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Fake people

i outsourced the process in india. i send them leads and they paid me nothing. jst send rejections. and now i am suffering loss of 10laks due to this fake principal law group . these r cheaters please dont use their service. everything is fake. i want my money u fake people.aloysious naidu is running process under ur name which is fake in india
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Big time scammers


I understood they are fake and are scammers that dont do anything they say they will. They said this isnt a real law firm, they are pretending to be from America fighting pharmaceutical companies when really they are in India, and doing nothing to help these people.


What is this review even about? It makes no sense at all?!?!

Any questions, please contact partner Brent MacDonald at Brent@***.com. Thanks, Brent

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Principal Law Group - Fake Lawfirm Review

Google Principal Law Group LLP "address" it's a fake. I stopped by there and was shocked there was a receptionist, but no lawyers or Mr Brent MacDonald. It's a joke so they have been placed on DC + Miami investigation list into Ponzi schemes and defraud of consumers. If you need a lawyer pick anyone then schedule a time to meet at their office which should have paralegals with real licensed Attorneys whom practice law in the area of expertise in which meets your possible case needs, not a smoke n mirrors office. Also check Dun & Bradstreet which is the credit bureaus for "legit" businesses. If all else fails call your state Bar Association whom can validate a lawyer or law firms credentials. Best of luck
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This is simply a competing law firm being malicious with unfounded and incorrect information.

Please email me direct at Brent@***.com with any questions.


how does it feel, Brent? cannot believe you score as high a rating as a 2!!!!

You are a predator - a thief - a scammer and a liar -you are the worst of the worst! You are not a law firm.

Marketing , you have taken advantage and ruin many lives. you should be put away

@Chrisanne Cso

I'm sorry, but who is this and what in the world are you s talking about!?!?! Please email me at Brent@***.com if you'd like to discuss something, otherwise I have no clue what this is about.

How have we scammed anyone? How are we predators?

How are we not a law firm? Please enlighten me.

@Chrisanne Cso

Oh wait, you're talking about the loan modification Principal Law Group in California. That's a different firm and likely not a real law firm like you stated. We are a mass tort law firm in DC.

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Reason of review
Bad quality

So everyone is clear, all these complains are NOT against the REAL Principal Law Group, LLP

All these complaints are for a loan modification company or scam that has ZERO affiliation with Principal Law Group, LLP...a prominent mass tort and personal injury firm in Washington, DC. If there are any questions, please contact Brent MacDonald at Brent@***.com and I can explain further. Principal Law Group, LLP is a leading pharmaceutical and wrongful death law firm located in Washington DC, near Capitol Hill. PLG works with some of the most highly respected firms nationwide and we will take care in handling your case, most importantly those consisting of birth control injuries from Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella, SSRI birth defects, lung cancer or mesothelioma from asbestos exposure, defective medical devices, dialysis complications from Granuflo, transvaginal mesh revision surgeries and diabetic illnesses from the use of Actos.
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Loan Modification

We wish we had found out more information about Principal Law Group (PLG) before handing them $2000.00 to help us with our loan modification. They promised to reimburse this cash back to us if the Mortgage firm (Wells Fargo), refused to help us. For two year we were passed from PLG specialist to another with no success except for an endless amount of paperwork (mostly repeated), that W.F. kept asking for and PLG kept demanding from us. After two years of their demands and of us sending, we got tire and after their last demand we told them with the last documentation, "this is it, their won't be anymore." However, not a week later they sent us another e-mail asking for more paperwork. Paperwork we've already sent a half dozen times before. So, we said, "no, sorry, but no." However, now PLG is saying that they are unable to proceed with our case without documentation. We spend a lot of money faxing and making copies to complied with their requests and demands. Now, they are taking the excuse not to return the money to us because we did not want to sent more papers to them. We are taking time to let people know that Principle Law Group is not the most "trustworthy" law group out there. And Wells Fargo, well, we didn't go far with them either. But at least they did not take $2000.00 from us with the promise that they will help us modified our loan, but PLG did.
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Yes this *** is a scammer just moving from one business to the next which is a typical sign of unethical business practices. Guys like him tell consumers what they want to hear to steal as much money in as little time then close up shop and find the next hot market to repeat.

