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On Tuesday, my children were KICKED OUT of Primrose, UA. My husband was forced to bring them home with no notice or care about how we would manage to find care for the day. We posted on a private community FB group about our very real frustration over a miscommunication that we were trying to work out. Someone from the group printed it, then showed it to the owners. They called us horrific and would not let our children remain at the school... Read more

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Run away from this school danger for small babies. Contract 30 day notice if your kid is severely hurt you are liable for paying 30 day notice. Scam!!! Run

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Terrible place to work . Owned by owners who have no background in the field , a director with no people skills , the turnover rate is shameful and no one cares. Leadership takes no ownership and cares not at all for employees . Toxic. Stressful . Such a disappointment . Too bad parents don't know

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PRIMROSE business conduct is FRAUD!!!! The owners Felicia Hinds is ripping off families that leaves the school for whatever reason!! without providing a proper invoice or brake down of cost (illegal?!) ALTHOUGH we provided notice ahead of time! Check out Facebook and Google reviews and see for your self all the other poor victims. She is trying to take us to court and for that I respond: bring it on - I will have a great deal of pleasure to set... Read more

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I started my position on 7/23/16. From the beginning, the director and Owner mistreated me due to my twenty years experience in the field. I addressed my issues, but nothing was resolved. Now, they are refusing to pay me for my last week of work. The Director and owner are very unprofessional. The assistant director noticed this mistreatment along with other teachers. I took this position to teach and we were setting up all the rooms, cleaning... Read more

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As a parent, I would advice not to enroll your child in the Primrose school located in Upper Arlington of Columbus, OH. The management is careless and very unprofessional. The front staff is clueless, and everything is very unorganized and chaotic. My child was forcefully transitioned into a higher level classroom when they were not mentally, emotionally, and even physically ready to be transitioned, in order to make space for new children that... Read more

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I worked at primrose for only a short time . The leadership team was all younger than 30 yrs old . They lied to the staff , the parents and did not care about the children at all . The owners made the teachers feel low class , wouldn't even say hi to you in the hall . We never saw any leadership members in my room at all . The gossiping was *** between the teachers and the leadership team . The staff turn over is very high and the teachers hate... Read more

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THE OWNER (Felicia) STOLE OUR MONEY WITHOUT NOTICED - RUN AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. See below reviews , we left in August we gave a verbal noticed to the directors more then a month prior to that date and they assured that we are good to go. The directors (both of them, together) were fired or quit (not sure) but since that the owner is claiming that we did not follow the 30 days written notice. Felicia just over drew my bank account by $500, one... Read more

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My son was expelled from Primrose School of Hunter's Creek because they said "we can't understand him; he cries too much; he doesn't fit in a private school setting." My son was 2 years old at the time, and he could not speak due to Speeh Apraxia. We had no prior notice, no prior meetings. He was expelled 2 days after he underwent ear tube surgery. Primrose school is heartless. This happened in 2013. Just recently in 2015, my friend... Read more

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Interesting comment. I am a degree d, elementary teacher who worked in public/private schools in three states. I had "amazing, fabulous" achievement with my students, every year, and parents who would literally cry to have their children in my class. I applied to Primrose and the "administrators" told me I was very "over qualified" and started me off as at part time (29 hr) teacher's aide. I constantly asked for more hours or a teaching... Read more

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