Kinzi Hrl
map-marker Dearborn, Michigan

Poor service

I have had nothing but trouble with this Health Insurance Company. They can't get their billing correct. I have had to go to my insurance agent numerous times to get the billing corrected. Now since it's the new year, my doctor is not showing in the doctor's list. When searching for insurance the agent and I both looked in November of 2022 and my doctor was there. GONE now...My husband has Priority Health through Medicare Advantage and he is also had nothing but problems. Such a rip off and now my health needs are at risk
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User's recommendation: Stay alway from this company.

map-marker Kalamazoo, Michigan

Unable to get in touch via phone: line busy, card # isnt accepted on website

I attempted to sign in to get OTC products and am unable to access with the numbers on my card. Prompt says to put 17 digit # on back of card and there is no 17 digit # on back of card. What i get is "Something went wrong". I never can get through. An attempt to call the phone # several times and line is busy.
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User's recommendation: not to enroll, my spouse is ready to call it quits on his policy. will not renew

map-marker Trenton, Michigan

Unable to use insurance card that I pay for