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Pro-Pur filtration systems and filter elements

The Propur systems are simply not well designed enough for the price at which they cost. Since my first purchase of a ProPur system and it's respective filter elements last year, The flouride attachments leak frequently at the coupling joints where the black dome filters connect to the advanced flouride filters. I thought that tightening the filters slightly tighter would remedy this, but it caused the filtration to stop it's normal flow AT ALL. The system required much tinkering and toying to get the balance of flow but not any leaks. I decided that with these issues, it was time to upgrade to the new Pro ONE filter elements. So, after ordering the two "new & advanced" Pro ONE elements for the Propur BIG system, I waited patiently (about 2 weeks)for them to arrive via shipping. I followed the instructions COMPLETELY by rinsing the filters normally under the sink water and installing them (not too tight) in the system. One of the filter elements streamed water out at an abnormally fast rate- as if the filter had an internal leak. The other filter did not filter AT ALL after 5 reinstallation attempts and careful following of the instructions... Whats worse? I also had just purchased a Propur Traveller at the same time I ordered the Pro ONE filter replacements for the ProPur BIG system. Again, after waiting 2 weeks for the filter system and elements to finally arrive, I follow the instructions only to fing the one of the single filter elements in the TRAVELLER model DID NOT drip/filter at all. The element was NOT screwed in too tight at all. I have been so HOT with anger these past two days with the hundreds of dollars that I have invested in both of these ProPur sysyems that I immediately threw both of these entire systems and all the filters in the TRASH. I will never EVER purchase any products from ProPur again. The components and how they couple/fit together seem more poorly engineered and formed for the price that they are sold atand they are quirky in their results (may work properly, may not~hit or miss). This company markets itself as selling quality products but the manufacture and design of the pieces and elements dont always seem to be compatible to function correctly together. I am utterly FED UP with this waste of my money!
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We bought the big one with 2 of the 9 inch g2 filters and after around 50 gal. Of tap water they started giving water with a bad taste can't drink it . Cleaning does no good.have 2 more filters that cost 78 dollars apiece, if 50 gal of water is all you get for each set of filters it's a rip off.


I have owned a Pro Pur system for 2 years, and we love the taste of the water. You can really tell the difference between getting a glass of water from the tap versus the water going through the system. Filters are a little slow but overall I feel the system was a good purchase.


I purchased a Propur Big system with ProOne filters. I followed all the installation instructions - 1st grader level, not rocket science.

Tho flow rate through one filter seems to be ok. The second filter has a very slow flow rate, a few drops per minute. The taste of the filtered water is unchanged - bad taste.

Overall, an expensive product that do not deliver as advertised. I wouldn't buy it again and I wouldn't recommend it.


i have the system and its great..water even tested superclean with one filter...follow the instructions thoroughly and inspect all new products for manufacture defects before assembly..

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