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I heard a lot of advertisments for PBSA. I wanted a second job, so I went to the school. The instructor was very pleasant. The hard part was when I was finished. The school is supposed to help with job placement. They have yet to do so. They always say they will call back, once they said they do not know who I am. Many times the person over the job placement is just not there. So they send me to look at thier website, to no avail. Most of the openings are for females. In addition I went to one of the bars to apply and was told how upset they are to be on PBSA website, that they do not need a lot of fresh graduates showing up to work at a bar that gets 3000 customers. I also can not find a way to get in touch with thier corporate office. Anyone know how to contact the corporate office? It is not on the PBSA website, or any search that I do.
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They are a rip off, scam! I was scammed by the one in Kansas City.

Its funny how that *** that is "LMFAO" there says "you have to start out small, part time". Really? Because when you are trying to get our money, we will supposedly make it all back in "less than two weeks". That is their famous line.

I hope enough of these start popping up to put the hurts on your *** business. I won't stop until every one of you are out of business.



You didn't try to hard to get a job! Every graduate gets a letter from me when they graduate stating that if they are not working in 2 weeks, give me a call and I'll find out why!

I don't remember getting any calls!!

If you are truly interested in getting a job, call the school and talk to myself or Quinn. David Edwards, Director, PBS Nashville


You have to start small. expect to work part-time at a hotel or airport for a while.

you just don't go out and strt making big money. Lmfao

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