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Priority Tax Relief - misrepresentation

I was butting heads with the IRS in 2010, trying to get them to understand the facts of a situation they accused me of; they would not listen so I finally resigned myself to seek legal assistance. After falling into the clutches and getting fleeced by Roni Lynn Deutch, I contacted Priority Tax Relief. They assured me they understood my situation (forex trading) and could help me for a $3500 retainer. It turns out the person who was my only contact, Chris Nelson based in LA, seems to be nothing more than some guy with no proper legal training, handing out "advice" *** nilly. He did nothing to help me resolve the problem, instead telling me to "wait for the IRS to give info." Well, they did, in the form of a $125,000 assessment. His next nugget of advice was to ignore the 90-Notice and to later resubmit old returns with new info. Complete nonsense that would have resulted in a $125k levy to my bank accounts if I'd not contacted the IRS Tax Payer Advocate Office and found out what "wait" would have caused. Priority ONLY wanted to get me into deeper trouble so they could reap (rape?) more fees from my deeper troubles. Stay clear of these self-serving clowns. Every bit of their advice was amateurish and self-serving. If not way too much trouble to do from overseas I would make a formal complaint to the appropriate Bar. How *** like Roni Lynn and Priority can continue to cheat people is an insult when IRS hounding drives people, in desperation, straight into their arms.
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Renzo, run away from Priority and get a person you can meet face to face. Even if the hourly rate seems high, nothing good will come out of dealings with Priority. Good luck.


In my opinion, Priority Tax Relief is a legitimate business that makes their priority getting their clients into deeper messes with the IRS that they can they charge large sums to "resolve." I will never again deal with a 'flat-fee' or retainer-based outfit as you know they have to make money somewhere, and once they have you hooked you will most likely keep pouring money in according to their self-serving advice. I wish I could see a picture of the guy Chris in LA - I have a vivid image in my mind of the kind of *** man he is. Go to a real attorney that you can meet face to face, that is my sincere advice.


Is Priority tax relief legitimate???


I am dealing with priority tax relief,The guys name is Chris from Los Angeles. I have a State tax lien I need to settle.I am trying to settle through a refinance w cash out.Chris told me to get a refinance and he would help negotiation for a low offer with a charge of 3500. Is this another one of his scam plan????


Why wait two years? Well, the situation with the IRS was still ongoing and the next attorney suggested I not pursue any actions agains Priority until the case was settled with the IRS.

Makes sense, don't you think? Trust me, sitting on my hands while Priority smuggly walked away with my money...and knowing that beyond taking my money their advice was directed to getting me into deeper trouble so they could make more money off of me, that was not easy.

Yes, I was upset for over two years, quite upset with the way I was used and the ensuing difficulties it created with the IRS. I suppose would you have ignored your attorney's advice?


I'm just curious about your experience with the IRS Tax Payer Advocate Office. What did you have to do to resolve your $125,000 assessment?

It sounds like you were able to get everything squared away, but what kind of hoops did you have to jump through to take care of it and how was the situation resolved? (i.e. Were you able to make payments? Did they reduce the amount you owed?

Etc...) It just seems to me like dealing with an organization inside the IRS could be counter-productive. It's still the IRS regardless of what they call themselves.



Sorry for the long overdue reply...never look at this posting (try to forget the nightmare, even though it STILL continues in some ways). I had to hire an attorney who, although legit, managed to get $20k out of me to help fight the IRS...somehow he spent a lot of time researching case law that was supposed to be his specialty...must be nice to charge $350/hour to educate yourself!

Finally, it went to tax court but was settled for a small sum of about $5000 as a penalty so they could say they "won" when I finally was able to obtain enough documentation to prove their accusations false (they had all those documents but would not share them with me...). IRS TPA has since been trying to help me resolve an issue with filing a return that covers a move away from a US Commonwealth and back to the IRS' jurisdiction...that has been going on for over a year. Amount in question? A $168 refund owed me.

Sheesh, but if I don't follow up on it I will be hammered with another nightmare down the road when they say I somehow did something wrong.

Live in fear of these people. Hope yours was worked out, and you did NOT deal with the creeps at Priority Tax Relief, who will just get you in deeper to generate more fees for themselves.


Sounds like someone had some bad Kool-Aid with his stew. This guy was so upset he waited over 2 years to write this? Definitely some real credibility issues

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