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Not perfect, had some "bad habits" but was sufficient enough to make it through the minimal requirements to get my CDL. This is how business is to be done! I'll be telling everyone Whos taking a CDL test to go to ProSafe. They helped me out more than they had or needed to. That means a lot to a broke man who had to borrow money for the 2nd and 3rd test. I have since paid back those people and have had an excellent driving career so far. Thank...
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I really cannot say anything bad about the valpo location.Yes i failed my first attempt but i can honestly say it was my fault(kinda). I studied the wrong information. The bmv has not updated the air brakes and i studied out of date information. the guy i had as an examiner came of really standoffish at first but over time he really lightened up and made the test easier for me to remember next go around. Im going back Saturday and i know i have...
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Anonymous Don't forget to add in here that they in fact gave you the right material but you didn't study that. You were studying from outdated material you found.

I liked
  • That they worked with me and helped me
I didn't like
  • Failing lol
  • Price
  • Distance from me
They question you on if you ever read the CDL handbook and know every number you never need to remember. The 3 step air brake check became a 4 step break check.Failed me on that i gave him the right numbers but he said i was wrong..Constantly created a state of doubt.My guy was a *** i knew was gonna fail at the beginning cause of his attitude.I don't recommend this outfit unless your one of his buddies or went to their school.I've been driving...
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Anonymous I had the same experience..they "will" fail u the 1st time, it's almost as if they have a certain quota to fill!..instructors r straight *** and extremely petty with the pretr...

I didn't like
  • Examiner creates doubt