safeco Liberty Mutual for payment.

I told the insurance adjuster, Kent Stiles, that Paglia should not be paid because the inventory was incorrect, untrue, but Stiles paid Paglia anyway, continuing the practice of ignoring any objections I presented through this entire process of embezzlement. This is not over.

Updated by user Oct 15, 2019

Vince Paglia appealed the citation issued by the CSLB. It could take 6 months to one year to reach the District Attorney's office to set a hearing date.

In the meantime, Paglia goes on, likely rooking other homeowners as he goes. Because of his appeal, his bonding agency does not want to make a payout and assists him in his stalling. The CSLB says they have nothing to do with the bond agency, so why is the bond agency stalling because of the appeal? I asked them to tell me what other information I need to provide to support my claim as I am living in an unfinished structure rife with code violations and a rescinded Certificate of Occupancy.

An innocent man would not have called me to attempt extortion, but Paglia felt comfortable doing so because he knows it will take some time for the case to reach the District Attorney. Avoid doing business with this company.

Paglia, I have recently discovered, has a reputation for corner-cutting and attempting to make his victims appear to be committing fraud. He's a real piece of work.

Updated by user Oct 01, 2019

Steven Neil Willsey, the subcontractor/scapegoat of Protech, is dead. Vince Paglia called to give me the news and tried to intimidate me into settling for less than I am owed.

He told me I would never get the $80K he was paid for materials and services not provided at this site. He ended by saying we should just forget about this conversation. I wonder if Safeco has somehow thrown him under the bus as they have completely removed the original claim filed from my record. Thirty days more and Paglia's license will be revoked.

He was contacted by Public Works because of the outstanding code violations. The only organization that appears to be uncorrupted is the Contractors State License Board.

Updated by user Aug 06, 2019

The Contractors State License Board has cited Paglia & Associates Construction INC DBA Pro Tech Construction under the Business and Professions Code Section 7099 for the following violations: Section 7107 Abandoned project without legal excuse at a time when work remained to be completed. Section 7109a Willfully departed in a material respect from accepted trade standards for good and workmanlike construction.

Section 7110 Violated provisions of the Building Code/Correction Notice. Section 7159 Failed to comply with provisions of the law regarding home improvement contracts.

Please see the included pages of the citation. The battle continues.

Updated by user May 21, 2019

The surety company accepted my claim. A copy of it now goes to Paglia.

Updated by user May 15, 2019

FYI: File a claim against the contractor's surety bond. It may not be sufficient to cover your damages, but it is something if you have enough documentation to back up your claim.

Paglia's bond is only $15K, but I'm willing to take it if it lets him know I am serious about being compensated for my continuing losses. He stole $80K with the help of the claims adjuster, Kent Stiles. Stiles paid Paglia even though he was informed of the discrepancies between the itemized statement upon which payment was based and the reality of what exists in the code- violation riddled rat trap Paglia erected to replace my home.

I was able to file the claim online, submit it through email. Tell a friend: Avoid Protech Construction at all costs.

Updated by user Apr 21, 2019

Vince Paglia lied to the Contractors State License Board, told them he had never met me, that he had never spoken to me about the project that was my home of 63 years. Paglia oversaw the demolition of my home, then turned the rebuilding over to another contractor who works for him.

This man did not get rebuild plans and attempted to rebuild my home from the preliminary drawing provided by an engineering company. The drawing did not reflect the way my lot lays. It lays at an angle. My workshop provided a wall and marked the boundary line between the houses.

My workshop was not damaged when the tree fell on my bedroom, but Paglia tore it down first, destroying my extended storage and workshop area. Next, he tore down my home where the only damage was to the bedroom according to the engineering report provided by Donan Engineering. There was no superseding document provided to explain why the Donan report was overlook or ignored, or why my home and landscaping were completely destroyed when it was not warranted. Paglia has maintained that he has building plans, that he did not demolish my home, that he doesn't know me.

His stooge, Steve Willsey, did an awful job of building this structure. This isn't my opinion alone but is a shared one with industry experts who have examined this structure and found it not in conformity with Building Code regulations. Already, $30K of repairs and corrections have been calculated. Original repairs were calculated at $48K.

Paglia and his co-conspirator Kent Stiles turned this claim into one for $430K. Nowhere near that amount was spent on this trash heap that I refer to as a crime scene. Stiles reported that Paglia was paid $255K. There was a statement of materials and services provided here that totaled $80+K.

