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Nicholas Brian Holstein cast me in a fraudulent show!

Nicholas Brian Holstein is a FRAUD! I was casted in one of many of his fake productions. At the time this was called "Extracurricular" then changed to "Homework" then a final name changed to " Manchester High". The cast was constantly changing and when I asked about cast members that left he'd changed the subject. The cast had one stageplay that he barely directed had it not been for the cast it would've been a fiasco. we found this man had just barely let go of his previous production Preps. He try scamming money from cast members. He also poses as girl via email to flirt with mail cast members! DO NOT AUDITION OR WORK FOR NICHOLAS BRIAN HOLSTEIN! HE'S A *** AND A FRAUD!
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This is not slander, it is truth and Nick has been "shopping" this fake project scheme for years... I was first approached in '07 with similar promises.. However at that time it was Dominion Prep.. Then August Heat then Prep High then Preps... Nick Does seem to come off as legit at first, however he does use people for financial support, to take him from place to place and buy him things. At first you play into it just to be nice, then realize he's just using you. As soon as he's outed he will cut off all ties with people and lay low for a bit, then fish this script out again and again. Don't waste your time with this guy. He has a mental disorder and is not all tere. (Not slander if its true) BE FOREWARNED NICHOLAS HOLSTEIN IS A FRAUD. The Texas Film

Commission, SAG, AEA have all been notified. This is not from a Hater.

I'm a working actor in Texas and I take my craft seriously, it's guys like this that make it a joke!


Nick B. Holstein started another production called "Brotherhood of Honor." It is casting now, October 2013 with alleged production in Nov., possibly later pending casts' schedule.

How old is this guy? Was "Manchester" a *pos*? Anyone get a reel from it?

I presume no one was paid?

FYI TRUTH is a defense to defamation; so if those of you really experienced what is written below, at least inform the Texas Commission of Film.


If you notice on this blog and any others listed on this website, are complaints about businesses. If you notice on this blog (where anyone can post), this is NOT about a business but a personal attack on someone.

If you check out which is what NoWillow (aka last name Johnson) is talking about, you'll notice that Nicholas Holstein is legit. He's been featured in the newspaper, on tv, at conferences, and others.

All your proof is listed on the website. As mentioned before, this is NOT about a business but a personal attack against someone coming from former actors who are no longer apart of a growing production and are showing sour attitude.


& another thing, that response said I was in Bellevue, Washington. I am in New York.

So I'm going to go ahead & present the idea that DefamationLaw(Nicholas B. Holstein) did not post from Staten Island.

How's that for a twist? :eek


I don't know guys, DefamationLaw is very convincing(sarcasm). I love how he makes the point that a writer can re-use characters because that's definitely what everyone is upset about...

He is someone that knows Nick Holstein, no doubt. I auditioned for PREPS in San Antonio, & afterwards, he would keep texting me every 2 months to audition for a theatre show he was putting on. When I said I couldn't do it, he said "not even for $20k". That struck me as an odd response, & there was something that struck me as suspicious about him.

I'm really glad I didn't go to this other "audition" a.k.a.

seduction attempt. 8)


We are not mad that he is re-using character names or story lines. We are upset that he would speak very badly about us to other cast members trying to turn us against each other.

He continually threatened to re-cast us even though we did everything for him and more. Not once did we ever breach contract. We are upset because he posed as a young female trying to have inappropriate conversations with the young male cast members.

He would make only the male cast members to resend/take new photos of ourselves randomly and send them to him. The law can not scare us because this is the TRUTH and we are doing whats right.


Actually, it would be considered libel, as it is written, and not spoken. As for the attorney..

You really want all your dirty laundry brought up by the defense in court becau someone blogged negatively about you? Cry me a river.


Nothing on this site should be taken seriously. This is a blog site in which anyone can post.

There is not legitimacy in any post. It seems like these people posting negative statements are ex-actors and ex-actresses from a production that are now mad they are no longer a part of it due to a breach.

I saw the website and coming from a lawyer's point of view, a writer can use the same characters since he or she created them. He or she can use the same characters in ANY work of his or her that the writer wants to do.


The LOVEME Project name has been changed to HUG ME Ink FYI. I believe all these people are frauds so do not audition or work for any of these organizations


I was apart of the “Preps” cast and he did the exact same thing to us. I signed a contract (which I did NOT breech) promising me 27,500 dollars for my role in the show.

He is extremely manipulative and will say ANYTHING to get what he wants. At first, the whole project seems legit (because he tries extremely hard to make it look that way), but then you start to notice things that don’t add up. He didn’t have a car and made us drive him around everywhere (which is odd for somebody with enough financial backing to make a movie). When confronted about the situation, he then told us that his parents were paying for the whole production.

This would be okay except when we asked to meet his parents in order to confirm the legitimacy of the project, he began making extremely pathetic excuses as to why we couldn’t. After this sketchy incident, the cast and myself then called SAG (Screen Actors Guild) to make sure that the project was legitimate. They then informed us that Nick hadn’t even sent in our paperwork that would ensure our payment. In fact, they told us that there was almost no paperwork filed, and that Nicholas Holstein’s name wasn’t even listed under the project.

SAG then opened up an investigation for us and found out that because he had not filed any paperwork, he could legally not pay us for our work. Then once Nick found out that SAG had opened up an investigation into him, and that we were on to him, he moved apartments, blocked us from facebook, closed down his email accounts, and temporarily closed down the site for “Preps.” For the last few months he has done everything possible to avoid us. Last month however, I found out from a fellow cast member that Nick had been trying to start up the scam again under a different name called “Manchester High”, and had already cast a new set of teens. The funniest part was that he was so unoriginal, he just kept all of the same character names from Preps (for example, my characters name under preps was called Grant Callaway.

There is also a Grant Callaway in “Manchester High”). EVERY SINGLE character was EXACTLY the same as the previous show. After finding this out, I made it my mission to make sure Nicholas Holstein could not lure anyone else into his trap. I contacted the new cast members and told them my story.

They then confronted Nick about it, and to no surprise he denied denied denied. He is now trying to start the cast over AGAIN so that he can possibly find some uninformed actors to continue his scam. To top everything off, I was informed by multiple cast members that Nick had been messaging several underage males posing as a female. In order for you to fully understand the situation, I need to explain something to you.

While driving Nick to a promotional event (that we set up), he openly told us that he was a ***. He is also extremely flamboyant, which wouldn’t be a problem at all, except that night he decided to drink a lot. During the car ride home, he kept touching one of the male cast members on the leg and shoulder, repeatedly making him feel uncomfortable. Then Nick inappropriately changed the topic to my body.

He repeatedly kept saying how “sexy my body was”, and then began guessing at the size of my *** (seriously). This was the most uncomfortable and creepiest moment of my life. He only stopped when my girlfriend (who was in the car) spoke up and told him to stop talking about me like that. I have multiple witnesses to back up my story by the way, so you can trust that I am telling the complete truth.

I don’t know about you, but this doesn’t only sound like a scam to me. It seems as if Nicholas Holstein is a *** with a secret agenda. So please please please please don’t fall into the same trap that we did. I wasted six months of my life (which I took off work for), and will never get them back.

I do not wish this on anybody and sincerely hope that my message has stopped at least one person from believing him.

If I can save at least one person the pain of finding out they got scammed, all the time and effort I spent on this post will have been worth it. So long story short, Nicholas Brian Holstein is a danger to society and needs to go to prison soon before me screws up more lives.

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