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On Saturday June 22, 2013, I placed an order for a Nikon D5100 camera from the primotronix online store. My mother authorized the purchase with her credit card. They invoiced the order on July 3rd. I received a camera package with a lens, battery, tripod, card reader, SD card and a Nikon D5100 camera body on July 11th. The camera body malfunctioned within two days of me having it and taking only a handful (30) of pictures. I was under the impression that the camera had a 1 year warranty, but it was shipped with a void photocopy of a warranty. (The warranty says at the bottom that photocopies are invalid.) Primotronix insisted that the malfunction must be a battery issue and shipped me a new battery on July 13th. I received the new battery on July 25th. When the replacement battery did not work, they emailed me a shipping label to physically send the camera back to them for replacement. Since the camera body was the only malfunctioning part of the package, I shipped that back to them by itself on July 25th. They received the broken camera body on August 1st, and put it back into their inventory on August 6th. They did not send a replacement. After a week, I called them back and they said it was backordered and would be shipped out the next Friday. That was the case every time I called for an update. I had been calling them for two months, and they would either tell me to keep waiting or offer me pre-generated shipping numbers that would expire with no package sent. This type of customer service is ridiculous, and I had become very frustrated because I had no options. When I called and informed them that I would be starting the paperwork on a dispute, the operator became abusive and threatened to lie about what they had shipped me. Paul from primotronix said the following to me: "You want to take money out of my account? We can play that game. This started in June and we are going into October. I can tell the credit card company that I sent you everything and we will see who comes out on top. Wait for your package, Sir." I promptly filed a complaint with the credit card company and received a full refund. Luckily I only wasted months of my time, but they should not be allowed to continue operations.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: They run a lawful operation or stop doing business.

Nnenna Kib

Worst nightmare: takes your money, never sends the item, never issues a refund

Primotronix advertises low prices, but don't order from them if you don't want to lose your money and get nothing in return. They informed me that an item would be shipped in the next 24-72 hours, then for 7 weeks I did not receive it, nor did I receive any shipping or tracking information. I made many calls and received many conflicting explanations from them. Finally after that time had expired they informed me that their overseas partner had shipped the item incorrectly, and they agreed to issue me a full refund on September 9. Over two weeks later, I had received no refund, and was compelled to follow up with the Better Business Bureau. They promised to issue a refund within 2 weeks, but did not do so. I called them and filed a *second* complaint with the Better Business Bureau, and they promised for a third time to issue a refund. It is now November 3 and they still have not issued a refund, holding my $800 hostage for over 3 months - it is increasingly evident that I will not recover my money unless I take them to court. Primotronix provides support by phone, not by email or chat, their support hours are extremely limited (11am-5pm, Mon-Thu), and on one occasion I was on hold for over an hour. They were closed two of four Thursdays in September, further limiting their hours. They made me promises several times about providing shipping information by email and then never did. For about 3 weeks they claimed everything was proceeding normally. After that, they gave me contradictory messages about what was going on, ranging from a backorder (which they later denied) to a direct shipment from Japan (which I never authorized - I requested 7-10 day domestic shipping during checkout). After 5 weeks, they gave me a delivery date of September 5th, but the item never arrived. They are extremely sensitive about negative reviews, once becoming angry with me about this one, and tried to bribe me with a 3-year warranty to change it. Later on, upon issuing me a refund, they said they would "make sure I was not charged a restocking fee" and that my refund would be "processed quickly" if I posted a "favorable review." I stick to my guns, and sure enough, months later, I have no refund. This is blackmail! This sinister manipulation of their online reputation makes me wonder how many other negative reviews they've made disappear. Primotronix goes far beyond mere incompetence: they are untrustworthy, deeply immoral and manipulative, and quite possibly criminal. Forget you ever saw them.
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Please no one buy from these snakes

I dont know how they are still allowed to be one of the first "businesses" to come up when you google a camera. Long story short i bought a camera i was supposed to get it in 10-12 business days. 16 business days later no tracking number no camera no nothing. I called literally at least 30 times to be hung up on, or to have some guy say hold and no one ever answers the phone again. I really feel like this business is some sick perverted *** in his basement and there really is no product. So luckily i used my discover card and they are filing a dispute with them to get my money back, because good ole primotronix has not gotten back to my 4 emails that i sent saying i want my money back. Please dont be suckered into the cheap price like I and hundreds of others have been. These people need to be stopped somehow because this is robbery and illegal. Really i dont know how they are allowed to exist.
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Zarin Esh

Bought new products, received refurbished products.

