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Heard the pitch for this survey on the radio. I still don't understand, if it is supposed to be a free thing, why are they asking for your credit card info? Maybe these reviews will save people money, hopefully. If any legit company wants to do a survey or give you a sample, they aren't going to ask for your credit card. I have participated in several trials over the years, and they have never asked for any payment information if it is legit.... Read more

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I was locked out of the surveys and when I was able to get back into my account it said I failed to do things in a timely fashion and that I would be billed for test materials. I was never sent any emails that reminded me or informed me that a deadline was approaching or past. Every legitimate company that want's things completed on time sends reminders to its customers. Progene wants you to fail so they can gouge you on a test that was supposed... Read more

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save your self alot of problems,stay as far away from this company as possible!i signed up for the survey,the radio anouncement said " GET PAID" doing this turns out they will pay at the end of the survey if you make it through the gauntlet you will have to run where they try to take $190.00 from your account whithin the hour that you sign in!then ,they will pounce on that account and guess what?they can.becouse as soon as you log in... Read more

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I'd like to see 3rd party verification to see if results of their "Study" is for Progene performance or predatory marketing. So far it seems to be a mission from them to make sure the "Study" rules are not obtainable and playing the numbers of everyone that don't defend themselves. For instance, when the package came in it said in the instructions that "You must login to activate your account within 10 days of receipt of the package." 5 days... Read more

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Followed directions to the letter. Locked out of surveys 2 days early and charged full price. No response from customer service at all. Complete scam and a ripoff. Even worse, what i recieved could have been a placebo, and still having to pay for the product. Read more

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  • Jan 09
  • by anonymous
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I did the initial test and had no idea I had to complete a weekly survey. I finished the product and called the company to make sure I was complying by sending in the second test on time and was informed that I was being charged for the product because I didn't take the weekly online survey. The rep refunded $100 to my account but it still cost me $99.00 for potentially a placebo. PROGENE IS A PREDITORY SCAM!!!!!! Go to your doctor. There is no... Read more

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  • Dec 17, 2016
  • by anonymous
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I dont know what i was thinking after i read all the reveiws ... Mabe i can stay on this thing and follow it . i did evrey thing they asked and 4 weeks in im charged 199.99 for some thing i found on amazon for half .... DONT USE THIS PRODUCT ITS A MONEY SCAM ! GOT ME A WEEK BEFOR CHRISTMAS NOW IM BROKE AND MY FAMILY IS MAD AT ME

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  • From mobile
  • Dec 13, 2016
  • by anonymous
  • #972729

How do these morons get to run adds continually when the product is bogus and they take your money whether you do what they say or not.

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You are not alone. Just happened to me. I am fighting this. I could care less about the $150. I discovered it was just plain old DHEA as the active ingredient (you can buy this on Swansons, iHealth, etc for a fraction of the $). I followed the rules and they told me the same as you. Looking to meet with our State Atty General. She has been very good at having her team keep an eye out for this. pretending to be research is not cool. If the SA is... Read more

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