I told Stiles that none of the materials or services were provided and that he should not pay Paglia. Regardless of my objections, Stiles paid Paglia. Late in 2018, I learned of the other payments and asked Stiles and Paglia to provide the statements that corresponded to the rest of the checks issued. To date, the statements have not been received.

Paglia and Stiles concocted the story that my entire house was red-tagged as completely uninhabitable. I asked Paglia and Stiles to provide the documentation supporting this assertion as only my bedroom was red-tagged for limited use and I was the one who called for an assessment of the safety of the room as Safeco did not respond to my claim for 19 days. The rest of my home was undamaged. I have not received the documentation.

Protech does shoddy work, rips people off, and I'm beginning to feel like I'm being discriminated against because of my sex, age, race, marital and disability status, and zip code. Paglia and Stiles have treated me abominably, they have destroyed my home and made my life extremely difficult. My family is living in a crime scene. This structure is not up to Building Code standards.

Already, $30+K in corrections/repairs has been calculated by independent inspectors. My feeling is that this entire structure and the garage need to be torn down and rebuilt with proper plans and input from the owner, something that did not happen before. Protech is a criminal enterprise, in my opinion, and everyone would do well to avoid doing business with them. Paglia tore down structures that were not damaged, all steel and other heavy gauge metal were stolen from my property.

A wheelbarrow, composting bins, 5-gallon glass water bottles, all gone. I had a lava rock brought back from the war that has gone missing. My 31-year-old lemon tree was cut down, but the tree hazard was left. The winds have been high lately, my goods are stored outside because there is no place for them in this structure, and I am filled with anxiety.

The dimensions of my home were incorrectly reported to the County Assessor and my property taxes tripled. I finally reached the appraiser who came to my home and didn't measure it. Instead, he took the word of the contractor who told him some dimensions and that he would provide the building plans shortly. He reported my square footage at 816.

After measuring, square footage was 585. No plans have been presented.

This is my experience to date. I do not understand how an insurance company can treat a customer this way, one to whom they owe a fiduciary responsibility.

Updated by user Apr 02, 2019

Clicked Save before I should have. Also tried to upload a snap of the demolition invoice the features Vince Paglia's name at the very top.

He told the Contractors State License Board that he had never met me, that he had never talked to me about this project, that he had been brought on board to correct the errors of another contractor. Stiles paid Paglia in February, but the amount paid is not the total that is seen here. Guess the extra was for Stiles. I cannot believe this experience.

It is a long con, full of gaslighting and stalling. It has taken me this long to find this document because it was buried in the large box of documents I received from Safeco. Stiles acts as if he has no idea of what is in my claim file and he is the lead adjuster.

He's also a liar and a thief, something I told him personally. I won't rest until I get everyone's license.

Updated by user Apr 02, 2019

Today, I found the demolition invoice that Kent Stiles claimed no knowledge of and the Vince Paglia, president of Protech, said he'd never heard of because he didn't come onto the project until December 2017. My, my, Pinocchio

Updated by user Jan 08, 2019

Protech's workmanship has been evaluated by an independent examiner who came with the CSLB. I presented them with a list of over 100 items that are currently wrong with this project.

The insurance company has closed the claim and restricted access to the claim file. I was advised by James Hudson to "seek retribution" against the company "that will not make it right." Safeco's Claims has stalled me for a year, hoping to make me go away, so today I was told not to bother calling because I had gone as far as I could go. They are going to maintain the coverup unless forced by a lawsuit to do something different.This $48K claim mushroomed to $438K, has lasted nearly three years, and no one seems to have authority over adjusters.

What remains is for the CSLB to assess the IE's report. It does appear that a lawsuit is in order as the BBB wouldn't print my complaint, suggesting they saw the criminality in it.

Original review Dec 03, 2018
I now know that the insurance adjuster received from the contractor a Certificate of Occupancy. Why is this important? When a contractor submits a CO to an insurance company, they are signaling that all building or associated work has been completed and the structure is ready for the owner to move in. Consumers are not privy to this information. We should be. So, Protech Construction's president, Vince Paglia, oversaw the demolition of my home in February 2017. The CO was dated March 2017. The majority of my claim funds were stolen in March when the adjuster, Kent Stiles, signed off on the demand for payment. The Contractors State License Board came and had a look at this brand new house. They were not happy with the fact that I have no back door, the floor sounds hollow as you walk across it, and with the many, many other things that are wrong here, particularly the fact that my house is 8 square feet smaller than before and no one bothered to discuss this change with me. The struggle continues.
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  • Being lied to and gaslighted and having my home destroyed
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We too had horrible experience with this company.

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