I ordered a NEW Nikon D5100 kit (Nikon D5100 Digital SLR Camera with 18 - 55mm VR Lens) and was sent a REFURBISHED kit. Primotronix is selling refurbished products to customers, yet telling them they are purchasing new products. The customer has no way to check the authenticity of the product until they begin having problems with the product and send it into the manufacturer (Nikon) for repair. This is clearly misrepresenting the products they are selling. They list a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their website but do not stand by this guarantee. Primotronix is claiming the original manufacturer (Nikon) is lying about the product being refurbished, even though the manufacturer (Nikon) checked the serial numbers in their offical database. How can one trust this company? I do not trust them to exchange my refurbished products for new products I actually ordered and, indeed, send me "new" products and not refurbished again. Primotronix will not refund my order and claims it is beyond their refund timeframe. Please explain how one is to know they were sent the incorrect product until it is sent into the manufacturer to check the serial numbers. Customer service is atrocious! I have never felt so taken advantage of nor been treated so rudely by a "customer service rep". They hung up on me numerous times and claimed I was lying to them on many occasions. I asked to speak to a manager several times and one never seemed to be available. I seemed to always be routed back to "Alex" who stated that "No one will help you with this issue". Primotronix is a highly unethical business that is only operating to scam its customers.
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Vasco Hca

Up Sell Scam, Promise 9 hour battery, Fail to invoice

Updated by user Jun 20, 2013

After filing my online complaints I received a call from Primotronix. They are now promising my battery in the mail today plus a free 32 GB memory card.

All this after 3 months of fighting with Discover card to get my money back. I think the lesson is to never use my Discover card.

American Express is a better company to protect consumers. If I get a good battery I will modify my review again.

Original review Jun 19, 2013
I bought a camera. Got a call on Sunday convincing me to buy a 9 hour battery for $100. No battery came with order. Seller did not invoice battery but instead listed as package deal. I complained and company then sent cheap off brand battery , not Nikon as promised. The battery was not as good as the original Nikon battery. Just another 30 minute battery. Repeatedly complained to no avail. Transferred all over the place when calling. Emails not answered. Do no do business with this company. See other internet reviews. PS, There is no such thing as a 9 hour battery.
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Gomer Mkf

Worst online company ever! DO NOT trust them!!!

I ordered a camera from Primotronix, which is who I originally ordered this product through, on May 11, 2013. I tried contacting them several times via phone. After waiting on hold for several minutes, sometimes up to 45 minutes, and being transferred several times I was told many stories, my product was shipped and I will receive it, I was given many different dates of when I would receive my product. I paid for the 3-5 day shipping, they told me they would refund the amount I paid for that and I never received that refund. After about two weeks of calling I finally got a hold of someone and was told that the product was actually never shipped and is on back order. They gave me the option of waiting for the product or getting a refund. I asked for the refund as I was being lied to for 2 weeks. They told me it takes 7-10 days to get the refund. I asked for an email verification stating that I will get a refund and I never received it. I then called the AJRICHIES number from my account statement which is who took the money from my card and they told me that they saw that there was a refund issued and that I will receive my refund no later than June 7, 2013. On June 10, 2013 I called Primotronix several times and when I finally got through to someone I was told that they would transfer me and I was hung up on. I called the AJRICHIES company and they told me the money would be refunded but could not give me a date. I told them they were the ones who originally gave me a refund date and asked why they could not give me a date now. They said I had to contact Primotronix. I told them I was trying all day and I was hung up on several times and was unable to talk with anyone. They told me they would call them. When the representative got back on the phone with me he said the company can take 10-14 business days to refund the money and that my cancellation date was May 29, 2013 so I needed to wait another week. I cancelled my purchase days before May 29, 2013 but have no way to prove it as I never received a confirmation email stating that I cancelled my purchase. After some research online I found that several people have had the same experience as me. I eventually called my card company and claimed fraud on this company in order to get my money back. Now my card company is going after both of these companies and I no longer have to worry about spending all my time and minutes trying to get a hold of someone.
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OMG!!! I'm going through the same issue with Primotronix as you have.

