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David Lwx
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Company closed, owner took orders deposit and disappeared

I was a customer and now a victim - Private Label Nutraceuticals took a lot of deposit money from me and never delivered product. They were closing since 6 months ago but continued to take orders payment and never planned to deliver. The owner specifically told sales rep to keep taking customers' deposit, knowing that they won't deliver product. This is downright fraud. I want to join in filing class action lawsuit against Bjarte Rene, the owner, and Private Label Nutraceuticals. I know there are many other victims. If you're one, please contact me at davidjson@***.com Previously, Private Label Nutraceuticals and Bjarte Rene were subjected to many other class action lawsuits from employees and customers that they defrauded. Stay away from this company and owner!
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Reason of review:
Problem with delivery

Preferred solution: Full refund


I am also joining victims club here, lost over 90k in deposits, labels, product boxes with PLN. have sued them but couldn't serve since offices are shut down.

Can anyone help in regards to where lawsuit can be served to Bjarte directly / personally ?

Will be happy join in the effort for class action lawsuit and there is ground for fraud which is a criminal offense. I can be reached on my email: sgraza@***.com


Same thing happened to me. Took a deposit (a a full payment for bulk product) in July - never delivered, never contacted.

I am hiring an attorney to file a lawsuit. If you are one of the victims, or have already filed a lawsuit - please contact me at yury@***.com


PLN cheated my company about 1K in 2018 but never deliver product .Complaint was filed with BBB in Atlanta,Ga I would be interested in joining in class-action lawsuit against PLN . my email: raychoi007@***.com


I have recently come across your complaint/review of Private Label Nutra. I am sorry to hear this and have come across many other people who have been unhappy with them over the years.

Its important that as you build your own business that you have a manufacturer you can rely upon. I would like to discuss the opportunity for our company to step in and assist with future production. Quick summary- VitaCare Pharma is UL and NPA GMP Certified, Organic Certified, Kosher Certified, owned by medical doctors, lean, malleable and I believe we can be an asset to your supply chain. Quality is second to none and you will not have to worry about us disappearing.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Regards, Mark mark@***.com


Yep, same thing happened to me. After repeatedly emailing a person named "Betsy Reid" (I'm still not even sure if this was a real person that I was emailing) and receiving no response about my $3000 order, I had no choice but to file a credit card dispute with my bank. Thankfully, they were able to reverse the charge for me, but it's still very scummy of PLN to take orders with no intention of fulfilling these orders.


Scammed as well for $12K - any details on action against PLN / Bjarte Rene?


I was scammed too. Let's cooperate and make class action.


We have had the same experiences as the others have mentioned, where money was taken and no product was delivered.


Can we make Lawsuit against the owners Melissa and Bjarte Rene ? we have been cheated for more than 67000 USD .waited since May still nothing


Hallo me too i had the same amount lost and same case with them . If i can be of any assistance let me know .

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