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i have progressive for my mobile home insurance.i was recently invaded by Raccoons. i called progressive to file a claim, they sent the claim agent out to *** the damage only to come back and tell me they can't cover the extensive damage because it was caused by Raccoons, because it is stated in my policy they dont cover wildlife damages. when my policy expires, i will be changing insurance companies. so now because they won't cover the cost of...
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Anonymous Good luck finding an insurance company that covers damage by wild animals. That is specifically excluded under every policy I have ever seen and I've been working in this busi...

I liked
  • None
I didn't like
  • Way my claim was handled
I filed a claim for the loss on my home owners policy which was with PROGRESSIVE Insurance co. Even though I had made a list of stolen items and submitted it, which matched the police report, they sent an adjuster (employed by progressive) to make a list of stolen items? He looked at my car from two feet away and said that the camera wouldn't be covered? When I asked why he said because it was not forceful entry??? I said how do you know...
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I liked
  • Go find another insurance company quick as they do not pay
  • Claim handling
I didn't like
  • Claims adjuster
  • He disclaimed a lagitimate claim with no consideration
  • Completly jurked around by ajusters