I read your post and GOD I felt like this is me... I've spent so much time and effort and countless hours calling these people and they are awful... I will call my credit card company and dispute my $800.00 canon order... It's been 4 weeks and I keep on getting the run around on when it will be shipped and when I will receive a FedEx tracking #....

It has yet to happen!!! :(

map-marker Los Angeles, California


Ordered a camera from these guys with 3 day shipping on April 7, 2013. They accepted my order, had me jump through hoops for CC validation and then sat on the order for 10 days. I called this morning to find out where my stuff was and they said it was back ordered for 2-3 weeks. Terrible customer service when I called in, put me on hold, passed me to one person after another and in the end, could care less. No one ever notified me of the back order. Dont buy from these guys. ended up at Amazon a trusted site.
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I have had a bad experiance with them as well.

map-marker Fresno, California

Don't trust them

I placed an order on Saturday, Sunday they call to "verify" my order, upon returning the call they are closed. Then closed Monday and Tuesday. Finally reach "David" and I first had him confirm they had the camcorder. They did, he said. He then says what a great camcorder it is, except for the battery. I informed him I already have purchased a battery online and it will arrive before the camcorder even. He then says fine, well, we can't honor our 3 day delivery you paid for, because we don't have the camcorder in this location. You'll get it in 7-10 days. I called the following day (Thursday) to follow up on my order, the person who answered requested my name and got me back to David. He picks up the line after some time and immediately says "Hello? Hello? I can't hear you." (Disconnect) After reading what others have said, I immediately called back and asked for Roger. He said, sorry about David, your order confirmation will arrive by the end of the day with tracking. No surprise, it never arrived. I called back on Friday, asked for Roger but I was transferred back to David instead. He comes on and says that I called yesterday. I explained to him that I was promised a shipment and confirmation on Thursday. He said I would get it by the end of THAT evening, for sure. No surprise, it's now Saturday. No order confirmation, no camcorder and no refund. Save yourself the headaches and find a reputable dealer. Learn from my mistake and the many others who have posted here and other places. Also check out their Better Business Bureau profile.
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I have a very similar experience with those guys!

map-marker New York, New York

Up-sell scam company

I placed an order Feb. 5th for a T3, with 5-7 day shipping. They left me a voice mail a week later asking me to call to verify the order. The real purpose was to try to up sell me on accessories and lenses. When I declined, he hung up frustrated. I called back every week and they told me over and over that the camera was back ordered. Really, a Canon T3 is backordered for months? I called Canon and they said there is no back order for the T3. It seems that if you don't partake in the up-sell, they don't ship the camera. What a silly scam. Don't waist your time.
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map-marker Olympia, Washington