He and his comrades are on the radar of the attorney general + probably the IRS along with I'm sure a mile long list of consumers as well as others. Run from this shady character!



I am sorry that this was your experience with the office. Please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will work with you to resolve this issue.

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Sarasota, Florida
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Immigration status

So I sign up for the dream act on August and I decided to get Principle law group as my Representative. They charge me 1500 dollars just to fill the papers out, it been 9 months and I never receive a call or any information from my lawyers and every time I call they tell me that they don't know or that the department of homeland security have my information and that they ca not do anything about it. I call today 5/3/2013 at 11:00 a.m and they said that the lawyer as going to call me back. It was 3:00 p.m so I call back and they said that he was just about to call me and to call back Monday because he was not in the office. I know people that did not had to pay anything and they all ready have everything. This are the worst lawyer I should of just done them myself. DO NOT GET THEM YOU WOULD BE WASTING YOUR MONEY!
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We did the same thing 4 years of lies....we changed and have had great success with only 4 months of a new lawyer.....CHANGE LAWYERS. And good luck


The principle law group that the people are talking about is a different one then the one that's in Tampa. The ones I'm Tampa are actually truly helping people.

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Tampa, Florida


Thank you so much for your posts everyone. I received an official looking notice in the mail letting me know that I was eligible for a loan modification. I'm about to go into a short sale of my home and thought, wow, timing could not have been better. I'd rather exhaust all my options before doing the short sale. Had some initial numbers run and the result was really convinced me to want to proceed. Of course there would be an upfront cost of something in the amount of $2400 but for what I would be saving, it would be made up very quickly. I was just about to start filling everything out and since it's a large amount of money that I'd have to borrow from my credit card (which would have put me MORE into debt), I researched as I often do. Found this site but only because one person corrolated Principal Law Group (new name) with Platinum Law Group (original? name). More digging after reading everything and found the name Jerry A. Stevensen as Attorney on both sites ( and and both sites look very similar. More digging and found: Registered through:, Inc. ( Domain Name: PRINCIPALLAWGROUP.COM Created on: 19-Nov-11 Expires on: 19-Nov-12 Last Updated on: 24-Nov-11 PLATINUM LAW GROUP Registered through:, Inc. ( Domain Name: PLATINUMLAWGROUP.COM Created on: 20-May-10 Expires on: 20-May-12 Last Updated on: 01-Jul-10 You can see that the Principal site was just created on Nov 19, 2011, so looks like they will be trying this scam with a new name, so I'm posting this name EVERYWHERE that I see Platinum Law Group here on this site for that new batch of unsuspecting people who won't know to search Platinum Law Group (their old name).
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After being taken by 2 other so call loan specialists. They saved my house.

Wish you the best new year.

U made me and my family able to breath again. Have the best new year you guys deserve it.

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Santa Clara, California

Principal Law Group front for Platinum Law Group

I just did some research on the above Principal Law group as they were offering to do a loan modification. Their offer seemed too good to be true - hence the research. SURE enough, this shady organization aka Platinum Law Group is HERE as an offender. Also I looked at the BBB site and there are over 20 complaints of them bilking customers our of tons of cash and giving nothing in return. The lawyer associated with these "Law Groups" is Jerry Alonzo Stevenson, and he obviously sets up these fronts. NO to Principal Law Group. I am SO glad I came here first!
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My folks just got ripped-off from these ***-holes! Not only did they take one pay-day, they took a second pay-day on one of the credit cards!!


How did you find out

Let's everyone gang up on this org and shut them down!!!

Enough is enough!!!!

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San Francisco, California

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