John W Ssx
map-marker Galloway, New Jersey

Very disappointed

Ordered 3 hoagies paid over 40.00 dollars got home and the bread was hard as a rock I couldnt even eat the sandwich.never again will I eat primo
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  • Meats are very good
  • Bread was so stale you could not eat the sandwich

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: Never go to prims unless you want your teeth broken

Carl M Nga

Missing points from all of 2023

I called three months ago. They told me they were changing the system. My points are still not there. I purchased multiple of hoagies, not daily, perhaps not even weekly but every few weeks and the points are not showing up since the end of 2022 and I know Im due for a definitely do overdue for a free hoagie, unless you move your points system somewhere else but Im on the PRIMO Web app and I see nothing past the date or mentioned or six months into 2023 at appreciate a phone call back or this thing straightened out the phone number I use daily when I go there and purchase is 609-851-****. By the way, I never had to go in and enter my own points with a receipt I see at the bottom of this that it says enter receipt to get points or something of that nature reason they gave you gave a phone number was they added it in automatically so please take care of this as a dedicated, Primo customer Please advise. Thank you, Carl.
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Preferred solution: Points for 2023 missing for 609.851.6526