Do not order from this company!!!

It took me over 3 months to get my product and the tablet they sent me is garbage. Its some no name brand that nobody has ever heard of.. It has already died. Working with this company has been nothing but a headache. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!! In addition, when I ordered the product I bought through paypal. Paypal froze their account and It took me almost 2 months of going back and forth trying to get my money back and pay for the product. Once again, DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!! They gave me a big run around while trying to get my product. I do not recommend dealing with this company. There are plenty of other products out there ... DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!
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Jacksonville, Florida
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They suck all around!
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Bought Photo Booth

I bought a photobooth from "" which was a big mistake. This company is based out of Canada and they seemed like a reputable company. They told me it would take 3 weeks to arrive it took about 2 months and 8 emails of me trying to figure out what was going on. Apparently they had all these UPS problems and gave me an updated box made out of aluminum instead of acrylic which was nice, but didn't help they never once notified me of any issues going on. When it arrived not only did I have to pay a $50 tariff fee I also noticed that the key never arrived after I couldn't get into the booth box when trying to open it. Looking inside there was also no plug for the light to operate, nor was there a base for the camera. Speaking through email from an associate on their website, they stated that they would overnight the supplies. A week passed and obviously no "overnight" delivery. I emailed them back and they stated they had issues with PayPal freezing their accounts and stated they would overnight it this time. THAT WAS A MONTH AGO! I now have a $2,000 paper weight and a date with a PayPal representative... This company is horrible! I must not be the only one with issues if PayPal is freezing their accounts.
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I just found out by mike at DLSR photobooth software these guys aren't even licensed distributors, these guys are crooks and need to be out of business ASAP


Just found out Pro Eventbox is NOT a licensed distributer of the DSLR photobooth software they are selling!!!!!!!

Feb 05 23:08

Hey Jeff,

I'm so sorry to hear that you went through that. We ourselves have had issues with Pro Evenbox and up until now they are not a licensed distributor of our software.

We're more than happy to support you then if/when you purchase a more powerful tablet that can run our software. We have a few recommendations here:

Come on people stop buying from these crooks!!!!!


Maybe you should stop posting lies. I asked them about this person and they told me that "SW" and "Stephanie White" actually stole the property from them.

You know it's illegal to actually take the product, lie to your credit card company and then refuse to return the property.

They also showed us emails from DSLR BOOTH that clearly indicated the two parties had an agreement whereby they would sell the DSLR BOOTH software and they would sell their booths. It appears DSLR BOOTH backed out of the deal without giving any notification to them.

So its really a mixed bag there.

Either way we are happy with our booth.

Works as it should.


Once Asian this post is from David or Kevin, what I am seeing here is EVERYONE is wrong but Pro Eventbox, please go lie to someone else


Here are just a few emails to prove to everyone how I have been lied to, threatened and harassed by this company.... Sadly all I wanted was a working photo booth but instead of receiving the parts to make it operable,I get threats about my reviews which have all been true.

Sadly the crazy guy blamed me for other peoples reviews on here. I only spoke my mind three times on here until he happened to email me yesterday with a wonderful harassing email. I wasn't trying to ruin your name, but it looks like you did that for yourself... Read and realize that this company is full of lies and deceits.


Again feel free to contact your credit card company for a refund. As I said we never got the money in the first place. You did bad mouth our company.

Maybe just maybe you should tell people, "hey they said they never got the money for our booth". You never did mention that so all of the statements you've made are defamatory.

Maybe I should do the same thing for your company and put up comments that are purely defamatory.

I can count on my hand the number of people we've had problems with and ironic enough all of them have actually gotten refunds and have the product in their hands. Anyways, enjoy the reviews I'll be giving you! I hope you enjoy them.

There will be dozens on an ongoing basis. On Tue, Feb 4, 2014 at 12:09 AM, Trent wrote: What are you talking about? Keep the parts, I've already taken out the lights and bought all the missing parts that were not sent. I never once "bad mouthed" your business...

I spoke the TRUTH about my experience with your business. I even went as far as to start giving you a good review on your third attempt, but had to update the review once I came to realization that you actually never sent the parts and lied to me on numerous occasions. So good luck with your failing business. Apparently I am not the only person who feels that you lied to them and was a bit upset with the services rendered.

Please stop contacting me and threatening me as I would like nothing else to do with your business. Trent On Feb 3, 2014, at 6:50 PM, Prophoto Booth wrote: Trent, Reason the cords weren't sent. You kept bad mouthing us. How about you tell the truth.

You bought a booth. We never got the money for said booth thanks to the crooks at Paypal. Fact. You call your credit card company and that money can actually get reversed from Paypal to you instantly.

You realize we'll never see a dime of it? On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 12:13 PM, Trent wrote: I really appreciate you time and effort on this as it sort of makes or breaks a working photo booth on my end. Do you have the UPS tracking number? Thank you, Trent On Jan 7, 2014, at 8:02 PM, Prophoto Booth wrote: Trent, It's all scheduled for UPS pickup.

We re-sent the keys just in case as well. Now I did put in a missing parts claim with UPS. Hence the delay in getting the shipment set up. Was the only way they would waive the shipping.

Overnight shipping even on this tiny box is an absurd $96. Kevin.


The software on the tablets are illegal, Proevevent isn't licensed distributors, please contact software people to make sure your running legally.


Stop posting lies. Maybe the software people should tell the truth. That they agreed to let them sell the software and then backed out of the agreement.


We bought a booth in November and haven't had any of the problems people are speaking about here.

The lights aren't bright enough? Hearing that makes me sound like you don't know what you are doing.

That or you are just setting your camera in automatic mode and expecting miracles. Try these camera settings.

ISO 1600

Aperture F4

Shutter Speed 1/100

I had the same problem when we first started using our booth. The photos were just slightly too dark. You can fix that by adjusting the settings or using the +/- on the DSLR to actually tell it to brighten the photos for you.

If anything we get more comments from people in the booth that it is too bright. All I can say is we didn't have any of these problems.

It was pleasant for us and things work as expected. We only paid $1562 for the base unit so it's pretty hard to complain.


Your probably should have played the lottery because sounds like the odds were in your favor.


They ship the booths out as they said 2-3 weeks. You pay with a credit card.

Everything is ensured. If they don't ship it you get a refund. It's really cut and dry.

They sell the same product they have photos of on their site. To hear people complaining when they are up front with what they are selling is fairly absurd.

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