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Once the carpet dried i could still see traffic areas and light yellow in the corner. I went to Elliots's hardware. Rented a carpet machine and cleaned with vinegar and water. Pulled soapy residue out of my carpet and it dried with no yellow. Vinegar smell lasted a...
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When the carpet finally dried the next morning it did not look nearly as good as when it was wet. I did not recall him because i knew some charge would come out of it. To be honest he is nice. Not as knowledgeable as he thinks he is. Just felt like whats the most he...
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Jason Yarbrough with Prosteam restoration did the same up sell to me several months ago. My carpet is already in the same shape with black spots. We take our shoes off. I paid almost $200 for the Groupon "special". My brother told me I was had. Should have known with...
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I didn't like
  • Know it all
  • Upsell then sell more and more
  • Scruffy
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I worked for All American carpet cleaning years ago channel 4 busted them for bait and switch upselling and Jason Yarbrough Uses the same old bait and switch tactics. My wife paid over $250 For a groupon $49 clean. With a portable! Refused to do a clean for advertised...
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