Everything was horrible

I issued a complaint regarding receiving a broken product on 12/22/12. I received a call today in response from "Roger" at Primotronix. He offered to fix my issue to include replacing the camera and expaditing a new camera. While he was discussing the details he told me that I had left a negative review of my experience with the company. I confirmed that I had as so far my experience had been largely negative. Roger stated that he could not help me since I had left a negative review but he would be willing to if I would change my review. I told Roger that until my complaint had been resolved I was unwilling to change my review. Roger than told me that I was nothing more than a blogger and that my words didn't mean anything and that I was "un-American" for hurting a small American business by saying negative things. He further stated that regarding my complaint lodged with BBB, that BBB was powerless and I was "throwing my time away." I tried to explain my situation and that I was more than willing to redo my review if and when my problem was resolved however I was continuously interrupted and then told that my issue could not be fixed as I was not being cooperative. This is wholly unprofessional and unsolicited. This company sent me the wrong item and rather than accept their error and move on has the audacity to dictate the terms of how I can review them? The argument was made that “this is America, not Iraq” by your customer service agent Roger, my retort is then, as this is America, I am entitled to free speech and my opinion and at this time my opinion has been further cemented of the low consideration you give to your customers. I simply want this issue resolved and rather than moving along amicably you have twice demonstrated a very low level of respect for my business. Moreover, I have yet to receive any reply from the company to fix the situation.
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Your "Roger" is their customer service manager. My experience with them:

I purchased a Nikon D800 from PrimoTronix on February 12, 2013. It arrived February 21. It was not in its original Nikon packaging, the monitor screen cover, the hot shoe cover was missing and, the worst, the monitor did not function at all. No monitor, no menu access.

I contacted them 2/22/13, spoke with the customer service manager, was promised an RMA by the end of the day, an increase in the warranty period free and expedited shipping on the replacement. He promised that he would put this in an email and send it immediately. The email never came.

The replacement camera was received on March 7. Definitely not expedited. This time there was no manual and there was no warranty information. I contacted them again, via email because there was no answer on any of their phone lines. A few days later I received a warranty card - no note of how long the warranty was for - and an extremely used manual.

Yesterday, March 23, 2013, the replacement camera's monitor quit working. 16 whole days I had it and it failed. Are they sending out returns without refurbishing them first? Of course, it is the weekend and there's nothing to be done to resolve my frustration.

It's Sunday, so their sales department is open. They promised to have the customer service manager call me first thing Monday morning. Hope he's more helpful this time.


I dealt with Roger as well. My prime concern (complaint) was: unethical soliciting on the phone the day after the order, not receiving all I paid for, the “high speed error free” memory card broke after 40 pictures, the bag was used (and maybe other items too), and I paid hundreds more than what it is all actually worth. I wished not to pay a 15% restocking fee as it says that the fee starts at 10% in the policy and that I was going through a hard time. I tried to bring it down to not paying one at all for the fact that they broke the contract in terms of what I paid for vs what I received and that there is a good arguable claim that it is used items (evident by the bag and memory card and other online reports).

I was polite on the phone, but he certainly was not at all. I mentioned that I had lost trust with primotronix and he questioned why. I mentioned the BBB had given them an F and he said the BBB was not useful and that the report cannot be trusted. I did not have a chance to speak until I asked for a turn to say something “please.” He said, in a snotty reply, ‘yes sir, you can say something now.’ I mentioned that there was no need for an attitude and began to explain how bag and memory card were not what they should be in the line of quality. I wanted to go on to talk about that I believed that the camera might be used since other items in the package were, but he interrupted again. He said in such an awful attitude: ‘why don’t you just have your credit card company call me up’ and I said that I will, so he ended the conversation saying ‘FINE, Roger Walker, 501 (click).’

I said ‘hello’ to see if he actually hung up and found that he did. I plan to reach out to the BBB and Discover card to seek assistance with this situation. I might extend out for help from the department of consumer protection as there is an obviously shady and unethical business here. I plan not to take this to the BBB and department of consumer protection for my needs, I want to prevent this from happening to others like us. I’m sorry to hear what happened to you guys.

They get you to buy stuff on sale, and then they try to make their win the next day with an excuse to call and solicit more products at a high price. The items, in reference to my situation and the reviews of others, are sometimes used rather than new as promised. The customer service is not very helpful and Roger was the worst person I spoke to from their call center. When people become upset for the various reasons, then they call and attempt to return the product, but are charged with a high restocking fee. Such a scam, as we know it.

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